Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says laksh academy virats academy is wat u wanna join, nisha says yes he helps girls learn to achieve their dreams, even i had a dream which just lost somewhere, virats story really inspired me, dadaji says wat will u have to do to get a job, nisha says i have to give an interview an if i pass i get a job, dadaji yes ok then go ahead bcoz i think u want be able to manage a job , dadi says thats not fair , dadaji says u can bet on it saroj, dadi says nisha shd i , nisha says go ahead dadi.
Suku n kirti wish luck to nisha, ramesh hands nisha her CV n says nisha never ever hide things from here after, nisha says i wont n leaves for interview. Roopan yelling on rukhma to do stuff properly, mohan comes n says rukhma come here take this 500 n go have fun,

roopan says wats wrong with u, mohan says dad is out for few days so kids are very happy, so why shdnt we be, roopan says wat, suku says wat uncle give roopan aunty the gift atleast, mohan gifts roopan limited edition of bangles n movie tickets n suku leaves. Roopan says don’t u think nisha n her family are happy now a days, mohan says enough of this roopan, its bcoz of nisha our daughters are happy, roopan says i agree she saved jwala but kirti n ritesh are made for eachother infact of kirti nisha could be free from marriage thing,
Sourabh works at virats academy, nisha goes there n asks sourabh why is it so rush today, sourabh says our boss is returning today n so , sourabh n other employ gets a call to get assemble, nisha tries to imitate virat, sourabh comes n says nisha be careful virat sir has entered, nisha says ok when will i meet virat, sourabh says be patient have to wait, nisha says wat i don’t have an appointment, sourabh says this isn’t ur home we have to follow some rules n timings so wait for ur turn.mean while all gather, nisha says looks like ur boss is here.
Virat enters with sham singh, n looks around every where n walks towards a frame of his dad n looks at his trophies n has memory flash looking at trophies, nisha says oh wow so many trophies, virat walks to nisha n says oh ur the, nisha says yes im the dog one, virat says wat are u doing here, nisha says im here for job n heres my CV, virat says impressive meet me soon, virat says i will talk to u all but time by time, nisha says sourabh palace is far away from here, sourabh says virat says he doesn’t stay at palace he stays in pent house on top floor, he just visits palace for maintenance purpose.
A lady enters n starts flirting with sourabh, sourabh says mam u look so good today, the lady says oh sourabh ur always so pleasing as always , sourabh says plz get coffee for mam, the lady pics flowers on tables n says so u brought these flowers for me, sourabh abt to speak, nisha starts laughing n says these flowers are brought by peon n sourabh isn’t interested in aunties, the lady gets angry n says sourabh who is this, sourabh says our academy has offered her bravery lettern his here for job interview, nisha realises she has done a mistake, the lady says show me the letter, nisha says sorry n hands her the letter, the lady takes the letter with her into virats cabin n says wait here till i call u. Nisha says who is she, sourabh says idiot she is virats aunty(dads sis), i wish she doesn’t spoil anything, let me check.
Roopan abt to wear the bangles, finds they are missing, roopan shouts mom laxmi my bangles are lost, dadi n laxmi rush out n ask wat happened, roopan says my limited edition costly bangles are missing, laxmi says don’t worry lets check ones again, roopan shouts i have checked they are missing.

precap: virats aunty to nsha, see u have no sense to talk no clothing sense n u dont deserve this job n since i have rejected u ur letter goes to dustbin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    No of s*xy hunks are increasing day by day…Umesh, Dolly’s husband, Ritesh and now Viraj…Viraj looks like Anuj Sachdeva isn’t it? They would have casted Karan Tacker or Ravish Desai.

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