Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,nisha shows vasundara her room and gives her gulab jamun and says tat she has made it for first time hope u like it and vasundara says tat they are yummy actually they are kabirs favorite go give him he will like and nisha leaves while basundara sees rameshs pic on wall and there comes ramesh he says tat we didn’t get appropriate time to talk and vasundara says wat u want to talk and vasundara says time flies and everything happens for a reason and ramesh says tat if something has hurt u I m sorry and vasundara says do u remember this letter u wrote u just went away like tat u didn’t feel it correct to inform and ramesh says how can I forget this letter and again says tat he is sorry but then vasundara says its ok doesn’t matters now and then rameshs asks her help

to make nisha and kabir exlress their love to each other and vasundara agrees to it and then he gives the necklace tat vasundra gave to nisha for repair and he says its fine now and then they leave while the necklace fells and ramesh and vasundara both bend to pick it up and leela sees this and they leave while leela says tat there is definitely something between these two and she needs to fond it out
Nisha takes blessing from dadaji and dadiji and takes blessings from her father and ramesh says to vasundara tat from now nisha is ur daughter and vasundara says yes she is and in her mind vasundara says tat she definitely liked nisha but her only mistake is tat she is ramesh gangwals daughter and she will have to pay for it I will never let kabor and nisha be together nisha then hugs her mother and all other family members and then vasundara takes their leave lakshmi then asks them to keep coming and dadiji also says to her tat just don’t say yes do come and vasundara says yes and kabir nisha nd vasundara take their leave.
Leela comes to meet lakshmi and she asks will u wear this and lakshmi says tat these are rameshs night clothes and then leela says tat u r so lucky u have husband like ramesh nisha has got such nice people as her inlaws and lakshmi asks wat u want to say and leela says they seem to be like close friends and then she says I think I will leave now and she leaves and ramesh comes in and lakshmi gets angry and asks ramesh tat close friend today u wil sleep out and ramseh gets a bit shocked
Nisha asks her mother in law to sleep inside in ac and she will sleep outside and kabir then thinks tat if nisha sleeps outside how will I say it and then says to nisha tat she will sleep inside and mom will sleep outside and nisha says no and they both fight over it and the cushion cover tears off and then nisha goes inside to change it and kabir tells her mom tat he wants to say something to nisha from many days so if she doesent mind she just wants her son to be happy and soon he will get to know which are the real relations the blood relations or the other and kabir asks wat r u trying to say mom I could not understand and comes nisha while kabir says mom will sleep outside and nisha asks her mother in law if she is comfortable and vasundara says tat u both sleep inside she is comfortable and they both go inside.
Nisha then teases kabir by his pet name jo jo and kabir asks her to pls be quiet as he hates it and then nisha again teases him and then nisha says how these ladies wear these bangles all the time and kabir says all these look good on u and nisha says tat I m not going to wear it daily and kabir says it looks good on u and nisha says even though u like it I will not wear and then he comes close to nisha to express his feelings for her and says tat he was trying from many days to say something but today he wil say it and they hear some noise from outside and run to see if kabirs mom is ok and they see tat she has got an asthama attack in kitchen and nisha brings the asthama machine for vasundara she calms down and they sit in kitchen and nisha says tat they should call doctor and vasundara says tat it was just due to stress and they need not worry and kabir asks y were u so stressed and vasundara says tat I met so many people from past may be so and kabir asks her y don’t u tell me y do u have to hide it from me and vasundara says looking at nisha there are lot of things u will not understand and kabir then forces her to please tell him from where are they and wats the story.

Vasundhara tells kabir tat ramesh was her first love and he cheated her while kabir is shocked to hear it and at other side ramesh tells lakshmi tat he had no feelings for vasundara and asks weather she trusts their relationship their love .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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