Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir says to nisha,that something is wrong I need to find it, nisha asks where are u going,kabir says to sabu photographer,nisha holds his hand and says even I will come,kabir leaves her hand and says I will go by my own u wait here and leaves.sourabh finds it odd and asks nisha is everything all right have u both fought,nisha says we are fine.
Ramesh scolding bunty for bunking school,and asks for report card,bunty says we didn’t get it,ramesh scolding bunty,bunty sees kabir and says dad see jiju,ramesh says we will talk abt it later.kabir asks abt sabu,on tea stall a man shows him sabus son rohan,kabir goes to rohan and asks for help but rohan tries to ignore kabir and both get into a fight.ramesh and bunty rush to kabir and stop him,rohan runs away,kabir

says dad why did u stop he knew abt sabu,ramesh says wait lets go now.
Nisha is informed that sham singh isn’t doing well,nisha is tensed abt him,nisha sees viraj requesting doctor to save sham singh and sees that viraj is in pain and broken,nisha feels very bad looking at viraj,she takes a step towards viraj but stops herself and turns back.nisha has a call from ramesh and ramesh asks her to come home as soon as possible,nisha says to sourabh to wait here and she has to go home,sourabh says no I will come with u,viraj sir is here for sham singh.
Ramesh is helping kabir with medication,ramesh asks kabir to calm down,kabir says how could I,I know sabu and his son are hiding from me the truth and so I will go again to meet rohan,ramesh says but kabir argument is not an option,kabir says I have to find the truth,ramesh says u will find the truth I will help u but first calm down,sumit is hearing all this,laxmi sees sumit and call him,even kabir calls him,laxmi says sit I will bring tea,ramesh gets a call and he leaves.sumit says kabir u are very lucky,kabir asks why,sumit says look at u ur the king now,kabir says these people are so sweet,summit says ur very smart first nisha then u fooled dadaji,kabir says what do u mean,sumit says what to do I cant fool others like u,kabir says right bcoz right now ur fooling urself and also before interfering in to others look after urself and dolly and go find job and let dolly be in peace,virendra hears all this,and asks sumit is this true that u don’t have job,sumit says plz come with me I will explain and sumit gives kabir a cold look.
Sourabh drops nisha and asks nisha what is the truth,nisha says what are u trying to say,sourabh says I see that u n kabir have fought right,nisha says its fine sourabh u go rest,sourabh says ok I will ask ramesh uncle,nisha says ok ok I will tell actually today morning me n kabir were abt to kiss,sourabh starts laughing and says whats the big deal then,nisha says the thing is me n kabir are in relation for just 3 months.sourabh is surprised hearing this,nisha says after three months kabir will go back,sourabh says but wat abt u,nisha says don’t worry it was a mutual decision,sourabh says and ur telling this now but also one thing if im not wrong ur in love again,nisha says no chance,rukhma comes and call nisha,sourabh leaves.
Laxmi comes and asks where is summit,ramesh asks kabir why is he tensed,kabir says virendra uncle heard me n summit talking abt his lost job,ramesh says one day all will know it will be fine relax,nisha comes and asks what is it and kabir what Is this why all this bruises,ramesh says ur husband u talk and kabir don’t u worry all will be fine,laxmi says yes and we are always with u,kabir says to himself let me know the truth and I will go away from here.
Summit goes to roopan,roopan asks what is it,summit says I wont leave kabir , he told dad abt my job,roopan says what now ,summit says I have some what adusted the situation,roopan says but why did kabir tell virendra,summit says so that we all start fighting with each other and he will get all the property and there is something fishy abt kabir he is finding something and we will find that expose him in front of all,u keep a eye in house and I will keep eye outside the house,roopan says done.

Precap:dadaji says to summit ok u will join the shop but u have to prove ur capability,summit says yes I will,dadaji says ok join shop under kabirs supervision,summit says what as his assistant.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. nibir study well try hard till sucess reach u…. its near to u……
    ok c u on moday mrng……… bye,………. 🙂

  2. Anyone PLZ give me synopsis…. Of today’s episode plz

  3. Plz wat happened in today’s episode….

  4. Hey anyone there ??/?

  5. Plzzzzzzz is there anyone ….. Tel me wat happened….

  6. Y no one here ???? PLZ guys ….

  7. guys breaking news-sham singh is dead……

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  9. Oh no …. Plz Priya tel me wat happened today ….

