Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir and nisha abt to kiss eachother,and then they soon realize it and get up.nisha is siiting in kitchen and says mad nisha get it to ur head straight kabir is for u just three months and so no doing all this don’t do anything for him just stay away,ya I will stay away ok good nice.nisha gets call from sourabh saying sham singh is getting better.kabir in room,shit how could I do this, im feeling something for her,I cant do this I have to stay away from her,focus on dance and don’t complicate nishas life anymore,nisha comes and calls kabir and sees him shirtless and says ok I will come later,kabir says wait and puts on his shirt and says kabir sourabh had called and sham singh is better now,kabir says ok lets go,nisha says stop kabir u wore shirt the other way,I

will turn u change,nisha turns and kabir changes,kabir says nisha im done lets go,nisha says kabir outside we will forget it right,kabir says yes we will,nisha says it was awkward right,kabir says yes it was lets go now,nisha says to herself looks like he doesn’t want to speak on it,kabir gets a call from school for his profile,kabir says ok I will update it,kabir says u leave nisha I will finish my work and then see u at hospital.
Kabir starts updating his profile,he finishes it and abt to leave,dolly comes,dolly says kabir I need to talk to nisha,kabir says she isn’t home but u look lost what is it,dolly says im fine but can I use laptop,kabir says ya fine do use,dolly says sorry actually all are busy so im using this laptop,kabir says its fine u use this I will go to hospital,kabir leaves.dolly prays god plz help me im searching for job,kabir comes back for wallet,he sees dolly struggling with laptop and says dolly looks like ur searching job,dolly gets scared,kabir says sorry I didn’t mean to nervous u,dolly says no no,kabir sees dolly in tears and says its fine dolly finding job isn’t a huge deal do u need to share something,dolly says I don’t know what to do,summit has lost his job and don’t know why isn’t searching any and I cant tell anyone abt this in house and so I started searching for job,kabir smiles and looks at her and says dolly this is very nice ur so understanding,ur facing ur situations very good let me help u,dolly says thanku,kabir starts helping her.
In hospital,nisha meets sourabh,sourabh says he is better but not out of shock yet,nisha and sourabh go to meet sham singh and viraj enters hospital.nisha says to sham singh,dadaji don’t worry u soon will be fine,kabir comes and asks nisha hows he,sham singh looks at kabir,nisha says kabir he isn’t out of shock yet,sourabh finds something is weird,nisha says kabir sourabh looks like dadaji wants to say something,kabir says may be he wants water,but dadaji doesnt take it,kabir says nisha he wants to say something,nisha says it may be the reason why gayatri made this accident,nisha says dadaji tell us don’t worry tell us wat is it try n tell us plz try,nurse comes and says plz get these medicines,kabir gives sourabh money for medicine and while that the picture falls,sham singh looks at it and tries to tell them abt it.viraj asks doctor abt sham singhs health.
Sham singh is trying to tell nisha abt kabir and viraj but couldn’t speak,sham singh is trying hard he sees viraj talking to doc ,tries to tell but with lot of efforts sham singh lifts his hand and points to viraj but before nisha could turn,viraj leaves,kabir says no one is there,nisha says go check,kabir checks but sees no one,sourabh says this news looks very important,nisha says plz dadaji tell us,sham singh says bhai,nisha asks who bhai,sham singh points at the pic,kabir picks it up and says do u know him,who is he,sham singh says bhai,kabir says whats his name tell me,plz tell,sham singh health starts falling down,nisha kabir call for help,nurse comes and asks them to go out.
Nisha says I just hope he is fine,kabir says what is this pick and why did he react like this and said bhai and ,nisha says what abt the photographer,kabir says his phn is switched off and says when will this pics search will end.

PRECAP: viraj says to doc plz save him I have no one other than him,nisha looks at viraj all broken down and feels very bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. nice but hate the precap nisha is feeling bad for that mr serious viraj or he just saying that so that nisha can feel sorry for him and comfort him no way nisha don’t do any things stupid he have nasty mind he see the oil on the floor right where kabir was dance and he didnt say a thing that because he dont want to see kabir get a job and to move out of that house he didnt feel sorry kabir then so he want nisha to feel for him dont fall for this antics nisha

  2. B-) DHANYA

    ok.I.will.tell abt.myself I am sreedhanya sree or DHANYA..
    in kyy I.used to there as DHANYA… name. first in kyy my name was sree
    I am frm.Kerala..know.Malayalam Tamil Hindi English ……and stdying in 10 going to be in 11 waiting for results…. and wat abt u??

