Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir and nisha abt to kiss eachother,and then they soon realize it and get up.nisha is siiting in kitchen and says mad nisha get it to ur head straight kabir is for u just three months and so no doing all this don’t do anything for him just stay away,ya I will stay away ok good nice.nisha gets call from sourabh saying sham singh is getting better.kabir in room,shit how could I do this, im feeling something for her,I cant do this I have to stay away from her,focus on dance and don’t complicate nishas life anymore,nisha comes and calls kabir and sees him shirtless and says ok I will come later,kabir says wait and puts on his shirt and says kabir sourabh had called and sham singh is better now,kabir says ok lets go,nisha says stop kabir u wore shirt the other way,I

will turn u change,nisha turns and kabir changes,kabir says nisha im done lets go,nisha says kabir outside we will forget it right,kabir says yes we will,nisha says it was awkward right,kabir says yes it was lets go now,nisha says to herself looks like he doesn’t want to speak on it,kabir gets a call from school for his profile,kabir says ok I will update it,kabir says u leave nisha I will finish my work and then see u at hospital.
Kabir starts updating his profile,he finishes it and abt to leave,dolly comes,dolly says kabir I need to talk to nisha,kabir says she isn’t home but u look lost what is it,dolly says im fine but can I use laptop,kabir says ya fine do use,dolly says sorry actually all are busy so im using this laptop,kabir says its fine u use this I will go to hospital,kabir leaves.dolly prays god plz help me im searching for job,kabir comes back for wallet,he sees dolly struggling with laptop and says dolly looks like ur searching job,dolly gets scared,kabir says sorry I didn’t mean to nervous u,dolly says no no,kabir sees dolly in tears and says its fine dolly finding job isn’t a huge deal do u need to share something,dolly says I don’t know what to do,summit has lost his job and don’t know why isn’t searching any and I cant tell anyone abt this in house and so I started searching for job,kabir smiles and looks at her and says dolly this is very nice ur so understanding,ur facing ur situations very good let me help u,dolly says thanku,kabir starts helping her.
In hospital,nisha meets sourabh,sourabh says he is better but not out of shock yet,nisha and sourabh go to meet sham singh and viraj enters hospital.nisha says to sham singh,dadaji don’t worry u soon will be fine,kabir comes and asks nisha hows he,sham singh looks at kabir,nisha says kabir he isn’t out of shock yet,sourabh finds something is weird,nisha says kabir sourabh looks like dadaji wants to say something,kabir says may be he wants water,but dadaji doesnt take it,kabir says nisha he wants to say something,nisha says it may be the reason why gayatri made this accident,nisha says dadaji tell us don’t worry tell us wat is it try n tell us plz try,nurse comes and says plz get these medicines,kabir gives sourabh money for medicine and while that the picture falls,sham singh looks at it and tries to tell them abt it.viraj asks doctor abt sham singhs health.
Sham singh is trying to tell nisha abt kabir and viraj but couldn’t speak,sham singh is trying hard he sees viraj talking to doc ,tries to tell but with lot of efforts sham singh lifts his hand and points to viraj but before nisha could turn,viraj leaves,kabir says no one is there,nisha says go check,kabir checks but sees no one,sourabh says this news looks very important,nisha says plz dadaji tell us,sham singh says bhai,nisha asks who bhai,sham singh points at the pic,kabir picks it up and says do u know him,who is he,sham singh says bhai,kabir says whats his name tell me,plz tell,sham singh health starts falling down,nisha kabir call for help,nurse comes and asks them to go out.
Nisha says I just hope he is fine,kabir says what is this pick and why did he react like this and said bhai and ,nisha says what abt the photographer,kabir says his phn is switched off and says when will this pics search will end.

PRECAP: viraj says to doc plz save him I have no one other than him,nisha looks at viraj all broken down and feels very bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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      2. its that petition page wala link right richa…asking star plus not to pull the show down…but there is an official news..that the makers are having the story ready till june…so it won’t be pulled off air this may… 🙂

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