Nisha and Kabir get closer; Viraj misses Nisha in NAUC


Viraj is going through emotional heartbreak and remains in solitude by drinking excessively and doesn’t care about his health and well-being. He drifts towards missing Nisha in his life and even thinks her close to him giving emotional support.

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  1. finally

  2. I am loving Nisha-Kabir jodi more than Nisha-Viraj..!!
    Is it only me??

  3. Kabir n Nisha together look the best

  4. Renuka sulania

    Nisha n kabir looks good…..

  5. i too feel the same. viraj is too older for nisha…….she is so small when seen with him. kabir is perfect for her. but it would be weird if kabir is viraj’s brother.

  6. I love Jodi of kabir and nisha much more than viraj and nisha

  7. me too……. they r so cute together

  8. Maddy, I’m sure a lot of people love Nibir more than Niraj. But the Niraj fans are more active on social sites which grabs the attention of the people behind the scenes. I strongly believe Nibir will always be the better couple. No matter how much chemistdry is there between Nisha and Viraj, he is too matured for her. Kabir has an outgoing personality which suits Nisha. #Nibir #fan

  9. Nisha and Kabir Rockssss

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