Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi welcomes vasundra and kabir, kabir introduces gangwals and vasundra stops kabir and says I know virendra bhaiya and mohan bhaiya and looks at ramesh and says this is ramesh gangwal, vimla and laxmi are surprised,vasundra says to virendra bhaiya do u remember our childhood fun,virendra says ofcourse I do and how are u vasuandra,vasundra says I am good, kabir asks vasundra how does she know everyone, vasundra says ur nanaji and nemichand gangwal were friends, kabir asks why they are calling u vasundra ur name is vasu,vasundra says bcoz this name was given to me by my dad and when I hear it I miss him so I changed it to vasu,vasundra turns to ramesh and says do u still practice and says me and ramesh were childhood friends,laxmi says oh nice come plz be sitted.

is lost in old good memories with virendra mohan and ramesh and with gangwals,kabir calls her,seeing vasundra dadaji and dadi are surprised vasundra takes dadi and dadajis blessings,vasundra says nemi uncle(dadaji) so good to know that nisha is ur grand daughter,dadaji says kabir is ur son but he brought some mama and mami,vasundra says I am sorry for all the trouble kabir gave,dadi says forget all that how are u and u changed ur name as well,vasundra says I didn’t want my past to come over my present and future so anyways where is nisha,vimla brings nisha.
Kabir is looking at nisha who is looking very pretty,kabir cannot take his eyes off nisha, nisha takes dadi and dadajis blessings and vasundras as well,vasundra says nisha that she is looking very beautiful, nisha stands besides kabir,dadaji says come lets go in, aman serves everyone juice, vasundra praises nisha and says u never told u were a gangwal and u know I know ur family very well specially ur dad, leela enters,and all get upset,roopan says vasuji this is leelaji,leela says even my son is gangwals son in law and I hope like u even I got the respect, vimla interrupts her,vasundra asks leela do u stay in jaipur,leela says oh no I stay in delhi I am here for dolly she is pregnant,vasu says wow congratulations where is ur son,vimla says he is in delhi,dolly says plz don’t lie and vasu aunty sumit is been arrested for cheating with my family and kabir,roopan says forget all that and ramesh u never told us about vasuji,vasu says friendship is to be shown and not talked,nisha says dad u never met her,vasu says actually ramesh went to Mumbai and me to dubai after marriage but see u two brought us close,laxmi says dinner is ready lets go.
Kabir is finding opportunity to talk to nisha alone and says to himself good she is looking so killer when will I meet her.gangwals are having dinner, laxmi asks dolly to sit,dolly says no I am not hungry,leela says no dolly sit have food,dolly avoids issue and sits to have food, kabir wispers to bunty see bunty u are my friend and I need ur help I need to talk to nisha very imp so when u see her alone tell me,bunty says ok but what will I get,kabir says tomorrow u bat the whole day while playing cricket,bunty says deal.
Leela stops dolly eating bitter guard and says if u will avoid it u will have healthy child like sumit,dolly says then I will surely eat bcoz I don’t want my child to be like sumit,bunty calls kabir,kabir makes a reason of coughing and goes to kitchen,nisha is making puris,kabir goes from behind and says need any help,nisha gets scared and falls in kabirs arms,kabir pulls nisha back and both are lost into eachother,kabir says nisha I want to say something,jwala comes and says jiju are u ok,kabir says yes I am fine,jwala says then lets go ur mom is calling u.
Vasu asks kabir is he fine,kabirr says yes,nisha comes out and kabir keeps looking at her, nisha smiles,vasu says I had great time here and nisha u sit with us as well, nisha says no I will sit later,kabir says what later and puts a piece of puri in her mouth and makes her sit on his chair and starts giving her food.

Ramesh says to vasu that nisha is ur daughter now plz take care of her.vasu says to herself sorry nisha u can never be my daughter in law and u will have to pay for what ur dad did to me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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