Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode begins with, aman gives khir to everyone, dadaji and dadi give shagun to aman, ramesh comes and is looking tensed,nisha asks what happened dad,ramesh says the academy has organized a function on ur win, umesh says oh nice so we all should go to bed now come come,all laugh,nisha says viraj sir called,ramesh says no gayatri called,and invited everyone,umesh says ya good so we should go to bed now so we all can go tomorrow,nisha says we all should go tomorrow bcoz we all have worked hard for it,dadaji says ok then everyone go to bed.
Kirti says umesh u look tried and I need to talk to aman bhabhi u go we will talk to her,dolly says yes umesh bhaiya u look very tired u go let aman stay here,umesh says no non I will wait here.
Suku bunty jwala keep papad under

umeshs bed and hide in his room,umesh and aman enter their room,umesh locks the door,umesh says aman today is our night,aman says I know n even saw ur excitement downstair,suku starts making funny noises,umesh sits on bed and the papd cracking sound comes,aman says umesh what is wrong with u,umesh says forget it and kisses amans hand and abt to kiss her suku again makes farting sound,aman says umesh u are disgusting,suku bunty jwala shout surprise,umesh says u fools get out of my room,ramesh comes and calls umesh out and says see umesh our population is already increasing and I didn’t care abt it and so I think u should take care of it,umesh says ok u go now.

Cousins leave and nisha says I love u sir and will always love u,viraj says I love u too arti and eagerly waiting to meet u.gayatri says tomorrow a sweet love story will end and I will end this and u deserve this nisha gangwal.
Next morning,laxmi is crying,ramesh says don’t cry we will go to ur moms place,laxmi says it is nishas day today but when she will learn that her granny isn’t doing well she will go running to her and on other hand if we both wouldn’t be at the conference she will feel bad,ramesh says laxmi nisha is big enough to understand,laxmi says no u stay with nisha and I will go to moms place and u come later,after long time nisha is happy,ramesh says and this happiness wont end u just relax I will get taxi.
Sourabh and suku get tv in kirtis room,kirti asks what is this,jwala says last time during world cup tv was in balcony so for good luck this time also it will bi in balcony,kirti says but how blah theres no sachin this time,jwala says but we have virat kohli,kirti says oh yes he is so hot.
Nisha wakes up and she says I think I have to tell viraj sir the truth before the press conference, viraj calls nisha and says I hope u and ur whole circus is coming,nisha says yes sir,viraj says im so excited nisha im very happy abt the conference and also abt meeting my special girl,nisha says nice sir all the best,viraj says all the best to u too and lets meet at the conference.

Nisha isn’t ready,kirti aks what is it why aren’t u ready all are ready,nisha says kirti I have a bad feeling like something wrong is goona happen at the conference.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thank u so much for the fast update tanaya.

  2. But the part where cousins tease nishu nd her dream sequence with viraj is missing from the update.


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