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NiVay: Iss Interruption Ko Kya Naam Doon By Fenu (Pearl-03)


Affection and care had multiplied towards Chandani with her entry into Raizada mansion as Advay’s wife. All three sisters, in spite of being married, couldn’t stay apart from their family and thus had come to live in penthouses built right beside the mansion. But most of the day everyone lived in the mansion and returned to their respective homes just to retire for the night. And like any other day Naina and Hina had come to Raizada mansion. But today was very special because their baby brother was to arrive soon after his first official independent and successful project in London.

“Pooja di! Dekho Chandani is trying to kill me!” Hina screamed dramatically before hiding behind her sister who had just walked into the kitchen. Chandani stood defeated with her hands on her hips panting heavily due to all the running.

“Nahi maa, I wasn’t’ I didn’t’ woh,” Chandani blabbered shaking her head furiously in denial. Of the three sisters, Chandani held utmost respect and a hint of fear towards Pooja. Of course she did love her but she always maintained a formal relationship with her. Just like Advay, she always looked forward for Pooja’s approval and advices. Chandani always saw a motherly figure in calm and serene Pooja and thus always made sure Chandani was in control in her presence, afraid that Pooja might feel disappointed with her.

Seeing Chandani falter, Pooja smiled indulgently, “Idhar aao,” she motioned forwarding her hands. Chandani walked hesitatingly taking calculated steps towards Pooja before coming to stand in front of her with her head hung low. Pooja took one step towards her and engulfed her in a hug causing Hina to lose hope.

“Didi, et tu Brute?” Hina asked slumping her shoulders.

“Kyun meri bacchi ko tang kar rahi ho?” Pooja chided jocularly, stepping out of the hug and placing a kiss on Chandani’s forehead.

“Yeh kiss angle se bacchi lag rahi hai didi?”Hina asked squinting her eyes.

“Tu iski baat pe dhyaan mat do Chandani,” Pooja assured with a smile. “Let’s go see if everything is ready for Advay’s arrival,” she added taking Chandani along to the kitchen.

Chandani felt overwhelmed by Pooja’s gesture and amazed even Pooja considered her like her own child. Thanking her Gannuji for bestowing upon her such a lovely and warm family she proceeded to walk with her to the kitchen. But just before she could leave she turned to stick her tongue out at Hina taunting her at her loss before running to catch up with Pooja. Hina huffed in anger and promised to get back at her later.

“Sab ready haina Naina?” Pooja asked walking in.

“Haan didi, some Indian dishes for us and lasagna along with eggplant rollatini and some spaghetti in case he doesn’t like lasagna. Aur of course Advay’s favorite mango souffl,” she finished.

“Perfect Naina,” Pooja smiled satisfactorily. “Abhi Raj called. He said flight has landed and Advay is out of customs. So I think they all shall be back soon.”

“Naina di aap mujhe utha sakti thi na. Main bhi help karti,” Chandani whined feeling guilty for letting her sister-in-laws do all the cooking while she happily slept.

“Well my dear bahurani, Advay has given us specific instructions not to let you anywhere near the kitchen except to get food. Aur ab tumse kaam karwake hume marwaaoge kya?”Naina questioned incredulously.

“Di,” Chandani whined, “Mujhe pata hai I don’t even know the C of cooking magar I need to learn na?”

“When we are all here tumhe takleef uthane ki kya zaroorat?” Pooja asked cupping her cheek.

“Par Maa,” Chandani began trying to convince.

“Come on now, Advay should be here soon. Go and ask Nakul if the aarti thaali is ready,” Pooja urged.

“Ji,” she replied half-heartedly and went to find Nakul kaka.
Tires screeching into the driveway alerted everyone in the house of Advay’s arrival. Chandani along with her little nieces and nephews rushed to the main entrance before calling out for Pooja, Naina, and Hina. The kids crowded near the entrance jumping in excitement for their mama’s arrival while Chandani craned her neck to catch a glimpse of him after one whole month. She saw Raj along with Karan get down from front seats while the back door opened allowing Arvind step out. Finally Advay stepped out from the same side as Arvind. With the three men blocking her view as they walked forth towards her, she couldn’t get a glimpse of her Advay. Disappointed she stood on her toes and craned her neck side to side.

Pooja rushed along with Hina and Naina with aarti thaal in hand and stood waiting at the door. Three men stepped aside once they reached the entrance to give way for Advay to stand in the centre.

Advay came to stand in the centre with his laptop bag hanging on his shoulder. Chandani noticed his black jacket was slightly crumpled owing to the long journey. His eyes looked a bit tired yet he stood beaming with a huge smile on his face as he saw his family especially Pooja welcoming him with a proud smile.

Pooja performed Advay’s aarti evading any evil eye that may have befallen her baby and placed a small red dot on his forehead. She was giving the plate to Naina when she felt him bend to take her blessing. She instantly stopped him midway and brought him in for a hug. Advay tightly hugged her back content that he was finally back to his family. Slightly breaking off the she went to kiss his forehead, “Aaj maa aur pappa hotein toh they would have been really proud of you baby,” she said addressing him fondly.

“Aap haina maa,” he stated firmly. Advay had lost his parents even before he could properly walk. As far as he could remember only his Pooja maa had taken care of his every need since he was a child. He knew of no mother other than her and had always looked up to her as one. “Are you not proud of me?” he asked sincerely looking into her eyes.

“I am always proud of you baby.” Pooja’s eyes glistened with unshed tears at his immediate reply. Others looked on proudly at Pooja and Advay’s love for each other. After their parent’s sudden demise Pooja had to shoulder the responsibility of the whole family for even Daadima was aging. She certainly had matured before her age taking care of her little sisters and her baby brother. Advay had been just a six-moth old baby when a plane crash had suddenly taken away their parents and since then she had tended to him like her own child. She of course never intended to take their mother’s place in his heart but he had always kept her so.

“Oh ho maa, abhi abhi aaya hoon aur aap sabhaashi dene ke bajai ro rahi hain?” Advay joked hoping to clear the thick air of emotions. “Aur yeh kya mujhe door step mein hi khade kar rahe ho sab.”

Everyone including Pooja chuckled at his attempt to lighten the situation. Only Advay had the ability to change their foul moods into a smile with his presence. He had always brought a smile to everyone around him with his charm and sense of humour.

“Chalo Advay, if you don’t force your way through this crowd here, you’ll never make it in,” Raj added jocularly, causing everyone to move in allowing the men outside to come in.

All the tiny tots hugged Advay’s legs and squealed in delight; happy their mama had finally arrived. Equally enthusiastic Advay bent down to pick up his nephew Adi and perching him above his shoulders while carrying his niece Pari in his hand. He hugged his other sisters, Naina and Hina, before chattering away with them.

“Vaise where is Daadima?” Advay wondered seeing her missing.

“She has gone on a teerth yatra Advay, she’ll be back tomorrow,” Naina said shifting her little boy from right to left hand.

To Be Continued…..

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