Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi welcomes vasundra and kabir, kabir introduces gangwals and vasundra stops kabir and says I know virendra bhaiya and mohan bhaiya and looks at ramesh and says this is ramesh gangwal, vimla and laxmi are surprised,vasundra says to virendra bhaiya do u remember our childhood fun,virendra says ofcourse I do and how are u vasuandra,vasundra says I am good, kabir asks vasundra how does she know everyone, vasundra says ur nanaji and nemichand gangwal were friends, kabir asks why they are calling u vasundra ur name is vasu,vasundra says bcoz this name was given to me by my dad and when I hear it I miss him so I changed it to vasu,vasundra turns to ramesh and says do u still practice and says me and ramesh were childhood friends,laxmi says oh nice come plz be sitted.

is lost in old good memories with virendra mohan and ramesh and with gangwals,kabir calls her,seeing vasundra dadaji and dadi are surprised vasundra takes dadi and dadajis blessings,vasundra says nemi uncle(dadaji) so good to know that nisha is ur grand daughter,dadaji says kabir is ur son but he brought some mama and mami,vasundra says I am sorry for all the trouble kabir gave,dadi says forget all that how are u and u changed ur name as well,vasundra says I didn’t want my past to come over my present and future so anyways where is nisha,vimla brings nisha.
Kabir is looking at nisha who is looking very pretty,kabir cannot take his eyes off nisha, nisha takes dadi and dadajis blessings and vasundras as well,vasundra says nisha that she is looking very beautiful, nisha stands besides kabir,dadaji says come lets go in, aman serves everyone juice, vasundra praises nisha and says u never told u were a gangwal and u know I know ur family very well specially ur dad, leela enters,and all get upset,roopan says vasuji this is leelaji,leela says even my son is gangwals son in law and I hope like u even I got the respect, vimla interrupts her,vasundra asks leela do u stay in jaipur,leela says oh no I stay in delhi I am here for dolly she is pregnant,vasu says wow congratulations where is ur son,vimla says he is in delhi,dolly says plz don’t lie and vasu aunty sumit is been arrested for cheating with my family and kabir,roopan says forget all that and ramesh u never told us about vasuji,vasu says friendship is to be shown and not talked,nisha says dad u never met her,vasu says actually ramesh went to Mumbai and me to dubai after marriage but see u two brought us close,laxmi says dinner is ready lets go.
Kabir is finding opportunity to talk to nisha alone and says to himself good she is looking so killer when will I meet her.gangwals are having dinner, laxmi asks dolly to sit,dolly says no I am not hungry,leela says no dolly sit have food,dolly avoids issue and sits to have food, kabir wispers to bunty see bunty u are my friend and I need ur help I need to talk to nisha very imp so when u see her alone tell me,bunty says ok but what will I get,kabir says tomorrow u bat the whole day while playing cricket,bunty says deal.
Leela stops dolly eating bitter guard and says if u will avoid it u will have healthy child like sumit,dolly says then I will surely eat bcoz I don’t want my child to be like sumit,bunty calls kabir,kabir makes a reason of coughing and goes to kitchen,nisha is making puris,kabir goes from behind and says need any help,nisha gets scared and falls in kabirs arms,kabir pulls nisha back and both are lost into eachother,kabir says nisha I want to say something,jwala comes and says jiju are u ok,kabir says yes I am fine,jwala says then lets go ur mom is calling u.
Vasu asks kabir is he fine,kabirr says yes,nisha comes out and kabir keeps looking at her, nisha smiles,vasu says I had great time here and nisha u sit with us as well, nisha says no I will sit later,kabir says what later and puts a piece of puri in her mouth and makes her sit on his chair and starts giving her food.

Ramesh says to vasu that nisha is ur daughter now plz take care of her.vasu says to herself sorry nisha u can never be my daughter in law and u will have to pay for what ur dad did to me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. richa

    well show is all full of villians missing bua g i think its time 4 her come back……

  2. richa


  3. richa


  4. maanu

    good night frnds.sweet dreams πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Krishy

    good nght dear all my sisters and brothers here ………………sweet dreams bye dears

  6. D's

    Wah! wah! what a episode….?. Awesome muaahhhhhh kabir nd nisha……..?luv u nibir………????..that too saree scene was suberb……nd too puri scene….in my home also today puri……..what a coincidence……

  7. dts?

    Gud night….. Richu…?.
    Devga ….??
    Shera ….??
    Nd all frndzzzz …..?
    Sweet dreamzzzzzzzz?

