Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jwala goes to nisha and shows her team lakshya fan page and says im getting lot of attention in school as well,kirti suku ask nisha why isn’t she ready yet,nisha says im having very bed feeling and also gayatri is included in it so im very tensed,sourabh says ur just panicking, nisha says im not,sourabh says gayatri just loves money and since we have money she wont leave the academy,kirti says nisha think positive, sourabh says and about the date.
Dadi tells nisha that laxmi is visiting ur granny,nisha says why is granny ill,dadi says don’t worry she is fine laxmi will take care of her and u just concentrate on the conference.virendra asks vimla where is his watch,vimla says u get ready first umesh is already ready,virendra says he is ready u guys didn’t

think abt his honeymoon,aman comes and says dad here is ur watch and ur breakfast and have ur medicines,umesh comes dad lets go,aman says wait let him have breakfast,virendra says oh sit here have breakfast with me and umesh aren’t u going there,umesh says ya I went with suku factory is all right,virendra says oh not suku u and aman,umesh says where movie market shop where there,virendra says fool umesh,vimla says he meabt honeymoon,umesh says offcourse we will go,aman says I will get tea,umesh realizes his mistake and says even I will get tea bye.

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Gayatri says viraj u are looking very smart,viraj says is nisha and her family here,gayatri says everything is under control and I hope we patch up soon,viraj says time and ur behavior will tell that.gangwals reach the press conference,dadaji says nisha u go join ur cousins we are fine. Gayatri says welcome team lakshya and nisha the star come with me,bunty says aunty I hope u wont casino online lock us in washroom,gayatri says who called me aunty,bunty says are u aunty gayatri says no.
Viraj welcomes gangwals,and greets them. The press conference begins,gaytri introduces everyone and welcomes all, the investors says this conference is mainly to congratulate and for the new beginning for team lakshya,viraj says thanku everyone ,team lakshya the team the credit is not just mine but miss nisha and her cousins and I thank them and salute them and so would like to felicitate every member of team lakshya.
Viraj introduces nisha as the backbone of team lakshya miss nisha the one who always supported team lakshya ,nisha thinks I promise sir I will not keep any secrets between u now,viraj calls nisha on stage and felicitates her, and all the cousins. Dadaji and ramesh feel very proud,gayatri messages the reporters to begin.reporters ask sir who this arti is and what is her realtion with nisha,viraj says what rubbish,reporter says sir ur love story mails are leaked on the internet and now u should give a proper reasoning for all this stuff.
Reporters start reading mails one by one,viraj gets embarrassed and angry,gayatri says what the hell is this viraj,viraj says where did u get this mails from,reporter says mr sourabh jain has leaked all these mails to internet,sourabh says sir I didn’t do anuthing,viraj says where did sourabh get these mails from,reporter says we found that as well the ip address belongs to miss nisha,reporters start questioning nisha,viraj says nisha n sourabh can never do such kind of thing,nisha in tears looks at viraj,viraj asks nisha what is the truth plz tell me, nisha looks at viraj and says those mails I forwarded them to sourabh and im arti. Gaytri smiles at this, viraj says it was u miss nisha and sourabh did this,how easily u made fun of me is it really the truth,gayatri says viraj sit here,viraj gets shocked,reporters say so miss nisha u have an affair with viraj and why arti as the name,gayatri says viraj isn’t involved in it,reporters say here in mails its also mentioned abt kiara so how many affairs do u have viraj.

Viraj says to ramesh are u out of ur mind, dadaji gets angry and slaps viraj.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. sree

    oh…viraj ko pata chal gaya ki nisha hi aarti hai…viraj ko shayad yeh bhi lag raha hai ki nishu ne hi wo emails internet me leak kiya…so sad…

  2. this is bad!!! The serial is taking a new turn we wanted to see niraj together as fast as possible but no worriess let see how it takes a new turn with character kabir viraj brother!!!eagerto see ahead

  3. stuti

    feeling very bad for nisha….hope viraj understands nisha’s feelings tht she wanted to be his friend n she dint have any intentions to hurt him…..
    exited for kabir’s entry

  4. hg

    many viewers started watching this show only after viraj entry.otherwise who will waste their time in watching the buffon family.i just hate that idiot oldman and his sons.all r selfish.viraj character is so good.

  5. sree

    Did u guys see todays sbb…it was really confusing one…nisha reached the velvet launch wearing the dress viraj give to aarti…viraj reach there…nisha run towards him and hug kabir who was standind infront of viraj…viraj become angry seeing that and claps…viraj ask nisha to get lost…

  6. sree

    nisha looking virajs photo in her mobile and become angry…she throw away her mobile…just then kabir reaches there and says” madam zakhmi dil aur bijli ka bill ek jaisa hota hai…agar waqt par nahi bara toh zindagi mein andera chah jata hai..”nisha doesn’t show any interest in his advice….Then kabir says that”sun nahi rahi lekin samjhadunga..”

  7. sonu

    @sree,thankz for the news.Actually i’am also confused,yeh nisha velvet launch par kyun gayi?aur kabir waha kya kar raha hai?nisha ne kabir ko kyun hug kiya?lot of confusions…

  8. sree

    I saw the video in facebook.i tried to post the video but there was some problem in that i thought to write it.

  9. vj

    upcmng epi:nisga who is deep love with viru dresses up herself as aarti nisga tries to say i love to viru and hugs him bt mistakenly she hugs his brother kabir

  10. vj

    viraj also feels angry to know abt aarti’s truth and insults nisha badly.heartbroke nisha decides nt to face viraj again bt love remains for him forever in her heart

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