Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir says to nisha,that something is wrong I need to find it, nisha asks where are u going,kabir says to sabu photographer,nisha holds his hand and says even I will come,kabir leaves her hand and says I will go by my own u wait here and leaves.sourabh finds it odd and asks nisha is everything all right have u both fought,nisha says we are fine.
Ramesh scolding bunty for bunking school,and asks for report card,bunty says we didn’t get it,ramesh scolding bunty,bunty sees kabir and says dad see jiju,ramesh says we will talk abt it later.kabir asks abt sabu,on tea stall a man shows him sabus son rohan,kabir goes to rohan and asks for help but rohan tries to ignore kabir and both get into a fight.ramesh and bunty rush to kabir and stop him,rohan runs away,kabir

says dad why did u stop he knew abt sabu,ramesh says wait lets go now.
Nisha is informed that sham singh isn’t doing well,nisha is tensed abt him,nisha sees viraj requesting doctor to save sham singh and sees that viraj is in pain and broken,nisha feels very bad looking at viraj,she takes a step towards viraj but stops herself and turns back.nisha has a call from ramesh and ramesh asks her to come home as soon as possible,nisha says to sourabh to wait here and she has to go home,sourabh says no I will come with u,viraj sir is here for sham singh.
Ramesh is helping kabir with medication,ramesh asks kabir to calm down,kabir says how could I,I know sabu and his son are hiding from me the truth and so I will go again to meet rohan,ramesh says but kabir argument is not an option,kabir says I have to find the truth,ramesh says u will find the truth I will help u but first calm down,sumit is hearing all this,laxmi sees sumit and call him,even kabir calls him,laxmi says sit I will bring tea,ramesh gets a call and he leaves.sumit says kabir u are very lucky,kabir asks why,sumit says look at u ur the king now,kabir says these people are so sweet,summit says ur very smart first nisha then u fooled dadaji,kabir says what do u mean,sumit says what to do I cant fool others like u,kabir says right bcoz right now ur fooling urself and also before interfering in to others look after urself and dolly and go find job and let dolly be in peace,virendra hears all this,and asks sumit is this true that u don’t have job,sumit says plz come with me I will explain and sumit gives kabir a cold look.
Sourabh drops nisha and asks nisha what is the truth,nisha says what are u trying to say,sourabh says I see that u n kabir have fought right,nisha says its fine sourabh u go rest,sourabh says ok I will ask ramesh uncle,nisha says ok ok I will tell actually today morning me n kabir were abt to kiss,sourabh starts laughing and says whats the big deal then,nisha says the thing is me n kabir are in relation for just 3 months.sourabh is surprised hearing this,nisha says after three months kabir will go back,sourabh says but wat abt u,nisha says don’t worry it was a mutual decision,sourabh says and ur telling this now but also one thing if im not wrong ur in love again,nisha says no chance,rukhma comes and call nisha,sourabh leaves.
Laxmi comes and asks where is summit,ramesh asks kabir why is he tensed,kabir says virendra uncle heard me n summit talking abt his lost job,ramesh says one day all will know it will be fine relax,nisha comes and asks what is it and kabir what Is this why all this bruises,ramesh says ur husband u talk and kabir don’t u worry all will be fine,laxmi says yes and we are always with u,kabir says to himself let me know the truth and I will go away from here.
Summit goes to roopan,roopan asks what is it,summit says I wont leave kabir , he told dad abt my job,roopan says what now ,summit says I have some what adusted the situation,roopan says but why did kabir tell virendra,summit says so that we all start fighting with each other and he will get all the property and there is something fishy abt kabir he is finding something and we will find that expose him in front of all,u keep a eye in house and I will keep eye outside the house,roopan says done.

Precap:dadaji says to summit ok u will join the shop but u have to prove ur capability,summit says yes I will,dadaji says ok join shop under kabirs supervision,summit says what as his assistant.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. sakshi

    I think this dumb tanaya is the most lazy person ever. Why arent you doing your job right
    you need to update it faster for god’s sake you stupid lazy $%#@@

  2. Sabrina

    So very true sometimes fast sometimes slow DO YOUR JOB STUPID LAZY and if u can’t then why r u even here?

