Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, cousins ask nisha to kiss kabir,kabir says silence and walks towards nisha and picks her in his arms and take her along with him to the room,nisha looks into kabirs eyes and says I love u kabir and I know its imp for u to go London and so I wont stop u but plz don’t break us,we will manage somehow so plz don’t go away, don’t leave me I cant live without u,kabir stops her and kisses nishas hand and kisses her neck and says I love u too,nisha is imagining it,aman says nisha wake up where are u lost,cousins say cmon kiss her,kabir says ok silence and walks to nisha and kabir says to himself kabir what will u do now and kabir holds nishas hand and says good nigh guys and takes nisha along with her,cousins say ok lets go now and leave them alone,ramesh asks cousins

where is nisha,suku says they are in,cousins leave.
Kabir says god ur cousins nisha and why are u so lost do u want to say something,nisha says actually kabir I,ramesh knocks the door,kabir thinks its cousins and says I wont open the door,ramesh shouts open the door,kabir opens the door and ramesh walks to nisha in anger and says dare u tell me lie and if u lie u will see me dead, kabir says papa,ramesh says don’t interrupt, ramesh says I know everything that u two are in contract marriage,nisha and kabir are shocked,nisha is in tears, ramesh says why did u do this nisha, how dare u hide such big thing,and u know what babuji was right never give so much freedom,and what was the need why did u marry eachother and kabir did u think what will happen after three months.
Nisha says papa kabir isn’t at fault it was my decision,when I heard viraj was marrying kaira I got angry and said yes and before I could realize all arrangements where made,ramesh says kabir why didn’t u deny,nisha says for me I asked him to do so,kabir says I will behave very bad and all will hate me and then say good kabir went away and I tried that but u guys never let me do that,after being with u guys I understood what family is,nisha says I tried telling u papa but couldn’t gather courage,ramesh says what do u too think,all will be fine when kabir goes away,kabir says plz forgive me papa, I can do anything for nisha but I cant stop here, I have to go to London school that is my dream my passion,I agree our decision was wrong and I am ready to accept any punishment.ramesh says kabir u are a guest but look at my own daughter,nisha says papa who told u,ramesh says viraj,he had called me and told me and has proposed to marry u,ramesh leaves,nisha says papa plz stop.
Nisha says papa,kabir didn’t do anything he did bcoz I be happy and he stayed just for me so that no one blames me,kabir is a nice guy, plz understand,ramesh asks is kabir really going,does he loves u,will he stay here,and till u find answers to these don’t talk to me, bcoz these answers will give me peace, and nisha u never understood ur dad who always fought for u,why didn’t u think abt talking to me,and this society u know I never cared abt it but just u and u give reason as society to ur act and I never expected this from u and now I think u are not my daughter bcoz my nisha would never do what u have done, ur act proves that I am at fault a loser and ramesh goes away.
Nisha starts morning,sourabh at warehouse,guard opens the door,sourabh hides and when guard goes away,sourabh escapes from there.kabir wakes up and calls nisha,on getting no answer kabir starts searching nisha,kabir says did ramesh uncle take nisha away and what if everyone at her house learnt abt our secret how will she handle,god kabir this is all bcoz of u,u shd have gone away and now look,kabir sees the cupboard and feels relaxed seeing her clothes and then thinks where she must be,kabir calls suku and asks is nisha their,suku says yes she is,kabir gets ready and sees the photo and says this is all bcoz of u,once I find u I can go away but nisha.
Ramesh is thinking this is all my fault I didn’t understand her pain and I have to end this right now orelse these two will commit big mistake,nisha comes with tea and says here is ur tea papa,but ramesh doesn’t entertain her,and says nisha very clear I wont talk to u till I figure out everything.

PRECAP: sourabh in front of gangwals,says I know u all are worried about fake jwellery but the thing is kabir is not at fault but its sumit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. richa

    So sad it ws a dream bt nyc 2 hear 4m kabir dat he cn do nythng 4 nisha bt sad is dat he cant stay:-(

  2. resha

    Hey guys what do u think will kabir realize his love for nishu????? Will he stay ???

  3. amyra

    i think kabir will stay….he will realise his love for nisha soon!! 😀 i hope… #GutFeeling ….!!! 😀 😛 🙂

    • Yeah, and he realises on time as well! An if that dance school is really important then he should take Nisha with him

  4. ?♪susi♪?

