NiVay: Iss Interruption Ko Kya Naam Doon By Fenu (Pearl-05)


“Kyunki I wanted the world to know how good Advay Singh Raizada is. Hum sab ko pata hai you are brilliant but the world needs to know na,”she said proudly while tousling his hair fondly.
“Mujhe world ko kuch prove-vroove nahi karna.”He shook his head, furrowing his brows in annoyance. She chuckled in response before cuddling to hug him tightly. “And now that I am back, main kahin nahi ja raha hoon.” His voice reflected finality and stubbornness. “Vaise bhi I need to extract all my dues of the past,” he added sensually pinching her waist.

“Advay,” she moaned throwing her head back.

“This is exactly the way you shall be shouting out my name,” he said dipping his head to nip her sensitive spot below her ear before placing a wet kiss.

She squeezed his shoulders unable to take his torturous touch while instinctively arching her neck to give him better access. “Magar… khaana… neeche… sab,” she spluttered randomly as her mind reeled in pleasure and her body responded eagerly.

“Food is not going to satisfy my need,” he said urgently picking her up and heading towards their bed. He gently placed her on the bed and was about to join her when he heard a knock on the door. Ignoring it he continued with his work when the knock grew louder.

Chandani fluttered her eyes open with the first knock. Seeing the knock grow louder while Advay made no move to open the door, she held his hand bringing his attention. “Advay someone’s at the door,” she whispered her breath laboured with his recent activities.

He groaned in discontent. “I swear Chandani yeh log hume kabhi akele nahi chodenge,” he grunted like a child being denied his favourite toy. He got off the bed and stomped to the door. He swung the door open and put his head out; anger clearly written all over his face.

“Whoa hold the anger my dear brother-in-law. Your sisters were getting worried you guys haven’t arrived for lunch yet,” Arvind said trying to justify his interruption.

Advay cleared his throat a little embarrassed he had been caught so plainly. “Hmm, we shall be there jijaji,” he said closing the door behind him.

Chandani giggled watching him walk back with his head hung low; a cute pout adorning his lips. She did feel bad for him but there was nothing really she could do except sympathize with him. She too badly wanted to spend some lone time with her husband. But she knew family came first and there would always be interruptions. That’s the reason she had reserved a special welcome for him for tonight when everybody would be asleep. She bit her bottom lip and eyed him teasingly. “Tsk tsk tsk, mela baby naraaz hai?”

“Hmph!” he huffed looking away.

“Chaliye maa must be waiting for you,” she said kissing his cheek before setting his tousled hair straight.

“Abhi ke liye ja raha hoon magar nobody can save you later,” he whispered with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Who said I want to be saved?” she shot back to his surprise before pushing him out of their room so that she could set herself straight before going down.

Lunch was as usual eventful with kids running around while the fathers ran behind them trying to feed them. His sisters pampered and stuffed him with food while he tried his best to eat everything his sisters lovingly fed him surrounded Advay. Chandani sat two seats away giggling away while watching him being fed continuously. She knew he hated being stuffed with so much food yet he could never say no to his sisters.

Finally satisfying each of their tummies with food, everyone sat lazily on the couches conversing with each other and enquiring Advay about his trip and the deal he had finalized. Pari, Hina’s daughter, insisted to open up the gifts Advay had got for everyone. Advay distributed each of the gift packets to their rightful owners came to sit beside Pooja and plopped his head on her lap having missed such moments while he was away. In return Pooja combed her fingers through his hair soothing him.

“Let me get coffee for everyone,” Chandani announced seeing it was past six already. Advay jerked his eyes open at her sudden statement. His evil mind began concocting plans to get some lone time with his wife. But much to his chagrin, Naina insisted Chandani to stay back. Disappointed he eyed Karan, his partner in crime, to get them alone. Karan assured with a nod that he would take care and cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“So Advay yeh sab okay magar you never said how was your stay there?” Karan asked with a hint of mischief.

“It was good jiju,” Advay replied casually unaware of his underlying meaning.

“Aur night life kaisi thi?” he asked causing everyone’s ears to perk up.

“Mast jiju,” he said without second thought. “And the club you suggested,” he began, sitting up only to pause seeing everyone stare at him. Men eyed him with amusement while the women stared at him open mouthed. Realizing the topic was too risquΓ©, he cleared his throat, “I mean kya? What night life jiju?” he gulped acting innocent.

Raj and Arvind chuckled at Advay’s attempt to change the topic while Karan sniggered at his failed attempt. Advay saw Naina and Hina eye him suspiciously while Chandani fumed silently. Mentally chiding himself for falling for Karan’s trap, he pleaded innocence with his eyes to Chandani only to see her twist her lips and hurry away.

To Be Continue…..

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