    • Susi (NK)

      Hey Sabrina be cool yrr ….. Tanaya is busy with some other work at least she give updates na……

  3. MansM.

    When Viraj had said that he wouldn’t let Nisha forget him I remember Sunil Shetty From Dhadkan when he said “Main tumhe bhool jaon yeh ho nahi sakta … Aur tum mujhe bhool jayo yeh main hone nahi doonga”

  4. papia

    good episode.Some things r sure…..Nisha still pittys viraj,she is growing a soft corner for kabir,the growing prblms of her family is involving kabir,so i dont think he will be able to easily leave everything and go,kabir is funloving,bt in serious moments he gets really serious,sumit will reveil the sec of nibir’s marriage soon to the family(i also want tht)…….Hmm….So much i predicted.Lets see wht happn nxt

    • amyra

      hahaha…tumhe aisa premonition bhi aya kya ki nibir will realise their mutual love soon and will stay together??!! 😛 plzz….kaho na ki aisa lagta hai tumhe… 😛 😉 i deperately want that to happen… 😀

  5. Susi (NK)

    Today episode was nice .kabir when u feel ur love in nisha ..u neverrrr leave her alone ………. Nibir rocksssss

  6. amyra

    i could c nisha was clearly upset when kabir tried to ignore her and stay away from her…. 🙁 kabir don’t do this…u know u love her..and she loves u too!!! n saurabh said it right…”chahe tu keh rhi hai nisha ki ye ek contract marriage hai..tujhe aur kabir ko dekhke aisa lagta nhi hai..” he is totally right…plzz don’t go away from each other!!! nhi pata inko apne pyaar ka ehsaas kab hoga… 🙁

  7. amyra

    hey guys…i had written to star tv recently and they say that NAUC is definitely not ending in the near future…and there is some very interesting twist to come up…i just hope it is about viraj-kabir’s relation revelation and nibir’s realisation of their mutual love!!! #FingersCrossed 😛 😀

  8. nimi

    oh!!! what are u telling rihan that jamai raja has low trp !! not at all. dont u know that jamai raja is in top10 n has more trp than nauc…… but this is true that I like both shows…….

  9. amyra

    u know…kabir n nisha will fall in love with each other for sure….it is an official news…. in these three months…both of them will realise their feelings very soon…n they will be getting closer to each other…both emotionally and physically… 😛 😀 i’ve posted the link…my comment is awaiting moderation…it will get posted soon… 🙂

    • Susi (NK)

      Really amyra its superb news dr……idukaga thane namma wait pannom it going to be happen ……nibrians rockkssssss thank u fr the news dr 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  10. Wow amu hatsoff to u and ur search over nibir …. I am overjoyed with that news …. PLZ give the link also dear..

    • Meh bohoth disappointed.. mujeh lakta kabir aur nisha should fall in love. Such meh! Aur hah please make this episode abit more interesting yaar! Meh nahi janthi, kya hogah oos sopee meh leken meh sirf janthi yeh hai bohoth boori hai..

  11. minee

    hey guys any1 here …… thnks amyra for ur superb updates about NAUC …. i was little busy 2 day frnds so couldnt come here

  12. Is rohan ka bacha ko kya himath hey ki voh hamare KABIR ko mar raha hey ….
    Agar voh merey samne hota toh dikavungi ki kabir pe hath lagane ki side effect kya hoga karke…

  13. minee

    hey any 1 here ??? sry liya n devga couldnt reply coz of netwrk prob ….. this netwrk arghhhh

  14. amyra

    hey guys…mera link post hogaya dekha kya???woh mai jis link ki aaj subah baath kar rhi thi…about nisha n kabir falling in love wid each other…??!!dekha tum logo ne??

  15. minee

    hey susi i hav just cmpleted my 12th n waiting fr results …. in clg ??? what r u studying susi ??