    Gud night…richu devga pragu aishu liya maanu mans stuti amyra Kani ss nibir blossom shree gree hg…nd all nibir fans nd nauc fanss…sweet dreamzzz???frndzz

  5. stuti

    oh!!!! it was a dream…..Y they do like this we all were so excited…All went in vein….Now i just hope tht kabir realises his love n should accept nisha as his wife… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. mridz

    Worst episode ever ….. was looking forward to tis episode and all in vain…..all ended up just a dream…..
    idk why all serial makers do this…
    hopefully kabir will realise his feelings for nisha and nisha too goes to london with kabir to fulfill his dream of dance school….. its the nly way out….

  7. Liya

    Ria sis,when u get time read 2days sns pg.dont think bad about me.v r always troubled with such fellows so v called theries.

  8. Not so good episode why the put such precap on for just to give us false hope i was think that some thing good will happen in this episode but i am wrong
    But the precap look lil good hope every1 believe saurabh

  9. Vinu ( monjanss)

    nja 1 nu povum ippo enik kurache pani und oru management book nokki assignmentil photostat cheyyanam

  10. Max

    Childhood time haunting me now,
    A child is grows up so fast, how?
    My mom waking me up with coffee,
    I act as Im asleep and become naughty!
    As I look upward and breath
    My mom holds and brush my teeth!
    As I take a bubble bath,
    My mom face gets covered with froth!
    With my uniform and tie,
    I feel Im the most smart guy!
    Soon my mouth stuffed with breakfast,
    I say enough, this is last!
    My mom will apart me with kiss!
    Now I badly miss that bliss!
    As I start to ride bicycle!
    To stop me is impossible!
    A race to school with my friends!
    My happiness knew no ends!
    These days I had no fears,
    But now Im ending this with tears!!!!!!
    GM Guyz. Hve a nice day

      • ★kanisha★

        really max bro …. love this poem….
        and yaa mother’s day is also coming … its on 10th may … so best of luck guys .. hive some surprise to ur mom and make her happy …not only happy , double triple and many more …. just make her happy 🙂 …. don’t wait for only mother’s day…. every day is special …. so be happy and make happy :-))) I LOVE ♥ YOU MOM/MAMMA/MUMMY/MAA… ♥♥♥………

  11. Max

    S guyz evn I miss them a lot. 4 d first time in my lyf I startd crying while writng a poem!!!
    Love you mom! miss you buddies! missing my teachers! finally my bicycle rides!!!! 🙁 🙁

    • ★kanisha★

      yaa school days r just awesome … really… waise I’m in school …. but my bro ( real) is in college so he tells that he will just miss his school day forever…

  12. maanu

    Good Morning Friends.Have A Nice Day.”Whatever with the past has gone,the best is always yet to come”.

  13. dia

    Hiiii…..for my dear nibir lvrs…..i hv created a group on fb fr nibir ”NiBir…Nisha Kabir lovers…NKL”……Its fr real nibir lovers join this its my request plz

  14. ★kanisha★

    sorry Richa di bcoz I haven’t mail u…. but by mistake I wrote to u to check mail

  15. richa

    Su sry m catchng d twr sgnl as my attack ystrday went in wain 🙁 nd no i didnt hv lunch nd u?

  16. richa

    I nvr intended 2 b rude in last cmnt nd i cant evn say sry or else my carnivore frnd vl eat me:-P

  17. ?♪susi♪?

    K bii now my battery getting too low…I [email protected].???

  18. richa

    Su dr my mob went off so i went dr hope u didnt luk long 4 me dr nd c i didnt evn say sory 2 u in dis cmnt>_< 😆 -_-

  19. Let Kabir also love Nishi. He actually loves her but has not realized. Please dont let the selfish moron Viraj take advantage and separate them by proposing to Nishaa. Let everyone realize Nibir is made for each other. Kabir is so cute and really very caring. If he were in Viraj’s place he would exit gracefully from their lives. Viraj is a pile on with so sense of dialogue delivery. All the cousins are aware of her love for Kabir….

  20. richa

    Su dr its all abt bolywood actr salman khan who hs been sentenced fr 5 yr jail 4 hit nd run case
    ND SLW NT Su nd no sry hr

  21. ?♪susi♪?


  22. ?♪susi♪?

    K dr..I msg u later dr some workkkk…so u can with these boxesssss.☺????☺???????☺☺???????????????????????????

  23. richa

    M NT ***U dr su nd ok by tc nd dr dat ws a name of a singr dr nt smthng else u thot nd ur boxes dnt talk

  24. Hi and a biiiiggg helo to my frnds susi amu kanisha mans maanu rich pragu stuti liya aishu nika nibir ….. And all nibirians …. ( nisha kabir fans )

  25. Liya

    My name isnt liya but my mail id and google account name is liya.will it cause any problem?

  26. Liya

    Real doubt is this>i want a gravatar account which username should i give?fake(liya) name means…..

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