Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha sees the oil on floor,but before she could stop him,kabir falls down,looking at this viraj starts smiling,kabirs foot is injured,nisha helps him sit on sofa and checks his foot,kabir is in pain,looking at this viraj says to himself now kabir u wont dance and so no money and u wont go as well with nisha. Nisha applies ointment to kabirs leg,kabir is pain and says its paining,nisha says I know shutup now,kabir says what is the time,nisha says its 11, kabir says how will I dance now,nisha says have a pain killer and u will be done and I know all the short cuts we will reach in time,nisha sees kabir is upset and demotivated so shouts lizard lizard,kabir gets up and starts dancing, nisha says look kabir ur on ur foot and now practice.
Kabir starts practicing

again,nisha helps him by giving him support and motivating him,viraj doesn’t like all that, nisha and kabir get close to eachother, the alarm rings kabir says we shd leave now,nisha says ok u go change,nisha and kabir get ready to leave,nisha locks the door and remembers that scooty is with suku she tries calling suku but doesn’t reach him,she tries stopping auto,but no one stops,nisha starts running and kabir slowly walks in pain,nisha sees that its not working, and so starts thinking of some idea, nisha says kabir can u perform atleast,kabir says yes I will but how will I reach the venue,nisha says whatever and don’t u worry I will take u to the venue nisha promise,nisha sees a auto but the driver is sleeping,she tries waking him up but fails,nisha says kabir u sit in auto and forces him in and starts driving auto and says see kabir we now reach,nisha reaches the venue,kabir says u stay here nisha I will manage and thanku,nisha says u have no time left go fast,nisha gives the driver money,he returns money to nisha,nisha prays to god that kabir gets selected,she sees kabir still out and yells at him duffer what are u doing here go in fast,kabir says relax.

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Roopan says wow sumit u prepare very good coffe,sumit says thanku,roopan asks where is dolly,sumit says must be busy with laxmi aunty,roopan says sumit u look upset what is it,sumit says oh actually me n dolly are to much in fights now bcoz I want to start new business and I guess laxxmi aunty has asked dolly to wait,roopan says that is laxmi and her families problem always interfering into others business,sumit says see aunty I know ur upset with kabirs entry into shop now see ramesh uncles share is increase but u what will u do but don’t u worry im there for u im like ur son right,trust me I will throw kabir out of shop for that u have to make everyone believe im the responsible one and then I will take charge of the shop and will give the more share of income to u then we both are set,roopan says ok it’s a deal now.
Nisha is waiting for kabir outside the venue,kabir comes out upset,nisha asks how was it did u do good ,are u injured more,shd we go to doctor,kabir says I want to go home.nisha and kabir go home,nisha sees kabir is very upset and heartbroken, kabir sits down,nisha says how can u keep quite u were injured its fine u will get another chance,ok lets go again we will request them to give u another chance,kabir says it was last chance nisha and gets angry,and now I can never appear for the interview bcoz im selected,yes nisha im selected,nisha is in tears,shouts yes and jumos on kabir and hugs him,and kicks him and says u fool,kabir says nisha thanku this is all bcoz of u,nisha says no I did nothing,kabir says still this is urs,kabir gives her stipend and says my first money its urs and im so excited,and starts music and both start dancing,kabir says nisha u changed my life,both have fun and fall down on eachother laughing,nisha and kabir lost into eachother.

PRECAP;nisha and kabir have started liking eachother and now both are trying to tell themselves to stay away and not fall for eachother(unaware that the fire is not one sided but from both sides)

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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