Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says to dadaji this hand can even be raised to give blessings n not just a slap,dadaji says ur quite smart but that slap was meant to be given but blessings aren’t,viraj says I know u aren’t happy seeing me here,dadaji says I have stoped thinking abt good and bad these days, viraj says actually dadaji,dadaji stops him and says its neimchand gangwal, viraj says ok mr gangwal I didn’t expect u to meet me this way what a coincidence it is the association is urs and I have been invited as chief guest,dadaji says ur right ur a guest and guest aren’t a part of family,dadaji goes and takes his seat.
Dolly and summit and aman umesh are called by dadi,dadi comes with colors and give them blessings and says this is urs first holi after marriage and its very

special, so go play have fun, go dance have some music some noise and where are the arrangements, u know everytime ramesh use to do this but he is upset this time and feel so lonely without him,summit says dadi don’t u worry, just see what we do,dadi says bless u and says now we gonna have some serious fun.
Gayatri is informed by kiara that gangwals along with nisha are there at function as well, gayatri says kiara make sure that nisha and viraj don’t talk to eachother, kiara says but how will viraj listen to what I say.gayatri says u know what im coming there and will handle it,kiara says ok. Gayatri looks at viraj and his moms photo and says one viraj was enough that we have his brother I have to do something or else my plan will be screwed.
The same pic kabir has, he looks at it and says I don’t know who u are and where are u anyways happy holi and I will find u.viraj greets the guest saying happy holi to all I know its celebration time and so taking not much time,I would like to say just be careful god knows who will attack u with colors of love as well as pain and looks at nisha, anyways why look for pain lets talk abt friends and wishing luck to people who have found new friends and hope that it doesn’t go off along with colors and a very happy holi.
Dadaji gets up and leaves the stage and says I think I shd leave now mr goel, goel says as u wish and sorry for all that happened.mohan says babuji I will call the kids what will they do staying here, virendra says ok u go call kids I will be with babuji.kabir asks nisha is she tensed,nisha says why will I be,kabir says not u im talking abt ur hero,big brother looks very angry man type,mohan comes and says kids lets go,suku says but uncle we haven’t even started playing yet and not even hit on water balloon,bunty says yes uncle plz let us stay here, virendra and dadaji come there, virendra says have u kids lost it,how could u stay here,nisha says uncle I think we shd go lets go,kabir says yes uncle we shd leave, and holi we can celebrate it next year also,and u know we shd celebrate all the functions in home and nisha im telling u stop going out anywhere god knows if u meet viraj somewhere,virendra says stop talking nonsense,suku says uncle not kabirs but atleast listen to us, we are grown up now we can handle it,bunty says uncle plz let us play,kabir says I think nisha shd take the decision.
Nisha says dadajji I have never ran away, all that happened wasn’t my fault so why shd I hide and I think we are big enough to handleit,dadaji says ok if u say stay here but remember u don’t make any fuss here and leaves. Viraj is looking at nisha,nisha ignores him,kabir sees this and says to nisha the fire is gone but the smoke is still there.
Dolly summit along with vimla and laxmi make arrangements,vimla says summits its so good to have u here,dadaji mohan and virendra reach home,vimla asks virendra why is babuji looking upset,virendra says what to say,mohan asks where is ramesh,laxmi says he is upstairs, virendra says u two look to babuji I will see ramesh,vimla goes to babuji and says kids have made arrangements,babuji says that good go celebrate,dadi says why don’t u listen to them the kids have made arrangements their happiness will increase seeing u with them.umesh tells virendra and mohan that he tried convincing ramesh but he didn’t agree to come down,mohan says no worries we will see,mohan virendra go to ramesh and ask him to come down,ramesh says he is fine here,virendra says come down all are waiting for u,ramesh says all,virendra says mohan do u remember rameshs naughtiness during holi,mohan says ok come down I will share my pichkari with u,ramesh says ok u go I will come after sometime,umesh comes and says not after sometime here is cool thandai, virendra says ramesh have this and get ready common lets go have fun.
Suku and bunty aim at viraj to hit him water balloon,suku says this is good time in this rush viraj wont understand who hit him,gayatri enters and goes to kaira and asks her why wasn’t she reciving her phone, kaira says bcoz viraj was there with me, gayatri asks her where is viraj and both walk towards viraj,viraj is looking at nisha,kabir sees suku bunty aiming at viraj , he runs to them to stop from doing so,but before kabir could reach suku throws the balloon and hides kabir reach sukus place and the balloon hits and gayatris head.
Viraj gets angry and asks who did this,gayatri shouts who the hell did this, kabir says sorry, viraj walks to kabir in anger,nisha runs to kabir , viraj applies kabir color on his cheek,kabir says big brther looking angry, viraj says theres a limit for fun,kabir says I have none im kid u see,viraj says its time to grow up then,kabir says in that case u teach me, u know even u have a kid in u which I guess its ost try to smile, viraj says be in ur limits and leaves,kabir holds his hand and says im finding my limits and applies viraj color and says happy holi big bro,viraj says its holi so I forgive u as ur first mistake but my eyes are in u,kabir says don’t bcoz according to ur eyes I have already commited a huge mistake, nisha says kabir lets go and holds kabirs hand,kiara holds virajs hand, gayatri says he has a bad influence u see dirty people spoilt my dress,nisha says one minute buaji,gayatri says yes dear u have something to say, nisha says u can clean ur face and ur dress but the dirt inside u how will u clean that,viraj abt to say something, kaira stops viraj saying viraj plz lets go,nisha stands in front of viraj supporting kabir and looks into virajs eyes,viraj goes with kaira and nisha takes kabir along with him.
Viraj doesn’t like to see kabir talking to nisha and going with him,nisha looks at viraj and sees kaira cleaning his color and feels bad,kabir says to nisha u still love him right u still feel for him,nisha says he is my first love and its not easy to forget him I have learned what is love from him but now I hate him his name,viraj hears that,nisha says I hate viraj.