  16. priya

    i don’t knw properly bt it seems summit will instigate the gangwals nd make them against kabir

  17. minee

    ya i hav also read an article where summit will create probs with roopan in kabirs lyf…..n there is a huge drama comming in the recent episodes

  18. minee

    ya i guess susi as i hav seen in that link given by amyra that they will eventually fall in luv with each other in comming epi

  19. TODAY’S SPOILER FOR NAUC Viraj earnestly hopes for Sham Singh’s health recovery while KABIR wants to know the truth of his relative in the pic and his efforts are not getting realized.

  20. NAUC:

    Viraj earnestly hopes for Sham singh’s health recovery while Kabir wants to know the truth of his relative in the pic but his efforts are not getting realized. Sourabh comes to know of Nisha’s 3 month marriage truth from her, and on other hand Nisha & Kabir are beginning to come close. They are saying something about contract but feelings are suggesting otherwise and its difficult to withold them. Nevertheless, Viraj’s truth on being Kabir’s elder brother is getting unfolded gradually. Sumeet works in tandem with Roopan aunty and prepares to take over the shop by presenting himself as Mr. Responsible. He plans to exploit Roopan’s greed well in realizing his plans and also shows aggression on Dolly. As of now he is presenting a good boy picture of himself which is fake, and only in time his true face & real intentions will be out. Amidst all this, where does Nisha & Kabir’s new found feelings take them, and whether falling in love with Kabir becomes reality for Nisha.

  21. MATSH:

    Shikar’s sister Krisha is having plans to get married with her boyfriend Derwash and isn’t aware of his poor situation. Shikar doesn’t know how Derwash and Ishani are relatives. He gets drifted towards Ishani and is unable to understand on his feelings. Ishani took the identity of Nirupa Roy to move on from past pains and gets supported from Shikar’s mom Kanchal. Next, Ishani takes part in Shikhar’s family more and selects dresses for Krisha and even for Shikhar. Shikhar just agrees to what Ishani speaks there and even earlier during his date with Sanaya at restaurant he was seeing Ishani/Nirupa everywhere around. Shikhar who is not interested in love but fine with friendship is now finds himself in developing feelings. Meanwhile, RV wants to help the girl (Ishani/Nirupa) with Shikar, and give suggestions to Shikar that he needs to open up in front of the girl and remove his inhibitions and confusion. While, Ishani is helping out Shikar’s mom Kanchal in her NGO work but RV still unable to find more leads about Ishani’s presence at Shikar’s home and also in NGO matter.


    Ved takes part in fancy dress as a sweet vendor at the school and gets sad after he is bullied and fun is poked at him. He comes home with dejected feelings and find able support from his dad Sooraj. Sooraj diverts Ved’s sadness by taking him to sweet shop. On other hand, Mohit’s past truth of being a Sadhu comes out to Pari, and she was told he went abroad for job reasons. Pari gets upset with that revelation and asks her dad Mohit who realizes his mistake and lie. She then showers support to mom Emily by an emotional hug.


    Viraj earnestly hopes for Sham singh’s health recovery while Kabir wants to know the truth of his relative in the pic but his efforts are not getting realized. Sourabh comes to know of Nisha’s 3 month marriage truth from her, and on other hand Nisha & Kabir are beginning to come close. They are saying something about contract but feelings are suggesting otherwise and its difficult to withold them. Nevertheless, Viraj’s truth on being Kabir’s elder brother is getting unfolded gradually. Sumeet works in tandem with Roopan aunty and prepares to take over the shop by presenting himself as Mr. Responsible. He plans to exploit Roopan’s greed well in realizing his plans and also shows aggression on Dolly. As of now he is presenting a good boy picture of himself which is fake, and only in time his true face & real intentions will be out. Amidst all this, where does Nisha & Kabir’s new found feelings take them, and whether falling in love with Kabir becomes reality for Nisha.


    Sujata [Actress Anju Mahendru], the social worker shifts the momentum of custody case towards Ishita. She informs the court’s judge that Ishita Bhalla was the joint custodian with Raman Bhalla, and thus her signature and approval were needed to transfer the custody to Shagun but that was not realized when Ruhi’s custody was given to Shagun. Therefore, as per the rules, the consent of both custodians are necessary. The court then decides to study the case again and by next hearing they will give their final decision. Until that time, Shagun continues to keep the custody of Ruhi while Ishita gets a positive news since the restraining order on her to meet Ruhi has been suspended until then as well. Ishita gets glad with the positive development while Shagun begins to get the feeling of defeat staring at her.

