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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says dadaji i know u always trust ritesh from day one but somethings are such ur unaware of n that is after sukus party ritesh tried to kiss me, dadaji gets angry, ritesh says dadaji im sorry, dadaji says this sorry isn’t accepted wat u did to nisha is wrong, ritesh says dadaji i didn’t do it purposelt i was just trying to get close to her so that i can know her better after all we are getting married, dadaji says stop we are just thinking abt u we haven’t confirmed u n its better if u keep distance from my grand daughter n in our family we respect the guests when they respect us n dadaji leaves, ramesh goes to ritesh n says im warning u stay away from my daughter n leaves along with laxmi n nisha n sourabh, ritesh says beware nisha i haven’t quit et

i will surely win this challenge, ritesh sees sourabh alone n teases him calling cousins sourabh, sourabh n ritesh get into fight, ritesh sees dadaji coming n gives sourabh a chance to hit him n dadaji misunderstands sourabh n yells at him n asks him to leave nisha follows sourabh, ritesh says kirti umesh im feeling sorry for all that is happening n if i want to trouble u all why would i help kirti n umesh i also hide ur secret, it was just that i was trying to come to close to all of u, n so that sourabh who is not even a family member hit me, kirti says oh stop ritesh it wasn’t ur fault, suku comes n starts hitting ritesh n says dare u touch my sister, kirti says this is all bcoz of nisha she loves all this, umesh asks suku to stop n leave ritesh n forgive him, kirti says umesh is right, suku says now umesh is right why didn’t u asked to stop when nisha saved u from jatin, jwala says umesh bhaiya why are u scolding nisha she is the one who suffered, umesh yells at jwala n asks her to shut up, nisha asks wat is wrong with umesh, umesh says nisha ur the one who told mom abot aman, nisha says i didn’t n why will i i know wat are u going through, kirti says yes u understand things a little lot n so ur always part of the wrong things, sourabh comes n says umesh u think nisha is wrong now wat happened when this nisha saved dolly from the terrace incident, umesh pushes sourabh n says stay out of it, kirti says don’t umesh bhaiya he hit ritesh he may hit u now, nisha says top why aren’t u people fighting amongst ourselves, kirti oh plz stop it nisha u always do this, umesh says stop nisha control ur friend n hyper brother of urs, nisha says my brother isn’t he ur brother umesh, ritesh laughs at all this, suku gets angry n hits ritesh with bat, ramesh roopan n laxmi see this, ramesh asks suku to leave sourabh goes behind him n ritesh acts as if he has been hurt very badly, umesh still acts rude to nisha.
Ritesh acts as if he is unconscious n is taken to a room, ritesh wakes up n says oh im so late i should leave,ramesh says no just lie down we will show to a doctor n leave tomorrow morning, laxmi about to tlk to ritesh roopan says ritesh if u need anything let me know, roopan goes to nisha n says happy now u are succeeding in all ur plans, laxmi says roopan plz its not nisha plan, roopan says it is she is always the wrong thing in all the things, n bcoz of ur kids my n vimlas kids are always get carried away n its always ramesh ur kids creating problems in the family n pulls jwala n walks away n so does umesh, nisha starts crying.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. hate tht ritesh…such a looser

  2. Kirti is so stupid and selfish..:@everybody needs a true friend like sourabh..what say guys???

  3. Faria,u r right!
    Hope all cousins unite n that stupid ritesh is thrown out of here!

  4. Kirti is soooo self absorbed she should be supporting her cousin not riteish

    1. She is just a selfish b*t*h who will definitely fall

  5. Luv u Sourabh… No kirti OMG she s sooooooo selfish N cunning unlike her sis Jwala… N Suku is sooo cute n concerned abt his Sis… I just HATE RITESH..!!!!! he s sooooooo unbearable..!!!!

  6. Such selfish cousins.
    We maldivians don’t like this

  7. let this ritesh n kirti get marry……both are disgustng and i feel both suit each other…..

  8. i hate ritesh just an idiot and also kirti why she is reacting like htis i cannot believe so selfish jwala is os pity.

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