Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,viraj is thinking abt nisha and says only aman can help me.vimla is upset about sourabhs behavior and dollys future,roopan says dolly isn’t culprit and even leela knows that so don’t worry,aman gets a call from viraj,she goes to a side and pics it up,viraj tells her that he is trying to call nisha but she isn’t answering so can u plz give her call and why are u crying,aman says nisha isn’t home and here nothing is fine I will call u later.
Leela and sumit are with real jwellery,sumit says mom smile see all these are all urs now,leela says but we need to be careful till we find a buyer and keep it in safe place,sumit says it was fun to see these gangwals face,dolly knocks the door,sumit hides the bag under bed,dolly asks sumit how dare u blame me,sumit says

keep calm if I begin to blame u,u will be no where,dolly says why did u do so,leela says u had to think this before doing all rubbish with sourabh, I can see everything even ur character, dolly says I am quite bcoz u are elder or else,sumit says dolly show respect or,dolly says or what will u hit me,sumit holds dollys hand and says say sorry, dolly says I wont,sumit leaves her hand and leela says dolly see sourabh is so cheap(leela sees virendra and vimla at door),dolly says mom plz,virendra shouts dolly,leela says see I am telling dolly but she isn’t understanding,virendra says I heard that dolly say sorry right now,dolly says sorry,leela says oh dolly its fine,virendra says leelaji we are lucky to have u in dollys life and I am sorry on behalf of dolly,dolly says but what have I done,virendra says keep quite,sumit says papa plz don’t scold her I will take care of her,u all don’t worry I still respect dolly I was just upset abt sourabhs behavior,virendra says this wont happen again I promise,virendra takes dolly along with him.
Dolly says papa listen to me ,virendra looks at her,dolly says even u think that I am at fault,vimla says dolly come with me,dolly says no tell me papa I don’t care abt others but what u think papa, plz tell,virendra says see dolly may be u don’t care abt others but I do,we live in society where a girl has her respect most imp and I cant see ur husband questioning u and if this happen I wish to die,dolly says plz papa don’t and I promise u, u wont have to face any such situation again,virendra hugs dolly.
Nisha and kabir reach home,nisha says kabir we just have 24 hrs to prove ourselves think something,kabir says do u trust me,nisha says yes,kabir says u go I will come, kabir is thinking abt the blames on him by sumit and dadajis decision.nisha goes home and sees viraj,viraj walks to her and asks are u fine,nisha says what are u doing here, viraj says I came for u,nisha says I am very happy to see u here see look, happy u can go now,viraj says nisha I can understand u aren’t fine so I want to talk to u I was so worried for u,nisha says oh I forgot after telling truth,viraj says but I told the truth for u and I didn’t know that the issue will be so big,nisha says and what abt warehouse,viraj says I agree but I did this to help u bcoz I care for u,nisha says Mr rathore plz leave plz before kabir comes and issue increases plz leave.viraj says do u think I am afraid of that fraud guy,kabir comes and says how dare u call me that.
Kabir says u are fraud,nisha says kabir let it go,kabir says viraj I saw how low u can go,viraj says don’t blame me look at urself first, everthing is bcoz of u ,u made all plans abt marriage abt shop its just u,nisha says plz leave just leave viraj,viraj says its true ur a fraud,kabir hits viraj,viraj hits back,kabir says look his hand is ok done with ur physiotherapy act,nisha says mr rathore u have done ur part plz plz leave,viraj says ok I will leave but for me all that matters is just u,kabir tries to hit back,nisha hugs kabir and starts crying don’t kabir don’t,viraj leaves,kabir gets her water and says don’t cry nisha plz plz calm down,and hugs nisha and calms her down.
Kabir says no one ever stood for me like u did,and see I told u on my bday always is bad,nisha says even I told this time it wont be like this,kabir hugs nisha and says I am lucky to have u in my life thanku.
Cousins come and hug them and suku says kabir we all are with u,and we are doing it for nisha and not jiju. And listen to our plan.

PRECAP:nisha checks cctv footage and sees some part Is missing,kabir shows them a camera and says this one check this camers footage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. papia

    kabire,tu man keu nehi leta ki u love nishu?aur nisha,dumbo,boldena is 24 hour ke bad.Plz.Ki u love him

  2. azha

    Thank god atleast some nibirs scenes are shown after some days….
    I watched the episode .. I want the following to happen soon…
    1. I want Viraj to stpo calling Nisha MS. Nisha…. Cx Nisha is already married to KAbir… Better if Viraj calls nish Mrs. Nisha or mrs. Kabir….
    2. Then I want the Ganggwals understand about Sumit and Leelas plan and throw them out…
    3. After that nI want Dolly and Saurabh as a pair…
    4. I want viraj and Kabirs brother truth to come out…
    5. I want their mom to come India and to know about Nibir marriage….
    6. At last bt not the least I wanna Nibir forever….
    what say NIbirians????