  3. Sabrina

    Well viral is also a human being and he should get a second chance I agree both of them are good but viraj should get another chance. Precho wasn’t horse at all

  4. ssss

    Hate niraj……… and guyzz amyway viraj is not the old viru which we know…..he is too cruel nowadays……and i fell that viraj shud avoid nisha and move on further with other partner or something. And afterall kabir is his bri yaar…hw can he try to create a rift between bro and his bhabhi….this is not just faur….nibir is the best best best

  5. ssss

    And sabrina if u really think that viraj shud get a second chance then he can star a fresh beginning with someone else….bcoz when nisha had given him more than two chances he cud have atleast thought about it……afterall viraj had helped nisha a lot and nisha helped him a lot too……….
    and within a few days he wont be lonely bcoz he will come to know about kabir and his relation….so he’s gonna have bro , bhabhi, and his mom toooo……..

  6. Susi (NK)

    Hi guys I read ur yesterday comments itss really so touching yrrrr u all shared ur feeling with each other na ……… Stuti and nika u reveled ur name its so nice drs 🙂

  7. richa

    soooo frnds yesterday 1037 huh…….:) 🙂 KEEP IT UP nd today surpass the limit …. 🙂

  8. Sabrina

    Still sss your word don’t change my mind and like I said I don’t care what u ppl think

  9. amyra

    firstly..hey sabrina 🙂 nice meeting u…….secondly,the precap was gud…i agree…but in a different way…don’t u feel..???nisha has a really pure heart…she doesn’t love him anymore…she knows viraj will interrupt in her life…but still she feels sorry for him….she sympathizes for him…n moreover….viraj is not behaving abnormal or in a villain kind of role just to promote the new pair as many niraj fans state… is very natural that a person will behave this way when he loses his love…n moreover i don’t feel nisha must give him a chance…because she has already given ample amount of chances…but still when he din’t treat her well…she moved on…that’s the law of life…u will never run behind a guy who treats u like a doormat…she has her own self respect…even if he didn’t know the truth…he should have at least listened to her if he did care for her so much…but he did not…every relationship’s foundation is trust..which is there in nisha-kabir’s relationship… 🙂 cheers…n sorry if i sounded rude…just putting my point of view forward

  10. amyra

    hey guys please sign the above petition n show ur support for NAUC!! please…i’ve given the link in my previous comments here… 🙂

  11. stuti

    hey amyra thanx for this link..n pls guys sign the petition n support NAUC ..come on NAUC fans ..irrespective of nibir n niraj fans..plzz guys

  12. amyra

    n hey stuti…are u der on fb…???i got ur full name there on the petition…but i aint able to find u on fb…

    • amyra

      ya gotcha…finally we got connected on fb too!!!hey nika!!u also sign the petition!!!plzz support nauc!!!
      n u wanted to know my real name right??its there on the petition page….but i prefer being called amyra/amu only!! 🙂

    • amyra

      u’ve a gmail acc or an email id riht??!!then u should have able to sign it…strange… :/ try again…may b there is some network problem…or the server may not be responding… :/

  13. amyra

    ooohhh…ic….fine…its alright….!!fine if urn’t able to sign the petition…ur supporting here right?!?!! thats enough… 🙂

  14. parmita

    kabirz character is good …. but Nisha and Viraj are the best couple. ….Their chemistry is awesome. …. but in the case of Nisha and kabir I can’t find that chemistry….The serial was based on family drama …women’s empowerment etc. as nishu wanted to become a shooter. … now the theme is changed. …so there should be some changes in the story

    • richa

      usme 1 petition h jisme hme support krna h taki nauc offair naa jaye….. main bhi chahti hu ki nauc offair na jaye ……,.. to isliye pucha…

  15. richa

    yeah lemme clear yr doubt ….. itzz not me there on kyy page nd i m only here on nauc page itzz some fake Richa okk so dint pay attention towards hr….

    • richa

      nd u know me naa khanak u talked 2 me nd u know i dont type such filthy words nd i know itss a public site nd many ppl see it yrr ….