Viraj is looking at kbir and nisha dancing together,nisha dashes viraj and falls into virajs arms.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. newy

    Nice episode …all the actors are doing there part v well ….they r making us to feel the emotions. Hats off guys keep rocking

    • amyra

      seriously ashmitha..i agree..!!the precap is the worst part of all… -_- i dint like viraj right from d beginning…he is better suited as a mentor or a well wisher for nisha.. 😛 not a lover… plzZ!!! kabir n nisha r just perfect!!! 😉 :*

  2. mh

    Viraj n nisha r made for each other they have to meet
    u all know it but are not ready to accept it
    even kabir know nisha loves viraj n will always do so
    Nisha this girly nisha u are seeing is just because of viraj varna aaj bhi u would have seen tgat tomboy nisha vo ladko ko aapne aas paas bhi nhi bhatakne dete the n gussa m andhe the
    so guys jis insaaan k liye vo itna change ho gae jo uske parents nhi kar pae vo kaam viraj n kar diya n u guys think k new entry kabir jisne sirf usse heart break mode se bahar nikala is greater and is more deserving tgan viraj
    I pity on your choice then
    I am and will always be in support of niraj
    love is lifetime n ups and downs are part of life love can cross all hurdles and their love will also cross a major hurdle named kabir
    Niraj ♥♥♥

    • ashmitha kulatunga

      haha seriously dude!!there aint any chemistry between them!!fake at all!!viraj sucks!!

  3. Renuka sulania

    Yrrr plzzz nisha n kabir always together……..
    I hate virajj…..yrrr atleast age toh dekho…….ya…nisha n kabir looking awwsm


  4. aparna

    Aww..tHis episode was awesome..bcoz our viraj is back..viraj and nisha look so cute together, they hv a great chemistry..loved this episode nly bcoz of viraj nd nisha

    • garima

      yes of course bcoz we want pyaarawaala as well as cute waala Justice.nibir nibir nibir nibir…..