  8. Shera

    Opps u both r confusing me susi akka nd devu akka.thnx 4 informing hny..GUD NI8 SUSI AKKA.

  9. sevens

    guys it just my imagination

    vasu as well as ramesh used to love each other but since there father’s r frnd they don’t know abt it nd vasu’s father is from royal family nd want her daughter (vasu) shld settle in royal family. ramesh’s father (dadaji) get to abt it from viren nd mohan for happiness of ramesh goes nd talk with vasu’s father but he get’s angry hearing dis nd insult him ramesh doesn’t able to bear dis insult nd for sake of his family name nd pride he write letter to vasu nd leaves to mumbai.

    • no sevens it is revealed tht vasu and gangwals wer frnds …… she was close with ramesh as i think both might have liked singing ……. and vasu eventually fell in luv with ramesh and ramesh said no i dont have any such feelings for u and she got angry and etc etc….

  10. a very gud mrng frnds..i wanted to comment yesterday par as usal light chli gai thi..anyways…OMG!!! yesterdays epi was so romantic..nisha looked so beaytiful in tht saree..n kabirs reaction to dekhne layak tha..n the kitchen scene..was really awesome ..i was just awestruck seeing tht scene,,i couldnt even stop smiling…mujhe to goosebumps khare ho gae the

    • stuti

      ya ri8 nika..are abhi to nisha ko samaj jana chaiye ki kabir usse kitna paayar kata hai …kitne to hint de dia ussne..ab iske baad use bolne ki kaya jaarorat..yar usne to sab ke saamne romance karna start kar dia,,all were smiling seeing them..sahi bhi hai paayar kia to darna kaya

  11. nauc

    hi shera (alias) liya.u r so sweet.
    u are awesome..
    u are greatone yaar.
    many have scolded u badly.many have abused u for ur vulgar chats here.
    many have even called u lower and cheaper.
    but even then ,u are rockng by cahnging name to shera and shamelessly chatting again dear.
    keep it up dear.

    • Ann(athu)

      Hello who are u say abt my sister.You started so nicely and in the end showed ur colours

  12. nauc

    get lost u senseless jerry, u scolded liya, now that b*t*h is roaming in name shera and u r here to chat..

  13. jerry

    @nauc, i dont know the reason u are stressed so much.
    dont mind if shera is liya or not.
    yes,i agree i scolded liya.but then got to know,it was fake.
    maybe u too got troubled by shera/liya.
    dont know ur problem.
    but friend please calm down.
    u can get angry if they disturbed or abused u, but friend, i came here just for a chat .
    so please,

  14. nauc

    jerry, who the fcuk are you to advice me scoundrel.
    here another b*t*hz sendng link to save serial.
    chee cheapos.
    wat jerry? hope u had gud time with liya . advice that fcuking shera/liya to behave decently and then u can advice me senseless ,brainless rat jerry.get lost u blooodyyy

    • wat the dam got u to tel abt ithers like this ……. cant u mind ur job ……. u i also knw to abuse but just tht i knw to respect others not like u ……. idiot get lost

  15. jerry

    Friend ,pls . never adviced or never supported shera/liya.just saying that maybe they cud be fake too as was misguided. thats it.
    i can understand ur frustration, but u taking it on me hurts yaar.
    wish u understand friend

  16. nauc

    how dare u fcuking fool jerry.shut up ur nasty mouth. i will say thousand times that shera is shameless.
    but u idiot,u scolded once and now this change for her.any midnite secret

  17. jerry

    hi devga,u there friend

    please nauc, dont use such words, i told already,i scolded bcoz of a fake id liya. just do understand pls. dont hurt yaar. i am asking as a friend.

  18. nauc

    chee beggar jerry. so that bttch used u and now u are saying she good and there was fake id, watever…dont beg me to not scold.get lost. now that bttch will be in SNS thread, honey talking some unknown in bad malayalam slangs

  19. nauc

    devga, u know to and u ll see what u ll get. rascal devga.i think u ran away,dont come and if u come,dont mess with me ,stupid asshole devga

  20. guys, last time there was a rumor that YRKKLH is going to end and fans of that serial showered star plus with mails and tweets…and
    after that they decided to continue the serial..
    So there is still a ray of hope for our nauc..
    If the Ratings increase and we mail them …
    we can stop it from going off air…atleat they will change the timings of the show..
    and one more invite more people to sign the petition..
    Let’s do it for nibir

  21. nauc

    @ richa
    fcuking . do u want to join. then come.
    what r u blabbering donkey head, chattng with rat.hehehe
    i am not disturbed mentally , u scoundrel.oh u and devga,,hmmm njoy