    • richa

      ok prr tumhe pta to h mere bare main humne baat to ki thi prr haan aur kuch puchna chahti ho to pucho agr m pta sakungi to bataoongi ok

    • richa

      kbb ki baat kr rhe ho aap agr kl ki to haan aapne mujh se hi baat ki thi nd i requested u that v can talk in hindi….

  16. You last asked me about my dream to become so,
    I want to become an IAS officer that is why i changed my subject from pcb to arts.

    • richa

      PUCHO MT YRR saare din bss yahan p hoti hu online…or tumhe bhi pta hai pmt aur competitives kaa as tumhari bhi yehi stream thi kitna mushkil hot h ……

  17. richa


  18. richa

    okk khanak baaad main milte hain mujhe abhi jaana hoga nd nxt time i vl take more tips 4m u okk biii seeya tc 🙂

  19. richa


    • Susi (NK)

      [email protected]

  20. amyra

    heyyya guys…bad news for nibirians…there is a particular post on stating “why do fans believe that viraj a.k.a. taher shabbir is a better suitor for nisha in nisha aur uske cousins” and my goodness nirajians are seriously crossing their limits…not only are they giving silly useless reasons for supporting viraj but are also insulting mishkhat and kabir’s character…calling him monkey wagehra…m feeling sickeningly bad…we need to do something about it…but m not able to post the link here..i dont know y.. 🙁

  21. amyra

    hey nibirians…nirajians are crossing limits…on the name of supporting taher a.k.a. viraj..they are insulting mishkhat and kabir’s character too…on in an article”why do fans believe that viraj aka taher shabbir is a better suitor for nisha

  22. Kabir and Nisha, kabir and Nisha and Kabir and Nishaaa all the way. They are cute, loving and love each other and make a very cute pair. Viraj is a moron and a villain trying to stay in his tenants house which no land lord does.

  23. richa

    hey kanii were r u long time no see not even 1 comment yrr dont u take a break lol miss u ……

  24. Sabrina

    Parmita I think nraj are a mix as well and these people just won’t get it but I’m OK with it

  25. Tasnova

    Every shows update is faster then why when it comes to nauc it becomes too much slower????plz tanaya try to update faster

  26. amyra

    today’s episode synopsis-
    kabir says there is sumthing that sabu is trying to hide from me…nisha asks what is it…kabir says thats what i need to find out…kabir says…let it be…i’ll leave…nisha says..kabir i will also come…but he resists…she stops him…but he still resists and says its ok u stay here..and saurabh watches on a bit amazed by their reactions…nisha holds kabir’s arm and says whats wrong…i will also come….but he tries to free his hand from her clutches…saurabh is very curious…kabir frees his arm and says its alright..stay here…and leaves…nisha is very upset and almost in tears…and she sits down…saurabh comes and asks everything fine between u and kabir??she says everything is alright between us…he asks her did they have a fight…but she ignores his question…then viraj comes there and begs to the doctors and tells them to save daadji’s life as he is the only person left in his lyf…seeing this nisha feels pity for him and moves towards him…but stops…she gets teary eyed and sits down…saurabh again tries asking her is everyhting fine between her and kabir…she says everything is fine….

  27. amyra

    then in the next scene ramesh is pulling bunty’s ears and is scolding him…while dragging him down the road…there he sees kabir at a tea stall…and is about to speak to him..when sum known uncle comes in between to speak to ramesh… meanwhile kabir asks the tea stall owner about sabu and that tymsabu’s son passes by…he points out to him and kabir approaches that guy…he tries to ignore kabir by making excuses about his father but kabir doesnot leave him…then he starts behaving rudely with kabir..and they end up fighting on the streets…ramesh intervenes and takes kabir along…kabir is hurt…in the next scene ramesh applies medicine on kabir’s wound and asks him to not fight like this…kabir says fine…summit is watching all this…when lakshmi comes with snacks…she see summit and calls him also to join them for tea and snacks…he joins them….lakshmi and ramesh leave…summit starts taunting kabir about how he is trapping everyone in his sweet trap and kabir gets angry…he blurts out the truth that he should better find a job for himself rather than poking his nose into others matters….and virendra listens all this..