  3. dia

    Dr frnds
    i hv created a group on fb nmd ”NiBir…Nisha Kabir Lovers…NKL”
    i reqst u all to join it

  4. dia

    Ohh tumne mere mann ki baat chura li
    bt i also wnt dt sm kabir’s sis or frnd cm to pair uo wd suku

  5. Aman what with why answer viraj call when he is equally is at fault for what is happen there too
    Nisha u just have to tell a**hole that u dont love him any more that u love kabir n only kabir so tell him to get out of ur life
    Love the nibir hugs n cousins hug so cute to see them standing for each other love them so much

  6. asmi

    Azha dat would b d end of nauc n dis ppl wnt end it so soon… A logon k har ek scene kheenchne mei mazaa aata hy

  7. sevens

    summit needs another hot cup of coffee on his hands
    leela along with his son shld b kicked out

    loved nibir hug

  8. richa

    hmmm……………………… nyce episode gud 2 c cousins standing 4 nisha nd alsoo nyc 2 c cousin chemistry back nd the story nw b goes a little with the name(serial name/tagline) as the cousin party is involved so v can now say nisha aur uske COUSINS not nisha nd her love story or nishas struggle of life etc…………. now cousin party back in action would b nyc 2 see 🙂 hopeit is a little funny nd a good story type

  9. richa

    well hopee nibir unite nd saurab doesnt fall into depression nd get cousins support nd summit face exposed……….. nd d serial to have a good ending story which will satisfy the viewers………. nd i also hope dat kabir’s/viraj’s mother 2 make her entry soon..

  10. richa

    OK GN NAUC ND TU ND ALSO GM AS AFTR ALMOST 8 min it vud b 12 am so gm all nd hv a nyc day B-):) 😉

  11. Liya

    Gud mrng susi akka,devga akka,nika akka,richa di,asma di,kaju,kashu,nibir,prag,rammu,ss,athu,achu,sakshi,bro,broak,thasni,priya,riya,ria,fairy,shenaz,sara,maanu,mans,blossom and hg.

  12. ufffffu i am so srrryyyyy..
    Galthi hogayi
    actualy me niskbir me suchrayithi issliye me kabir
    I don’t like viraj nt kabir
    kabir is best 4 nisha
    niskbir rockkkzzzzzzzz……..

  13. ★kanisha★

    gudmorning nauc and all ……. 🙂 I’m so exited bcoz 2mrow is mother’s day ….

  14. Liya

    Ohho i typed this names dunno where it disappear.i think other names ate them.riya,sweet,ria,riya,priya,maanu chechi,mans and kushi gm

  15. Ann(athu)

    my native place is madurai,pakshe malayalam eniku ariyaam.Which class u are blossom?

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    Anyone in.??

  17. Nibir Nibir Nibir all the way. How caring and affectionate they are . Give a kick to Viral..a..the mean and selfish pig who cannot act. How interfering and irritating Viraj is…… and quickly teach Sum it and his mom a lesson they can never forget. Dont separate Nibir. They compliment each other.

  18. No I am here ….
    Same prob aka .. .
    OK Iam in bus I will go home and if network prmits I will msg … By eee
    Just loved nibir HUG HUG CUTEST HUG YESTERDAY….

    • ?♪susi♪?

      No dr I can’t see the nauc… na enga uncle vittula irukan dr…so no Star plus channel… Offf….?????

    • Aiyo aka neenga romba ppavum . even I am in my granny house and here also no star plus but I tuned tuned and tuned and got it .. And now I shout at times wen my granny speakes in between nauc. … Lil 😉

  19. ❄blossom❄

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  20. richa

    kk thanx blo dr m reading it nd vill ask u sm ques related 2 it aftr reading 🙂 🙂

  21. ❄blossom❄

    Richu if u need further clarity abt da story tell me the instances I will explain it to u. Ok?

    • ❄blossom❄

      Its original timing’s at 6. 30 pm, dr is a repeat telecast at 7. 30pm&at10. 00

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  24. richa

    this show has a good concept but…. nowdays it is diverting 4m d concept……….

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    Drive kiya to darna kya
    Drive kar ke phans gaya yaar
    Driver tussi great ho
    Ek tha driver. ????

    Just a joke no seriousness PLZ….

    • Hi kushi and welcome … And nice suggestion of word building…. Come on tel the rules and …. V will start ..

  27. Pappu V/S Teacher
    Teacher :- Insaan Wo Hey Jo dusron K Kaam
    Pappu :- Lekin Exam K Waqt Na To Aap Khud
    Insan Banti Hain,
    Na dusron Ko Insan Banne Deti Hain..

  28. maanu

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  29. kushi

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