Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,gayatri says enough of this stop targeting viraj the truth is actually nisha tried to take revenge from viraj she always tried to please him and when viraj rejected her she did this rubbish act,so that viraj is insulted ,ramesh says all this is lie I agree nisha wrote those emails but she didn’t do this rubbish act and nisha will never do this and this lady gayatri she has insulted and tried to fool viraj so many times but nisha saved viraj, and u two viraj and gayatri u ruined my daughters life, gayatri says enough the truth is nisha is mentally instable ask them what happened with nisha in her childhood,ramesh says enough of it gayatri,viraj says enough of it mr gangwal,dadaji slaps viraj and says I should have slapped u the day when u had been to my house for

the first time and don’t u point at nisha instead of thanking nisha the one who always supported u, u are playing with her emotions and let me tell u nisha will never do this,viraj says plz nisha made fun of my personal life,dadaji says ramesh and kids lets go theres no use talking to them they don’t understand the meaning of helpfulness and love.
Gangwals leave the hall,gayatri says viraj leave I will handle all this thing, reporters gather around viraj and start questioning him,ramesh takes nisha along with him,viraj is thinking about the times he had thanked nisha about helping him,viraj leaves the hall without answering any questions.
Gangwals reach home, dadaji is very angry,mohan virendra ask them what all this is going on media,say something, dadaji sits down,nisha very upset looks at dadaji and goes to her room,cousins follow her, nisha starts crying,dolly asks nisha are u ok,sourabh says nisha trust me I didn’t do anything, nisha says I trust u sourabh,bunty asks will u go to velvet lounge, dolly says leave her alone for some time.
Virendra is answering all calls and says all on media is lie don’t believe all this,ramesh starts crying,dadi asks dadaji are u alright,dadaji nods and says yes,dadaji calls ramesh and says sit beside me,ramesh sits down,dadaji says did u see I always told u to be little strict but u said u want to be their friend did u see what happened,ramesh says plz listen nisha did this to help viraj, I know the means was wrong I had told her and she had stopped mailing her and before she would tell him the truth this happened , dadaji said today something happened from my hand that had never happened before,virendra says dadaji what should I tell people on phone,dadaji gets up and says ramesh mohan virendra come along with me.
Dadaji says on phone all this on tv is not necessary to That said, if there are any tricky bits or junctions where ‘local knowledge’ is needed on routes, it’s best to make sure they can deal with them confidently, too. be true, the community ask dadaji about umesh intercast wedding as well,dadaji says aman is very good girl and about nisha viraj is doing this on purpose we have no relation with this guy.roopan says see vimla I knew this girl will show us this day.virendra gets another call he says theres no relation between viraj and nisha,mohan gets a call as well.roopan enters the room and says I knew nisha will do this she has no work other than troubling us,ramesh says plz nisha isn’t responsible for all this,roopan says but the truth is nisha mailed viraj by arti,ramesh says she just tried to help him and all what is shown is wrong, roopan says oh if this is lie even we should organize a press conference.
Kirti says sourabh how couldn’t u understand abt ur account been hacked, sourabh says let me find that guy I wont leave him,dadi comes and says life always teaches us lessons,suku says dadi look at nisha no figting no talking nothing im missing my sister, dadi says don’t get scared she will be fine.
Dolly goes to nishas room and finds her dressed in viraj gifted dress,dolly asks nisha are u going to lounge what are u doing,nisha says dolly this time isn’t for right or wrong but now I just I want to follow my heart which says I have to go to lounge and trust me I had no bad thoughts behind all this, but look at my fortune just one incident and all are upset with me and so I want to meet viraj sir and clear all the thing and not leave it halfway.

Dolly informs cousins nisha is going to lounge to meet viraj,dadi hears this.
Sham singh tells viraj that longe manager had called.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. aaj ka bahut sad wala episode tha…

  2. First time I got disappointed by this serial .

    1. Me too reddy.especially for the slap.the oldman still blaming viraj

  3. Stupid gayathri …so sad of viraj and nishu

  4. I hate that o my my….Feeling very sad for nisha

  5. dude gayathri soo annoying
    once viraj comes to know abt gayathri i hope he kills her!

  6. I want Cousins to trap a plan and let Viraj know that his bua is responsible for leaking the news in Media.and oh my my just go and look ur own problems 1st.i just hate u.
    New promo looks good.Mishkat looking cute.

  7. I want to cry…TDAY WAS THE SADDEST EP OF NAUC…Why????

  8. gud night to u too sis…

  9. God,please somebody slap that stupid selfish oldman.i am crying for viraj.what an actor like asish chowdary

  10. Gud mrng to all…Hi sis…Have a nice day…

  11. Don’t understand why the hell is Viraj upset????
    Isn’t it obvious 4 him 2 guess that Nisha has no gain in leaking the mails moreover How the f**kin’ hell are Nisha’s attempts a “Dhokha”??
    He already knew that someone was just seeking his friendship through anonymous mails..
    It is him who fell for her…and he only gave the name Arti..
    Plz show some happiness..2 much sadness going on..Can’t take that anymore!

  12. gud evng sis,wat dng

  13. gud eveng sis,my exams are over…and tomorrow my brother will come mein mera chota bhai kal ka intezaar kar rahe hai and having fun..wht about u?

  14. am nt well sis.

  15. What happened..?Are you alrigt…?

  16. weather is nt good,so i have fever

  17. Get well soon sis…

  18. sis did u saw today’s epi.u like it ha

  19. it was really sad one…

  20. pls update 2day’s episode

  21. gud night sis…take care…

  22. Are yaar next epi kab update hoga! Eagerly waiting.

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