  5. mj

    Niraj is the best jodi.both of them are made for each other.Aneri ne khud kaha hai ki nisha still loves viraj,nisha apne aap ko samjhane ki koshish kar rahe ki wo viraj se pyaar nahi karti,but it is not the truth.jis tarah se wo kaira aur viraj ko dekh rahi thi usse saaf pata chalta hai ki wo jealous hai.Viraj bhi nisha se pyar karta hai.ab bas undonom ko apne feelings accept karna hai.i think inn donom ko milane ka kaam kabir karega…

  6. mehek

    i always hate viraj and will.. that fellow looks like bull.. perfect! nisha itself said she hate viraj singh rathore.. earlier he didn’t even give a damn to her and all are calling him sensible lol..he is fool.. after that bua ji making mistake he still accepted her and that nisha didn do such a grave one.. she is still tomboy and kabir loves her that way.. we want kabir!!!

  7. kanisha

    now the two Jodi’s are best e.i. nibir and kiraj .
    in this episode the precap is not good instead of viraj there shud be kabir. isn’t it ?

    • ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah soo true!! bt hope there will be also some romantic scenes between nisha n kabirr

  8. amyra

    nisha..y dont u c…that, kabir luvs u n would care for u more…than that lambu!! -_- viraj dint trust u when he shld have!!m not going on luks…but at least the way viraj dint believe in her when he should have…shows he isn’t made for her cz luv is made by trust!!moreover..they evn have no chemistry..but kabir n nisha..aww..they set the screen on fire..even though they dint have any romance sequences…its just KANISHA/NIBIR all the way!! 😀

  9. waise guys hii.m actually frm . kaise yeh yaariyan………..A HAPPY WOMANS DAY on behalf of our kyy rocks family
    respect women they r living goddesses

  10. jasmine

    ek ehsaan krdo… viraj ko fekhkar kabir ko lao in nishas life… we want justice for nisha… viraj should suffer jaisi krni waisi bharni… viraj is yuck!!

  11. DOLLY

    Oh plss directors plsss have the final poll of who should be with nisha plz n let it be known not only in fb but all websites

  12. vinita varshini

    pllzz yaar… we dont want vvraj and nisha to be together…. kabir and nisha are the good pair……plllzzzzzzzz….make nisha and kabir to be the love jodi…..i HATE THE PRECAP……vvraj looks is more suited as a villian…make him villan.,…….kabir should be the hero

  13. t

    But one things I don’t understanding why somebody want kabir and nisha,if u look at this story properly u will known viraj good for nisha pls director make them together

    • ruchi

      Yupss and dadi ko bhi sapna aaya tha starting me to niraj k chances zayada hain aur fir serials main sapne zyadatar sach hote hain

  14. DOLLY

    Kabir n nisha r already married even though by mistake no one can avoid saying that they r already a couple. Where is the uniqueness of nauc if nisha n viraj get married? Plz don’t spoil this serial..

  15. garima

    no no I don’t want nisha with viraj. plz director kahi aisa na Karna ki kabir hi nisha aur viraj ko milaane mai lag jaaye. Aisa karna ki nisha ke cousins kabir aur nisha ko milaaye.plz plz plz plz plz plz plZzzzzzzzz.

    • amyra

      exactly!!! i can’t watch kabir uniting nisha with that lamboo!!!can’t bear it!! plzz…aisa toh mat karna!! :'( >_<

  16. kanisha

    why the niraj’s fan not understanding that niraj jodi is not good. in future viraj will definitely heart nisha if they become husband and wife. Nishabir is a perfect jodi , they both are so cute but viraj seems uncle with them and also a villain and by the way nishabir are married.

    • ashmitha kulatunga

      haha im frm sri lanka!!even i cant understand some terms of hindi ,im a huge fan of nibir

      • amyra

        ooohh..nice to here that there r nauc fans in sri lanka as well!!! 🙂 especially bibir fans!!!awww!!!! :* 😀
        not understanding a few terms of hindi is totally can always learn … 😉

  17. kanisha

    plz nisha forget viraj don’t you remember that how he insulted you in that conference in front of so many people and still you think of viraj. now the director has sent kabir for you for enjoying your life with so much fun and love.

  18. kanisha

    kanisha, nishabir, nibir, shabir, kabisha, and finally nisha&kabir will rock the serial. isn’t it guys?.?.??.?.?.