  10. Helllloooooo plzzzzzzz I am dieying here …. Anyone plzzzzzz tel me wat happened todaytoday……
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. aajka episode bohot faltu tha…see i’ll tell u in short…kabir n nisha talk to each other..they feel guilty about telling lie about their marriage to nisha’s parents…at that time lakshmi enters scolding bunty about bunking school(she doesn’t know about the low marks and report card yet..)…kabir takes bunty n advices to him to be a good boy n show his marks to his that tym roopan is watching them…so kabir thinks that this is the right time to be a baddy…so he gives wrong advice to bunty of manipulating his marks on the report card…roopan listens this and thinks see kabir now i’ll teach u a lesson….when she leaves kabir tells bunty not to listen to what he said n show his real marks to his parents…but bunty doesn’t and while he is changing the marks lakshmi sees him n slaps him…meanwhile kabir n nisha meet at the door n discuss about lakshmi n bunty…n then kabir goes to the london school of dance’s office for some work and nisha proceeds to her house…here everybody is discussing about summit’s job…dadji tells summit to work as kabir’s assisstant which hurts his ego a lot but still he reluctantly agrees…then outside roopan tells summit that he can gain control over the shop and can push kabir out….here as nisha reaches home she sees viraj sitting in the dark and then sees daadji’s picture adorned with a garland(daadji has died in the hospital)…nisha feels bad and goes to viraj and consoles him…full of emotions viraj recollects all memories of daadji and asks nisha that doesn’t he have any rights to love as whomsoever he loves leaves him…nisha tells him to control himself…but viraj is not able to and hugs nisha and tells her to call back daadji as he always used to listen to her…nisha tries to free herself but is unable to…. -_- >_<
    PRECAP- kabir sees nisha and viraj talking…viraj says its not late miss nisha…i know ur true love is no one else but me…n i know u don't love kabir…n kabir has to go away some day…because i will not give u up…kabir is watching n listening to all this..

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  13. Never…..she loves kabir

  14. Yuck u iiraj u r forcing nisha ….
    This is not fair girls wen u don’t want should go away from u and wen u want should come to u … Wat r girls ball to throw it itself wen u don’t want and wen u want u go and bring it back ……

  15. hey devga…dint c d precap which i’ve updated??? but u know what???i could clearly c that kabir was irritated seeing nisha n viraj together n viraj talking about such things…n so was nisha… 😛 😀 😀

    1. Yahoo she must tel iraj that it is too late Mr . iiraj Singh rathore … AS NOW I LOVE KABIR ….
      this must happen … Plzzz it should happen

  16. devga 2day’s was ok ok type the epi begins with nisha aksing kabir 2 relax. Kabir will say ur family is very sweet how 2 cheat them…jst then bunty will come crying laxmi also come bhind him…nisha will ask wht happend…laxmi say the whole thing….nsha will also scold him…kabir will go bhind him nd make him understand tht he’ld show the report card 2 mom nd dad….then he will c roopan…nd will think tht dis is the rite time 2 prove myself rong damaad…he will say bunty 2 chnge the marks..nd later aftr roopan is gone he willsay bunty tht he was jst joking…bt bunty will take it seriously…nd will get caught red handed by laxmi…when nisha will reach home she will c viraj sitting in white atire nd crying…then she saw sham singh photo with garland when she will try 2 console him he will hug nisha….
    precap-viraj will b saying nisha u only luv me nd kabir has 2 go kabir will c tht

  17. Amu thankkkkkkkkkkkkk u is very small ..

    But now I can say u only thank u

    Thank u soon much …

  18. devga i gave brief explanation bt amyra had already done wrk thanx amyra

    1. Thank u alsoooo priya …sooo much …
      U have helped ….. Me but tel me one thing I think nisha also did not like iiraj doing like that ….
      Tel me wat was her reaction in the recap or wen iiraj hugged her how she felt …. Means her reaction… Plz tel me

  19. byee guys..

  20. Anyone here ??

  21. i have written her reaction devga…she clearly dint like it… 😛

    1. Wowow I had given reply c it… Dear and thank u once again…. 😉

  22. Hey I m alone here this can’t happen … I want to talk to my frnds … We’re r u all …

  23. u all fools. watching serials like an old lady? yuck

  24. devga u r lyk my granny with wrinkles all over

    1. Oh really as if u have seen ur own face on the mirror….. First do that

  25. Oh thank u taras
    … If u don’t want to watch …. Then y do u comment here and that means u also come here to read serials …
    Hahahha mind ur own business…

  26. devga dadi

      1. Thank u beta …. Veise bi dada kehna OK ….

  27. Oho rajma aunty yaar thak jaogi chup raho thodi der
    achi baat nhi eaa kaam karna umar to dekho
    rajma chawal

  28. devga she was feeling iritating but yaar I dont know why I still like niraj after all these nonesens virajs behaviour

  29. dude…firstly learn how to speak to a girl….that’s totally outright outrageous calling a girl all this…devga said nothing to u…ooo wait..she wasn’t even talking to u…so u better shut up…n secondly this is a TEEN DRAMA!! so u better know that this serial is for teens n young adults…not for elders…who don’t believe or understand such concepts….n if indeed u don’t want to watch…don’t watch n don’t comment n waste our valuable time….we don’t need ur so called precious views…..buddy go get a life… -_- commenting about others…first look at urself..n then speak about others…

    1. this reply was for rajna taras and 😛

  30. Amyra she is gng on evry pg n tellin old old so i came to answr her frst in kyy den in ssel so first u learn to knw whole matter n thn point out othrs ok….


  32. c its my duty to defend and support my frnd…i don’t know what happened before…i frankly don’t know…what i am doing is supporting her…as she is my frnd…i don’t give damn to what happened b4….its only that she is my frnd now..n i need to support her…when required cz it is my duty…as a gud frnd… srry if i was rude earlier… :

    1. Oh thank u amu … Umaahh … Dear don’t care these are fools … And y to spoil our nauc page …. I had a policy not to reply such fools … But still ….
      OK here after just ignore these ….

      1. Hii devga..
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