  22. nauc

    @richa, u are also in public domain,chatting privately .
    dd i say anythng u get lost.i hae devga,shera/liya,and this acting jerry.
    jerry doesnt know how to speak.go and tell him rich pig.he is always saying ,friend,friend,friend.disgusting to read his comments,acting rat

  23. nauc


    no devga dear.i dont want ur mom,sister…just u..
    think u r not used publicly like shera. u can come to me..come on

  24. jerry

    @richa..we never used tamil yaar. will never use also as u said friend.
    @devga…dont stress yaar.just ignore it. we dont know what is his problem to comment like dis..just dont respond friend. sorry dont take me wrong for saying this devga.

    @richa,wher r u from z ur day richa.
    @devga,, ok cool,.. wat about ur hobbies.u r studyng or working

  25. richa

    @ u nauc m not chatting smething sooo personal that wolld cost me ok and i am an adult and an active and aware citizen of this lovely country india and i just asked u to mind ur words not to get lost and whom did u call pig huh u s***e

  26. nauc

    what u asked me, cant i shut..i will shut door once u come in and open urs..hehehe…got t na

    citizen,adult..oh funny funny…u s***e, u r just a fcuking thvdich for me…

    u msging richa and devga, but two lesbos are nterested in calling themselves dear..chee yuck

  27. Ann(athu)

    Hey nauc,all are chatting.First tell them to s.Then we will also.Hai richa di and devu akka

  28. richa

    devu dr plss ignore this vulgar cmmnter i m now ignoring his all cmmnts nd jerry dr i wil tell u later just let this negativ environment be a litle positiv

  29. jerry

    i dont mind if they dont reply me friend.its upto them , but why do u bother a lottt. pls friend, u can be little friendly and positve

  30. nauc

    hey athu…u here..haha, wat they drove u from SNS by slippering and beating u wth broom.u were crying there and now here..y athu…u are supportng them.i dont mind to shut as u say, u come to open for me .open ur _____ soon.i will shut.
    bittch…cried there and now here talking.

    @jerry.get lost u rat fellow.

  31. nauc

    dear, richa will personally tell u her deatils.hmmm, dont mind..she ll share with u personally.she itself said.

    @richa, u laughing loud,save health..hehehe..wat to do..u lesbos na..hmmm.fine njoy.devga and richa..when u personally treat jerry,pls remember me too

  32. Tom

    nauc just shut up ok mind your business you have nothing to do with my friends just get the hell out of here..

  33. nauc

    Tom, oh so apart from lesbos..tom and jerry homos too..
    fcuking tom,u shut dare u to say like dat..u dog…oh u cat

  34. jerry

    @Tom..thanks yaar..
    wat do do, some misunderstanding..ok are you..have u had ur breakfast tom

  35. Tom

    no dont say thanks dude, I am good, yeah had my breakfast but I want to have you ? sorry dude just joking

    • jerry

      @ Tom,
      haha, its ok friend…glad u r cool. by the jerry finally gets tom in trouble.LOL

      Yaar ,please.truly i dont know wats bothering u, but wat u said is a bit too much..but ,its alrite, pls hurts.kindly be lttle friendly.
      if u r funnily messaging, then pls friend i just wanna let u know that its hurting yaar.

  36. nauc

    u r disgucting loser tom..u shut up.else i will kill ur jerry

    jerry,come on,give me pleasure of my lfe with ur mouth..u have cock suckng experience na..come and suck me dry rat.
    u only saying all friend,friend na..come on.i am waiting.ur friend here.if want call tom too.i wont seperate u both

  37. Tom

    richa you know me dear & I cant say I am a girl or boy I took this name just to solve jerry’s matter & today also I came here after seeing a problem only I dont come here often, just that I am a friend of yours

  38. jerry

    After Mahabharat, Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus – Times of India

    @Tom,so u here friend,i was replying in ur above comment

  39. Tom

    hey mr.x… look nauc dont cross your limits jerry said you so sweetly & you? creepy fellow dont say anything to anyone here as all are my friends, can you please tell what problem do you have? cant you be friendly?

  40. richa

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  41. nauc

    why d hell should i be friendly.

    yeah rat,i am waiting, stop pleasurng.tom ,come to long will i stay hard. come suck my cock and get lost.y not messaging..have u fled or u pleasuring tom u dirty rat

    @athu..podi moodevi munda

  42. jerry

    Thank u friend for info on siye ke ram..i like mythological shows also + romantic shows too.