    Qubool Hai:

    Shaad saves Jannat’s life and carries her in his arms. He even put his life in danger at the mountain cliff in doing so. It was Misbah who sent Jannat to some place as part of her ploy and her aim was to target Shaad. But it didn’t realize well. On another front, the twist happens with Aahil starts to understand about new Sanam’s past actions and later shoots at her and vows to return back to Sanam and have reunion.

    Tu Mera Hero:

    Titu wants to have the get-up of his beloved Dada ji who has passed away many years ago. Panchi helps Titu in the get-up with Dhoti and they share some unintentional romance when she helps him in wearing Dhoti. He also wears cap like Dada ji to be like him and gives a surprise and shock to his family. He is trying to cover up some of his laziness with his act of becoming Dada ji.


    The quest to find the Magadh’s great warrior begun with Ashoka, Sushim and Sushim’s other sibling taking part in the competition where they will be tested against fast gushing water, fighting leopard with arrows, overcoming fire. The one remaining undefeated in all these challenge will be the ultimate warrior. Will Ashoka gets triumphant against all odds, and earns the great warrior title ?

    Tere Sheher Mein:

    Rudra continues to keep an eye on Amaya and her family, and is determined to ruin any of their plans as he holds revenge motive. Sneha agrees to Amaya and Jazz’s request of going to Mumbai and Rudra comes to know of it and wants to stop. In track ahead, Sneha will get outright rejection from her dad Gajendra and Amaya comes to defend her mom and beloved dad Rishi. Now, the question is whether Amaya decides to stay back in Benaras to redeem her family and father’s respect or decides to leave to Mumbai under those circumstances and change of events.

  22. YRKKH:

    Naksh first decides to go to India and tries to make himself heard to his parents – Naitik and Akshara, but in vain. He then takes own decision and tricks his family of going to London and instead lands up in India. He marks his entry in family home [Singhania’s] and brings along past memories and eventful moments. Bhabhi Maa senses his arrival much before he came at the entrance and the 10 years of yearning to see him were evident on her face. Naksh sees even his Dadda ji’s in his first impression of family. Bhabhi Maa and Devyaani get glad to see him and all others as well. Naksh have an emotional reunion with family and he comes inside after Bhabhi Maa’s Aarti. He reminisces his childhood and brings happiness to them with his surprise arrival.

  23. Jamai Raja:

    Sid and Roshni’s suspicion on Rajveer’s role in Samaira’s kidnapping gets more certain. Roshni follows Rajveer in the car and reaches a fort. She thought of unearthing and expose Rajveer but that didn’t happen and instead she finds himself getting abducted by Rajveer and his goons. Rajveer even has trapped Kritika and Roshni is his another victim. Roshni is need of Sid’s help in her dire state and expects her better-half to find her in Rajveer’s custody and help in heroic fashion.

    Kumkum Bhagya:

    Aaliya is not giving up to harm Bulbul and reaches the hospital to harm her. She dons the role of a nurse and remains in disguise there to evade the eyes of Purab, Sarla & others. She conceals her identity well and prepares to harm Bulbul.


    Manik’s focus is to bring out Pandit ji’s true face in front of Nandini and others. Pandit ji is confident about himself and carries duality in his personality with one hand drifting towards Nandini with some obsession while presenting his good persona in front of others, and on other hand wants to see Nandini excel in fusion concert. Manik comes closer to Nandini and showers care. Dhruv is still mistaken about Nandini and couldn’t realize Manik’s earlier sacrifice – drifting away from Nandini, because of their friendship. Thus, misunderstanding remains with Dhruv which needs to get cleared with some event or intervention, and also fusion concert is around the corner. On another front, Cabir & Navya’s mom put efforts to arrange Cabir with Navya in a relationship, and it has to be seen whether their plans bear any fruit. sorry guys…..i forgot:-(

  24. well [email protected]

  25. Bulbul has been hit by corporator and her accident led her in critical state. She is rushed to the hospital. Purab breaks down and blames himself for this, as he failed to protect Bulbul. Pragya cries and Abhi consoles her. She hugs Abhi and cries. Abhi and Pragya together pacify Purab and assure him that Bulbul will be fine. Purab begs to them to save his love Bulbul, as he can’t live without her. Abhi hugs him and gets moved by Purab’s feelings, and realizes how painful it is to see true love going away. Abhi tells Purab that he will not leave the corporator.

