Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, virat asks sham singh did the girl who was supposed to receive bravery letter arrive, sham singh says yes she did the one u caught yesterday, virat says oh the one scared of dogs n smiles.
Nisha wakes up n sees her mom meditating, she goes n sits near laxmi n tries to do same like her but sneezes , laxmi opens her eyes n smiles saying u are same like me even i cant concentrate, nisha says yes ur right infact u know yesterday i couldn’t sleep i must have read letter so many times it gives me kind of some energy, ramesh joins them n says nisha laxmi meditating i can understand but wat abt u why are u meditating, nisha says dad u know along with letter they have offered a job but im not sure. Laxmi says whatever u do nisha we are with u, nisha says wat abt

dadaji n other members, ramesh says we will manage.
Amanpreets dad, gets upset abt amanpreet roaming with umesh n decides to arrange amanpreets engagement with a guy settled in Canada, umesh tries to stop him saying he wants to marry amanpreet, amans dad says see ur family is jain n we are sikh ur family will definitely not allow this, umesh says lz stay n next time i meet u i will bring a yes from my family, amanpreets dad agrees.
Nisha reading her letter, sourabh says oh so u got it, did u meet virat, nisha says yes i did , sourabh says wat did he say, nisha says nothing much, sourabh says wat nothing much his even one word is so inspirining but wat inspired u, nisha says u know they offered me a job, but im not sure i also want to do job but think abt doing something new as well but u know how difficult it is, sourabh says surely its difficult but i know a place that suits u perfectly.
Ramesh n laxmi tell dadaji n dadi abt nisha job decision, laxmi also shares them abt the doctor, dadi asks is nisha ok, ramesh says yes she is perfectly fine but not ready for marriage thing, dadaji says but it looks like she is fine now, laxmi says she is fine noe bcoz she has spoken out, ramesh says yes but she is still afraid of making new relations, laxmi says n according to doctor nisha shd divert her mind, dadaji says saroj(dadi) wat do u think, dadi says i think job is good idea it will help nisha a lot, vijendra enters saying wat job n nisha she is a girl she cant atleast im not happy with it.
Sourabh says job at virats place is best he will get a good employee like u n u will get inspiring boss, nisha says he is inspiring indeed he really great till date only dad n dadaji inspired me n for first time someone else has inspired me, sourabh says see u were a sports person n dreamt of becoming one, so till u reach ur goal help others achieve it, nisha says u know i wasn’t sure abt this job but speaking to u i feel so confident.
Ramesh says wats wrong in job, vijendra says no i don’t allow this after marriage she will have to serve her family n which house with good people allow this, laxmi says why cant im doing job, vijendra says this is bcoz u need to help ur mom, dadaji says laxmi don’t worry im proud of u, vijendra says laxmis job is different, n wat happened with jwala after that surely not, nisha comes n say uncle remember dadi used to tell us the lioness story who saves her family , vijendra says yes but, nisha says dadaji i have learnt from birth n have seen my mother independent n i want to be like her so pla allow me, dadaji says i will like to know wat other kids think. All the cousins agree to nishas job, rukhma informs abt this to dadaji.
Mohan says dad i have a solution nisha can work with us like umesh n suku, nisha says dadaji i have a plan which i haven’t shared with anyone, dadaji asks wat is it, nisha says i want to work with virat n his academy.

Virat sees nisha n says u here, nisha says y aim the dog one, virat says wat are u doing here, nisha says im here for job n heres my CV.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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