  19. kabir's fan

    if I would be in nisha’s place then I would have accepted that marriage then & there only. nisha plz love kabir not that villain ( v :- viraj :- villain :- vain) other wise give to me.coz I love you kabir

    • amyra

      actually!!! i luv u kabir!!!i luv u mishkhat verma!!(if u r reading this comment!! :-* :-* ) aaww he is soooo adorable!!! nisha should finish it the queen way…when viraj would confess his luv to her…she should smile n say no…n then marry kabir again formally!! 😀 😛 ^_^

  20. anonymous

    I hope Nisha and Viraj soon get paired up….cant wait to see them together… ❤ u niraj…..

  21. pooooooo

    oh I have wait a lot to see 9 march epis. on Sunday also nishaauruskecousins shud come. I want to see kabir’s dance on balam pichkaari.

  22. angle

    nisha and kabir’s jodi was perfect
    so plz viraj go a way from nisha ‘s life you don’t know that she Is ur brother’s wife

    • niya

      Yeah…viraj and nisha love eachother alot and viraj was about to go to nisha when kabir came there.Neither kabir loves nisha nor nisha loves him,then what is the mean of making them a jodi.I think we have to support the jodi which is in the serial currently instead of building up more confusion.LOVE U NIRAJ.

  23. hg

    Kayra is beautiful in white saree.this nisha is more irritating than kabir.why the directors show viraj love nisha and ganganwals and nisha feels that they are right and viraj wrong and 99/ viewers support nisha and her weird behaviour.her way of solving problems is even worse than kabir.what kabir knows about nisha and viraj why he supporting nisha,where did they get marriage certificate?all bull shit.they just ruined the show with unwanted weird twists like slapping viraj,n and k marriage.the sr.gangan doesnt deserve any respect.they cannt accepw others except ther family.viraj charm closed.send him out of this shit and continue ur shit.i am tired of watching ths logicless nonsense.i cannt take it anymore.this is one woman show who is brainless

  24. nibir

    no no no never never never. jab kisi ki life mai jab koi uski dukhhaari zindgi mai khushiya laata hai wahi uska sachcha pyaar banta hai Jo ki Nisha ki life mai bhi hai e.i. kabir . so nibir only will rock the serial. not vini××××× never.

  25. kanis

    no and never×××… . kabir Nisha ki dukhbhari zindgi mai happiness laya hai balki viraj ne to Nisha ko rulaya hai to kabir hi Nisha me liye perfect hai. nibir nibir nibir

  26. Miteshi

    Don’t separate Kabir and Nisha. Kabir’s attitude is perfect and lovable. Let them fall in love and marry formally. Aman is very ugly looking. You should have chosen a better looking girl for Umesh.

  27. amyra

    hey is nauc going off air this april!!! :O :O : O plzzz….this shouldn’t be true!!! >_<

  28. Gayu

    Kabir Nisha ke liye perfect nahi hain. I think Kabir Keerthi ke liye perfect hain. Aur yeh kya, Nisha ki match change karthi hain. First riteish, phir Viraj aur ab Kabir. Yeh nahi ho saktha. Viraj hi Nisha ke liye perfrct hoon

  29. Tania

    But guys d serial s gonna become interesting as NiBir and den d truth kabir is viraj s younger brother ( though not completely sure) two brother s will be loving d same girl let’s see who sacrifices

  30. Ragini

    They shouldn’t do like this. This show has taught me so much. Till 10th i wz not more than a tomboy but now i have changed myself into a girl. Now i luv myself.

  31. aparna

    See guys nisha and viraj were together as in our viraj was the hero In dis show but den kabir came into dis show nd now it is whole mess cos too many ppl r der in dis show. nd u noe nisha is a careless girl nd a jhalli girl the one who cn handle her things in a very mature way will be viraj..if kabir hd same role lyk viraj as in a mature person nd very diffrent lyk nisha so showin love between dem would be nw viraj is shown mature in dis show so dey look very cute together nd if dont agree so u cn relate der story frm movie khoobsurat..sonam was just lyk nisha almost as in jhalli nd fawad khan was approx lyk viraj nd ppl loved dem in d movie nd niraj is also cute together..

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