Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, cousins ask nisha wat happened, nisha says nothing i just took my letter lets go, summit says to dolly ur cousins are really annoying.
Ramesh after hearing abt nisha gets shocked, n says to laxmi i failed as a father, laxmi says ramesh somethings aren’t in our hands, ramesh says i know but;laxmi says now we have to be strong for our nisha, ramesh says laxmi nisha has her whole life in front of her wat will happen now, laxmi says i know nisha has gone throw lot of pain but now we cant give up, nishas life will surely be back to normal, after all she is a fighter but if she sees that we have fallen out of our hopes, she will loose hope as well, i tell u ramesh one day will surely come when nishas life will find the right path.

Nisha sees cousins busy

amongst themselves n slowly goes through her pics with virat, kirti sees nisha lost n asks her is she fine, nisha says ya i am, dolly says oh im having so much fun ,how i missed all of u, summit says dolly ur sounding as if i trouble u, dolly says oh summit u are definitely one of the imp part of my life but my cousins are my life. Kirti says sorry to umesh n amanpreet for being rude in the morning, amanpreet says its fine.
Dadaji goes to ramesh , ramesh hugs him, dadaji says cheer up son , ramesh says i have badly failed, dadaji says no ramesh i have seen a dad in u who keeps fighting for daughter, who didn’t let her daughter get engaged against her wish, after listening abt nisha i thought we have failed n then i looked at her n saw a strength in her n if after facing this she can be so strong why cant we, ramesh says will nisha be happy in her future, dadaji says she will surely be happy n will also get married to her Mr right n her dadi has started dreaming abt nisha Mr right so chill.laxmi comes n says kids have returned.
Dolly says see dadaji i brought nisha back in one piece, summit says yes she is one piece after all her she my fav amongst cousins, kirti says n she is also the reason why u could marry dolly. Dadaji says ok nisha is in one piece but is the place in one piece n nisha where is the letter, nisha hands the letter to dadaji, dadaji praises nisha, dadaji says ohk so its time for me to go to bed so dolly n summit drive safely home n give regards to all n dadaji leaves. Dolly hugs vimla n says i really don’t feel like going back today, vimla says then stay n go in morning, summit says we wish we could but we have promised mom we will be back. Vimla says atleast have dinner, summit says ok, dolly gets upset, vimla says kirti nisha ritesh u people join dolly n summit for dinner come, nisha says sorry aunty i need to go to dad, vimla says ok, nisha asks laxmi where is dad, laxmi says he is upstairs.
Vimla says to laxmi see nisha looks so happy, laxmi says yes she is, vimla says wat abt the doctor wat did she say abt nisha, laxmi says nothing she said that nisha is little unique from others n this is bcoz she was scared to get married, vimla says whatever she is happy now n that great.
Nisha goes to ramesh to show him the letter n sees him with her torn scrap book n trophies n medals n certificates. Ramesh ask nisha to sit beside her , he takes the letter from her hand n reads it n hugs nisha.

precap: virat asks sham singh has nisha come n received her letter, shamsingh says yes she has the one who fell, virat says oh the one who is scared of dogs n smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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