  28. amyra

    in the next scene…nisha comes back home with saurabh…saurabh is about to leave when he stops and again confronts nisha about her and kabir…she says that they came very close today morning and were about to kiss each other…saurabh starts laughing…and says…hes ur husband…thats totally alright…ur husband wont kiss u then who will…and moreover u know what all happens between husband and wife and starts laughing…nisha isn’t able to control anymore and tells him the truth about their conract marriage for three months…saurabh is shell shocked…and asks her so much has happened and ur telling me now!! he will leave after three months then did u think what will happen to ur life?!! she says…i don’t care…i’m ready to face it…then saurabh asks her…but frankly speaking it doesn’t look lyk u both are in a contract marriage…tell me the truth..ur in love with kabir right??tell me the truth!! she pauses for a moment and thinks…and says…i don’t know about love but i do know that he is my very good and close friend…saurabh says but in three months i know u will fall in love with each other…anything can happen..but nisha deny’s it outright…

  29. amyra

    then nisha comes inside and sees ramesh lakshmi and kabir together…she asks ramesh why r u luking tensed…he doesn’t say anything…then she looks at kabir and is very worrielooking at his wound…and asks him what happened…why are u hurt and examines his cheek…kabir resists her touch again…and he feels very awkward..and he says i did some boxing….then nisha asks lakshmi…she says sit down near kabir…calm down first…he will tell u everything…nisha looks at kabir…and he signals her to sit down beside him…lakshmi signals ramesh to leave them alone…they r about to leave when ramesh turns to kabir and says…kabir don’t take tension….smile…u don’t luk good when ur worried…we all r there wid u…and nisha will be there wid u for lyf…and they leave…kabir thinks in his mind…what life time…its just three months…and then hello london bye bye india…and then nisha and kabir look at each other….

  30. amyra

    in the next scene…roopan enters her room and sees summit sitting all frustrated. she asks him what happened…he tells her everything…and says that he will take revenge from kabir…he will not let him go easily…now papa(virendra)will surely speak about my job issue wid dadaji…and i don’t know how this kabir came to know about my job issue….but whatever it is…i know he is searching for sumone…i will find out soon what game this kabir is playing…u help me by staying inside the house…and i’ll do my work outside…and roopan agrees to this idea…and both shake hands.
    PRECAP-dadaji says summit u will have to look for a job very soon and will have to prove urself in front of the whole family…summit says ok dadji…then dadaji says so from tomorrow…u come to the shop and work with kabir…summit is shocked…as his assistant?? dadaji says whichever way u take it…

  31. sakshi

    thanks a lot maybe you should work for this company if the real employees don’t do their job right

    • amyra

      oohh thank you sakshi…but i think mayb tanaya is a bit busy…so we can’t blame her for the late update though…but i’ve noticed…whenever there is a some interesting thing coming up in the next episode…the update is slower.. 😛

  32. richa

    srry amu 4 commenting in between your update i thought it waas that much only……………..

  33. Susi (NK)

    Thank u amyra today I missed the show dr because of my studies

    when I coming u giving updates superb dr….romba nalla iruku dr thanks chlm… 😀 🙂 😛

      • richa

        yeah that1 nd 1 more on this page?? nd this 1 shows starplus complaint box full of complaints 4 nauc….

      • amyra

        its that petition page wala link right richa…asking star plus not to pull the show down…but there is an official news..that the makers are having the story ready till june…so it won’t be pulled off air this may… 🙂

    • richa

      4 me itzz chapati nd veggies evryday food nd dosa is just a delicasy i get 2 eat sometimes…..

  34. amyra

    hey ppl…it may b possible that i may have missed a few portions or dialoges in my synopsis..srry for that… 😛

  35. Susi (NK)

    Sry dr now again I want to go back to my studies dr c u tomorrow morning sry sry sry gud night dr

    • richa

      i understand dr mee 2 hv 2 study dont b sorry dr gud nyt swt drmZZzzzzZz sleep well dr seeya tmmrw mrng dr gud ny8 ZZzzzzZZZZZZZzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZ >)

  36. richa

    nd amu dont apologise yrr atleast u updated nd ur update ws awsm ok twas like i ws watching d epi yrrrr ok dnt b upset nd keep up ur good wrk drrr 🙂

  37. richa

    okk biii nd gud nyt frndss sweet dreams frndss seeya 2mrw ZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ GUD NYT 😉 🙂

    • minee

      Don’t wry amyra he will come close to nisha once he realises his luv. … N I guess it will happen very soon

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