    Mitali brings sweets in the hospital and sees the family fuming. Dadi scolds her. Mitali says its actually temple Prasad and manages her silliness. The police comes there and inspector tells Sarla and Abhi that Bulbul is herself responsible for the accident as she wanted to take revenge from corporator by putting blame on him. They get all upset by Bulbul’s stupidity. The doctor comes and informs them that Bulbul is out of danger, which relieves everyone. Pragya hugs Sarla and asks her to be strong and calm when they meet Bulbul. Abhi sends Purab to meet Bulbul first and Purab decides to call off his marriage. Will the family understand Bulbul’s step? Keep reading.

  26. After the funny, silly and light hearted scenes between Abhi and Pragya, there is something that makes them speechless. Dadi tells Pragya and Abhi that she wants to see their baby soon. Abhi and Pragya fall short of words. Abhi’s family has started having baby dreams and puts some pressure on Abhi and Pragya. They even get books for good baby keeping and also choose names for the baby. Abhi and Pragya fight for the naming ceremony, and all the misunderstanding get funny. Dadi asks them to choose the baby names, saying if they choose names, then they will definitely think of having kids. Dadi tries to bring them close.

    Abhi and Pragya make fun of their respective baby name choices. The function kept for Purab and Bulbul, changes focus on Abhi and Pragya. Later on, they think on their silliness to choose baby names, when there is nothing such between them. On the other hand, Bulbul gets hurt in an attempt to teach a lesson to the corporator. Will Purab and Abhi be able to end the corporator matter for once and all? Will Abhi and Pragya end their kiddish ways and think of making a new start? Keep reading.

  27. guys.see u on monday…’s calling……..&also i”ll study for other subjects during these 3 days so next i can meet u all only monday .miss u all susi(nk) ,devga ,liya,priya,minee&all.good night sweet dreamzzzzzz & take care miss u allllllll :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( luv u aaaaaaaaaaalllllllll…….:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  28. B-) DHANYA

    nibir bye…….. c u soon miss u come soon
    sweet drms to u toooo
    liya now check ur mail….

  29. ok guys……..bye ,miss u ALL,hoping 2 see u all as soon as possible.take care,good night & sweet dreams bye…….. 🙂 😀

  30. B-) DHANYA

    nibir study well try hard till sucess reach u…. its near to u……
    ok c u on moday mrng……… bye,………. 🙂

  31. Helllloooooo plzzzzzzz I am dieying here …. Anyone plzzzzzz tel me wat happened todaytoday……
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  32. amyra

    aajka episode bohot faltu tha…see i’ll tell u in short…kabir n nisha talk to each other..they feel guilty about telling lie about their marriage to nisha’s parents…at that time lakshmi enters scolding bunty about bunking school(she doesn’t know about the low marks and report card yet..)…kabir takes bunty n advices to him to be a good boy n show his marks to his that tym roopan is watching them…so kabir thinks that this is the right time to be a baddy…so he gives wrong advice to bunty of manipulating his marks on the report card…roopan listens this and thinks see kabir now i’ll teach u a lesson….when she leaves kabir tells bunty not to listen to what he said n show his real marks to his parents…but bunty doesn’t and while he is changing the marks lakshmi sees him n slaps him…meanwhile kabir n nisha meet at the door n discuss about lakshmi n bunty…n then kabir goes to the london school of dance’s office for some work and nisha proceeds to her house…here everybody is discussing about summit’s job…dadji tells summit to work as kabir’s assisstant which hurts his ego a lot but still he reluctantly agrees…then outside roopan tells summit that he can gain control over the shop and can push kabir out….here as nisha reaches home she sees viraj sitting in the dark and then sees daadji’s picture adorned with a garland(daadji has died in the hospital)…nisha feels bad and goes to viraj and consoles him…full of emotions viraj recollects all memories of daadji and asks nisha that doesn’t he have any rights to love as whomsoever he loves leaves him…nisha tells him to control himself…but viraj is not able to and hugs nisha and tells her to call back daadji as he always used to listen to her…nisha tries to free herself but is unable to…. -_- >_<
    PRECAP- kabir sees nisha and viraj talking…viraj says its not late miss nisha…i know ur true love is no one else but me…n i know u don't love kabir…n kabir has to go away some day…because i will not give u up…kabir is watching n listening to all this..

