No Borders Can Separate Us shivika(ts)

Hello everyone.. hope u all r travelling in the boat of well being and good health….
This is riyasmiles here..with two shots(ts ).. on of course everyone’s favourite shivika ..
So the story is set in the 20th century..
Around the time of partition..(I am sorry if anyone’s feelings r hurt.. I am sorry.)

So the story begins with…
Its high time in the country.. india is going through ones of its darkest times.. when mother india has been divided into India and Pakistan..
But there was a place in the country.. when partition hasn’t divided the country .. neither the feeling of brotherhood…
In the village of ramdagri..
Many women r sitting out .. as it’s evening ..
Men r together trying to burn a bonfire.
When the fire burns and everyone together regardless of caste.. or religion..
They r together..
Then A boy is seen running with a dupatta in his hand and a girl following him..
The girl of course is anika and boy is shivaay.
Shivaay; I won’t give you this..
Anika; shivaay return it.. ammi see what is he doing??
A woman who is Anika’s mom.. speaks up.
Am(for Anika’s mom) ; haay Allah.. ye bachhe Na jaane kab bade honge(oh god.. when will these kids grow up)
A woman near her speaks. “What r u saying. Everyone knows they r made for each other.. I think u should get them married”
“Very soon” replies am.
Shivika reaches near the forest ..
“Shivaay pls return it to me” says anika.
“Never” shivaay replies.
Then shivaay holds Anika’s hand and pulls her near him.
They get lost in each others eyes.

“Anika I love u .. u know.. but still tell me r u ready to accept my mischiefs ” asks shivaay.
“Humme qubool h shivaay” replies anika.
“Anika we r so lucky right.. we could get married twice. Ek baar tumhare liye nikaah.. aur mere liye shaadi” says shivaay.
Anika nods.
Suddenly then.. some people with fire sticks in hands.. are running towards them..
The voice of the crowd can be heard as..” hum nahi chodenge Inhe..” “musalmano ka desh chodna hi hoga”
They reach to shivika.
“Ay ladke.. this girl is Muslim right..” asks a man.
Another man replies “ha ik them”
“You handherover to us..” they said to shivaay. Anika was scared.
“Don’t dare to come near her” shouted shivaay.
The villagers gather there too.
“We won’t let u do anything to any of our members” said village’s head also shivaay’s dad.
“So u won’t let us take them” asked the riot crowd.
No. Replies the villagers..
“Thik h.. so let us burn this entire village.” Decided crowd.
The villagers git sacred.. they decided that they will die together.. but won’t let the crowd harm only some of them..
The villagers sat in midst of village..
Anika went to her parents and kissed them..
“Ammi abbu .. if god gives me other life.. I wish to be born to u.. love u” says anika.
Shivaay goes to his father..”bauji… I love u.. and I miss mom a lot..” he says
The villagers were all together.
Shivaay came to anika..
“Anika Ahmed kya tumhe mujhse yaani shivaay Singh se apna nikaah qubool h” asks shivaay.
“Qubool h.. qubool h ..qubool h..” saying this they hug each other..
The village was all on fire..
Everything was over..
But not the love between people..
“Remember world cannot separate 2 lovers.”..

After some years..
It is 2017..
Shivaay is still shivaay..
He is our known sso the billionaire.. oberoi..
The oberoi mansion is shown where enters shivaay Singh oberoi..
“Daadi I have to go to some village for sightseeing for my new hotel project” says shivaay.
“But which village” asks daadi
“Ramdagri” he answers..
Yes even after so many years.. is this village still calling shivaay near him.. is this rebirth or something else.. if it is a rebirth.. do anika has taken birth again..
Could we see our shivika uniting..
Or destiny again has some plans..

Sorry but all answers in the second shot..
Thank u for all your time u soent reading this..
Do comment if u liked it..

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