    Friend pls,

  43. Tom

    if you dont want to be friendly then atleast dont insult my friends even I know to talk like you so dont cross your limits blo*dy ?.. did you get that?

  44. jerry

    haha, sorry..but the misunderstanding with mr.x. Tom , wat type of shows u like friend

    mr.x , welcome..actually the comment was not for u boss.
    have a happy day mr.x.

  45. nauc

    @Tom, u know to talk.and these bittches and rats are you friend.ok ,just give ur jerry for a night to me tom.

  46. Tom

    you are my fb friend richa dr. by the way @jerry you are still cool that too after hearing so much.. awesome keep it up

  47. Tom

    so you are a gay @nauc shame on you just get lost… @jerry first of all I dont watch tom & jerry lol.. O like many shows… well ok only 1 thing guys I am a girl..
    of course @mr.x we can be friends by the way you girl or boy?

  48. nauc

    @Tom..send jerry for a nite.jerry i will treat u as a slave for that nite,,,,
    u ll remain nude while coming to me..tom while sending jerry, take his dress and send

  49. jerry

    i am great pragna, then wher r u from friend

    oh sorry, i thought u r boy and messaged playfully.sorry friend.

  50. nauc

    hey dirty tom,wat me gay..come to me with jerry.will show u how a man will be.. dirty cat sorry pu**y cat.

    @jerry – rat come to me, why are u sniffing pragna..

  51. Tom

    oh ok prags, no problem dude @jerry no need of asking sorry thats cool, so you are a student or doing job?

  52. nauc

    wat a comment,ncouragng dirty richa..
    better change name as

    u call friend, one will support u jerry,they will support only bittches her.understand and come to me.i will fcuk u jerry.
    dirty rat,no one will help or support u here.u ll be my slave u dirty rat

  53. Tom

    mr.x yes tell yaar you dint ans me you are a girl or boy?… & please dont be so impatient people will ofcourse reply you.. sorry if I sounded rude

  54. jerry

    @Tom, i am working yaar.
    what abt u.
    @pragna, glad u replied friend.thanx..but as richa said ,better we avoid personal questions..
    wats ur hobby pragna

    i dont mind if they dont support me friend..i am new here and happy they are chattng wth me. am still saying, pls freind,it hurts watever u r posting here, then its upto u yaar.wish u understand.

  55. nauc

    who s this new item.podi moodittu

    fcuker,no one will be there.just come to suck me..

    and that fcukong shera/liya , i am waitng for her to come..once she come,she will get that abuses of her life

  56. jerry

    i too like listening melody songs..but then i like drawing yaar,pencil art as well as oil painting

  57. nauc

    hey jerry ,dirty rat..wher r u..y runnng away from me..u said u r new here,so obviously u wont get support here..just chat with me u dirty idiot.come to me and suck my cock.Tom also did that well

  58. jerry


    woww..nice to hear. so wat do u paint yaar..natural sceneries, personalities,
    by the way pencil art or painting

  59. nauc

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  60. pragna

    i have painted children pics,animals trees etc.last summer i have learned from proffesional painters

  61. nauc

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  62. jerry

    oh,ts really irritating. accept, but finally have to get beatng from our sisters too.haha.
    wat project,means which subject

  63. jerry

    i am working, i replied yaar.think u not read it.i was replyng another comment..then wats up

    friend u forgot jerry.. πŸ™‚
    I think i sud make u run to catch me

  64. Tom

    hahaha good joke jerry wait lemme catch you ?… well! I dint forget you but was just talking to my other friends

  65. nauc

    Tom was sucking my cock and was f**king him,so he not replied,now here richa is in my bed servicing my cock..jerry senseless drty pig.come to me and service me

    • killer


  66. Tom

    8th std dr sry fr dissappearing my phn’s chrg fnshd I cant tlk nw vl see u in smtym dr

  67. maanu

    devu………………….. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  68. maanu

    s…….. πŸ™‚
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  69. vengeance

    @ commenter named nauc u idiot u nerd u bottlecap u barking dog always creating nonscence on alll pages and abusing everyone better stop it or you dont know us alll we r as sweet as honey and sugar but if u mess with us v will not spare you at any condition

      • Madhoshi

        I hate police & people who give stupid advices
        i just came here to say call or ignore

      • richa

        noo it wasnt a stupid advice it was a useful 1 madhoshi seeing ur name i think u knw hindi sooo mera mood theek naHI H TO PLSS JOKE Mt kar jo koi b hai nd tera ans h to ur no IGNORE ……. I IGANOREEEEE….

  70. richa

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    • maanu

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