  33. Yuck u iiraj u r forcing nisha ….
    This is not fair girls wen u don’t want should go away from u and wen u want should come to u … Wat r girls ball to throw it itself wen u don’t want and wen u want u go and bring it back ……

  34. amyra

    hey devga…dint c d precap which i’ve updated??? but u know what???i could clearly c that kabir was irritated seeing nisha n viraj together n viraj talking about such things…n so was nisha… 😛 😀 😀

    • Yahoo she must tel iraj that it is too late Mr . iiraj Singh rathore … AS NOW I LOVE KABIR ….
      this must happen … Plzzz it should happen

  35. priya

    devga 2day’s was ok ok type the epi begins with nisha aksing kabir 2 relax. Kabir will say ur family is very sweet how 2 cheat them…jst then bunty will come crying laxmi also come bhind him…nisha will ask wht happend…laxmi say the whole thing….nsha will also scold him…kabir will go bhind him nd make him understand tht he’ld show the report card 2 mom nd dad….then he will c roopan…nd will think tht dis is the rite time 2 prove myself rong damaad…he will say bunty 2 chnge the marks..nd later aftr roopan is gone he willsay bunty tht he was jst joking…bt bunty will take it seriously…nd will get caught red handed by laxmi…when nisha will reach home she will c viraj sitting in white atire nd crying…then she saw sham singh photo with garland when she will try 2 console him he will hug nisha….
    precap-viraj will b saying nisha u only luv me nd kabir has 2 go kabir will c tht

    • Thank u alsoooo priya …sooo much …
      U have helped ….. Me but tel me one thing I think nisha also did not like iiraj doing like that ….
      Tel me wat was her reaction in the recap or wen iiraj hugged her how she felt …. Means her reaction… Plz tel me

  36. Oh thank u taras
    … If u don’t want to watch …. Then y do u comment here and that means u also come here to read serials …
    Hahahha mind ur own business…

  37. :-P

    Oho rajma aunty yaar thak jaogi chup raho thodi der
    achi baat nhi eaa kaam karna umar to dekho
    rajma chawal

  38. devga she was feeling iritating but yaar I dont know why I still like niraj after all these nonesens virajs behaviour

  39. amyra

    dude…firstly learn how to speak to a girl….that’s totally outright outrageous calling a girl all this…devga said nothing to u…ooo wait..she wasn’t even talking to u…so u better shut up…n secondly this is a TEEN DRAMA!! so u better know that this serial is for teens n young adults…not for elders…who don’t believe or understand such concepts….n if indeed u don’t want to watch…don’t watch n don’t comment n waste our valuable time….we don’t need ur so called precious views…..buddy go get a life… -_- commenting about others…first look at urself..n then speak about others…

  40. :-P

    Amyra she is gng on evry pg n tellin old old so i came to answr her frst in kyy den in ssel so first u learn to knw whole matter n thn point out othrs ok….

  41. :-P


  42. amyra

    c its my duty to defend and support my frnd…i don’t know what happened before…i frankly don’t know…what i am doing is supporting her…as she is my frnd…i don’t give damn to what happened b4….its only that she is my frnd now..n i need to support her…when required cz it is my duty…as a gud frnd… srry if i was rude earlier… :

    • Oh thank u amu … Umaahh … Dear don’t care these are fools … And y to spoil our nauc page …. I had a policy not to reply such fools … But still ….
      OK here after just ignore these ….

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