Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir says he was going to tell her everything, but was just waiting for right time. Vasu says, right time? He had been lying that he’s in London and she comes here and finds out that he even got married. She just can’t trust him anymore. Nisha tells her she has right to be upset, but please forgive them. Kabir also says sorry. Nisha says and their marriage is for 3 months… Kabir interrupts and says it’s just been 3 months to their marriage and they didn’t marry by their choice, they had to marry. Vasu asks what do you mean? Kabir says he will tell her everything, but not to feel bad. He didn’t want to hurt her. She says he already hurt her. Kabir again apologises..from heart. Nisha also tells her to forgive them. Laxmi comes out and asks sorry for what?

Vasu hugs Kabir and Nisha emotionally. She then tells Laxmi that she was scolding them because they married in her absence. Laxmi says you are right.. Vasu asks why she’s getting worried. She’s just joking. Kabir first time did a right thing by bringing a sweet bahu like Nisha. Kabir and Nisha take blessings. Laxmi says not like that. She goes to bring something. Kabir also goes. Nisha asks Vasu she really forgave them right. Vasu shows serious face and then laughs. She says of course she did. Nisha thanks her and hugs. Vasu says in her mind, Kabir gave her this much happiness for first time. She tells Nisha she doesn’t like her calling her aunty. She is her mother now. Nisha says ok maa. Vasu says she is sure Kabir and her will stay happy forever. Laxmi and Kabir come back with arti/diya. Vasu does their arti and then asks Kabir to fill sindhoor in Nisha’s forehead. Kabir does it happily while Nisha looks on. Vasu looks at them emotionally. Nisha wishes they could stay together like that forever. Kabir wishes Nisha’s wish to come true. Vasu tells them to do their “muh mitha” (eat sweets) and Kabir goes to kiss Nisha. Vasu stops and asks hey? Kabir says you only said to do “muh mitha”. Vasu slaps him and says by eating sweets. They make each other eat sweets and then take Vasu’s blessings. Vasu then gives a bangle to Nisha as shagun. Kabir asks something for him too and he gets a slap. Laxmi tells Vasu not like this.. she will have to come to their home too and eat food made by Nisha. Nisha whispers Kabir that they should tell everything to his mum. Kabir says he will, but before that he wants to say something to her. She asks what? Kabir fails in his try again as Laxmi interrupts and tells Nisha to get ready as she has to prepare dinner. Vasu says it was her wish to bring her bahu, and finally her wish came true. She will definitely go.

Nisha is in her house. Family members ask her how come she came all of a sudden. If they knew, then they could have prepared something good. Nisha says she didn’t know either. Dadi says not a problem, at least they will meet her. Sumit’s mum comes there. Roopam tells her about Nisha’s mother-in-law coming today and as she came, she should meet her as well. Nisha doesn’t like that. Roopam asks Laxmi she’s correct, right? Laxmi ends up saying yes. Sumit’s mum acts what she will do meeting her. Dadi also insists and she says as all are insisting, she will meet. Virender comes there and asks meet who? Roopam says Nisha’s saas.. Laxmi invited her for dinner. Laxmi says yes and today’s dinner will be from her. Dolly’s mum says they will prepare together. Virender tells her is she crazy or what? There their daughter is in problem, and she cares about party. Dadi asks him is Nishu not your daughter? Virender says he’s happy for her, but he can’t see party and dinner when Dolly is in this situation. He tells Laxmi not to misunderstand him. Laxmi says she understands and she will do arrangements at her place only. Dadaji comes and says dinner will be here only. As long as it’s about Dolly.. she’s very happy, so Virender should be happy too. He got saved from a thief. All look at Sumit’s mum. Dadaji continues, and the sorrow that he’s showing for.. first go and see her how happy she is! Dadaji leaves.

Nisha is with her cousins. Dolly loves the saree and she says she has a necklace that goes on her. she will give it to Nisha. Other cousin asks Nisha, her saas is coming to take her so that’s her second bidaai? Nisha says, it doesn’t matter.. they are going to separate in few days anyway. Dolly asks her why she’s saying that. Kabir won’t leave her. They both will stay together forever. She has seen Kabir’s eyes, he loves her a lot. Nisha says, if it’s like that then why he doesn’t say anything to her? If he says once only that he loves her, then he can go wherever he wants. No matter how many years it will take, she will wait for him. Laxmi comes and gets hyper that they are still gossiping and doing time pass. Nisha’s saas is coming first. She tells Dolly to take Nisha to a parlour. Dolly asks her to relax. Today she will do Nisha’s make up personally and it will be that good that even Kabir won’t recognize his Nisha. Laxmi tells her to do whatever she wants, but fast.

Laxmi is working in kitchen. Ramesh comes and asks her how come Nisha’s saas made this plan all of a sudden. Laxmi says even Kabir and Nisha were surprised, but now everything will be fine. She’s of very good nature and she will get along with him very well. He asks meaning? She says she jokes like him too. He says it will be good to see her then. She says, but when she finds out about their 3 months wedding then? He tells her not to worry about it at all. Kabir has said himself that he loves Nisha and will never leave her.

Kabir and Vasu are on their way. Kabir tells his story to Vasu that he never planned to stay in India, he just stayed to help Nisha. Before he had no feelings for her, but as time passed, he realised he loves her a lot. She asks what about his London plan? He says, he is not going. He just wants to stay here with Nisha. Vasu says he had many girlfriends and she didn’t see him this serious for anyone. What’s so special in Nisha? Kabir says, her eyes. Whenever she smiles, something happens in his heart. She worries about others more than herself. Other side, Nisha is getting ready. She gives earrings to Dolly saying they suit more on her. Vasu asks Kabir he loves her that much? He says yes. She asks if he told her or just kept it to himself? He says he will tell her very soon. She asks what about her? she loves him that much as well? Kabir signs don’t know.

Bunty comes and informs Kabir and his mum are almost there. Nisha blushes. Bunty is running around and bumps into Roopam. She asks where Laxmi and Dolly’s mum are. Dadi comes and says at the door. She gives him arti and asks her to go there too. She wants all her bahus there.

Laxmi and Dolly’s mum are doing rangoli. Laxmi says she forgot arti’s thaal. Roopam comes and gives it to her. She tells them to finish rangoli, she will be right back.

Kabir and Vasu arrive at Nisha’s place. Vasu gets shocked seeing Gangawal House board. Kabir asks shall they go inside. She says yes. Laxmi and Dolly’s mum do their arti. Mohan, Virender, Ramesh arrive shortly and get stunned seeing Vasu. Vasu stares at Ramesh.

Precap: Kabir introduces Vasu to Ramesh. Vasu asks him whether he’s still practicing music or he ditched that too. Kabir and Laxmi are confused. Later, Vasu says to herself/to Ramesh that she doesn’t want to keep any relation with her past. Later, all are sitting together. Vasu tells Nisha she never told her she’s from Gangwal family. With that family, and especially with her father, she has very old relationship. All are confused again.

Update Credit to: Niki

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