Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha and kabir together,kabir is very tensed,nisha asks kabir to relax,kabir says how can I nisha,nisha says see good news is we know that he is ur brother and soon we will know who he is,kabir says and what abt dad,ur parents are so sweet and good to me and I have to treat them like this im not liking it,bunty enters shouting I will go n go,nisha shouts and says bunty stop shouting on mom,laxmi says nisha this bunty is bunking school and go for playing video games and starts crying,nisha says mom plz don’t cry,laxmi says look at bunty what he is doing what shall I do now,kabir takes bunty out with him and says its fine even I used to bunk school and my mom use to scold me similarly but she loves u and u know that,and bunty u know u shd keep the good things and

forget the bad ones and now smile and be a good guy,bunty doesn’t smile,kabir says bunty tell me the real problem,im ur friend right so share ur problem.
Bunty says jiju my report card is out and I have failed in one subject and starts crying,kabir says no worries study hard next time and u will surely do well see go to mom dad and tell them the truth and also promise that u will score good go,kabir sees roopan and starts acting bad and says bunty add ur marks like add a zero before the number and laughs,roopan belives that kabir is spoiling bunty,kabir acts like he didn’t see roopan and gets surprised and says roopan aunty u here,roopan says im going out bye see u later,bunty says wow I will go add zero,kabir says oh hello I was joking go tell the truth cmon be a good boy.kabir leaves and bunty decides to increase marks in report card.
Nisha is thinking abt bunty and says god bunty is spoiling,kabir comes nisha asks how is bunty,kabir says bunty is fine but what abt mom,nisha says I will manage don’t worry. Kabir says u go home I will go to the dance scholl and see u a later. Sumit says sorry to dadaji and says im sorry that I hide this from u but im finding a job and getting no calls and so I was tensed and so if u would allow I would like to help u I mean if I could join shop,virendra says but what will u do in shop we have no vacancies,and u will get job in any company I will talk if u want,roopan says but kabir got a chance why not summit,I mean kabir and summit are equal to us and if kabir has a position why not sumit and he is need as well,dadaji says roopan I understand that summit is in need and abt kabir we didn’t appoint him as a facour but bcoz he proved his capability and sumit if u want to join shop even u have to prove ur capability,sumit says I will do as u says,dadaji says ok from tomorrow start helping kabir until I am satisfied,sumit says what as his assistant,dadaji says whatever u think it is if u are ready tell me,summit says yes Im ok,dadaji says fine come from tomorrow and virendra mohan ramesh u stay others leave.
Summit gets angry and shouts on dolly and says ur family has no respect for me,dolly says be thankful atleast u got a job and dolly leaves,roopan comes and says summit ur into the shop now and now we will start with our plan.
Bunty with his report card and starts increasing marks in every subject,laxmi catches him doing so and slaps him and starts yelling at him, and says is this the way u pass,bunty starts running away and laxmi is behind him,roopan sees this.nisha sees viraj crying in his room,she sees that sham singh photo has a garland and realizes that he is no more,nisha steps inside the room and looks at viraj and asks when,viraj says why does this happen with me nisha everyone leaves me and goes away why why,first mom then pa then u and now dadaji,don’t I deserve any one,why does no one stay with me,do u know how painful it is,when u left I had atleast dadaji and now he is no more,and dadaji loved u a lot he always used to say that nisha is very special and always listened to u plz call him back plz nisha,he wont says no to u plz call,nisha says plz sir don’t do this dadaji must be looking at u and wouldn’t like to see u like this,viraj hugs nisha and says plz nisha plz,nisha is awkward.

PRECAP: viraj says nisha its not too late im ur true love and kabir will go away I know that bcoz I will never give up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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