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NiVay: Iss Interruption Ko Kya Naam Doon By Fenu (Pearl-04)


Chandani, who had been watching the spectacle unfold before her, stood in awe at the love and care the whole family possessed. Feeling pride and honour for coming into such a lovely family she saw him walk around to greet his sisters, nephews, and nieces. Wiping off her own tears, she excused herself to get something to drink for everyone. She walked into the kitchen alone and set up a glasses on a tray. She opened the fridge and bent down to get the juice box when she felt someone slide their fingers around her waist and forcefully pulling her back. She shrieked shuddering at the sudden grip and was about to scream for help when she felt the person shut her mouth. The feel of the person’s hand did feel familiar but her panic-stricken mind refused to acknowledge fearing the worst. She struggled against the person’s strong hold as she was being lifted off the ground and carried to a hidden corner in the kitchen. Before she knew it the person placed her feet on the ground and pressed his huge frame onto her back, squeezing her tiny frame.

“Main vahaan taras raha hoon, and you Kattu Gilhari have come here to eat. You food monster!” he chided his voice husky with desire. “Now do I need to teach you how to welcome your husband?”

Chandani, who had her eyes shut tightly, jerked her eyes open instantly recognizing his voice. It was Advay! Her mind screamed. But what was the need to scare her like that? She pouted for unnecessarily putting her through tension and on top of that he even blamed her for selfishly coming to get food. “Advay,” she whined, “main aap logon ke liye juice leke aa rahi thi.”

“Oh playing the good host huh?” he shot back sarcastically. “Pehle pati seva karo then samaj seva,” he ordered winding his hands around her petite waist. His hot breath fell on her nape making her shiver while he bent down to kiss her earlobe. She inhaled sharply at the sudden feel of his cold lips on her sensitive spot causing her to completely leaning her whole weight on him. He sensuously slipped his long and slender fingers into her kurti and drew random patterns around her belly button. Unable to take his sensual torture she threw her head back, her eyes partially closed.

“Advay,” her voice came out as a mere whisper. “Koi aajayega,” she managed to say in spite of her highly aroused state.

“See if I care my love,” he replied nonchalantly nipping her ear earning a sharp gasp from her. Pulling her back against his chest, he kissed her neck before travelling down to place a firm kiss on her shoulder. Each kiss of his aroused a new point of pleasure. Encouraged by her response he nipped her earlobe earning a deep sigh from her. He turned her around in one quick motion and pressed himself onto her making her aware of his need. He caught her arms and pinned them above her head and was about to capture her luscious lips when he heard someone cough loudly. He loosened his grip and stepped away hurriedly fearing he it could be his Maa.

“There is something called as room for all your hanky panky stuff, my dear baby brother,” Hina teased stifling a laugh. She wanted to check on Chandani to see if she needed help bringing juice and lo she found Advay busily hovering over his wife.

Advay groaned rubbing his temple seeing Hina. He could manage anyone in the house but Hina. Now that he had been caught, she would not leave a chance to tease him in front of everyone. “Ugh Hina couldn’t you spare me a minute alone with my wife?” he barked. “And let me remind you I am not your baby,” he stated sternly, annoyed that she addressed him like his Pooja Maa.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Gussa is not good for health Advay,”she said faking concern.

“Accha?” he shot back. “But spanking is good for you,” he said lunging to catch hold of her. Hina slipped away just in time and ran away with Advay hot in pursuit. She reached the hall and ran around the couch throwing a few love seats on him. He deftly dodged them while warning her to surrender.

The men shook their heads at the usual scene while Naina and Pooja called them to settle their scores peacefully.

“Dekho bacche log are peacefully playing, aur yeh dono are running around and behaving worse than little kids,” Karan commented slapping his forehead seeing his wife’s immaturity.

Feeling tired from being chased all over the living room, Hina stopped and leaned on one of the couch’s armrest panting for air. Advay soon caught up with her and was about to smack her when she managed to call truce asking to be forgiven. Having no choice he let her go and warned to not repeat it again.

Nobody bothered to ask the reason for their cat and mouse chase for it always turned out to be silly. Pooja breathed a sigh of relief seeing they didn’t kill each other and asked Advay to freshen up as lunch would be served shortly. Just then Chandani walked in with the juice tray in hand. Although her eyes still reflected her frazzled state, she seemed to have gotten herself together after the little preview of what was waiting for her tonight. She saw him leave hurriedly towards their room. She placed the tray asking Hina to serve juice to everyone while she went to check if Advay needed anything.

Chandani rushed past the huge marble hallways knowing he always needed her around to help him. Right from setting his clothes to getting his towel as soon as he showered, she needed to keep tab of his every activity. He was worse than a little kid when it came to getting ready. He would literally take the whole house by storm if his things didn’t run accordingly. She entered the room and was about to call him when she felt herself being forcefully pulled into their room.

Advay heard her hurry behind him and smirked at his next set of action. He stood waiting behind the door wanting to take her by surprise. He heard her tingling anklets grow louder as she walked into the room. He instantly caught her wrist and hurled her into his embrace while his legs shut the door. Locking her securely in his embrace, he locked the door to be sure of non-disturbance. He then turned her around so she faced him.

“Advay, what was that?” Chandani cried confused at his sudden action.

“Chup!” Advay ordered placing his slender index finger on her lips. “Bilkul chup.” He studied her face once again imprinting each of her beautiful features. “You have any idea how much I missed you my love?” His voice was heavy with longing and emotion. He deftly pulled her chin up before he captured her soft lips for a kiss.

It was a hungry kiss, one that showed how much he missed her in these four weeks. Although the suddenness of the kiss froze her movements temporarily, it wasn’t long before she responded actively. While their lips communicated their exploding needs, their hands relayed similar messages. His hands tugged her kurti finding a way to caress her bare waist. He pressed her body closer to him while her hands urgently ran over his taut muscles under the thin material of his t-shirt before moving up to grasp his thick hair and pulling him further down.

They broke apart gasping for air yet their eyes clearly reflected fiery passion. “Oh Chandani, I love you so much,” he moaned lowering to place a kiss on her now swollen lips.

“And I love you more,” she rasped. “Only I know how I rocked myself to sleep on this empty bed every night,” she said reaching up to rub her thumb over his slightly overgrown stubble. Her smile deepened accentuating her dimple, “Oh Advay it feels so wonderful to finally have you back,” she finished placing a noisy kiss on his lips.

“If you were to miss me so much, why did you even send me in the first place?” he pouted placing his hands over her shoulders.

To Be Continued….

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