Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, virat enters the palace n nisha n amanpreet are stopped by the guards, nisha says she is hear to pick her lost letter, the guards misbehave with nisha, nisha asks the guard to be careful with words. Amanpreet n nisha are allowed tot ake the letter, but the guard sends them by a wrong way. Nisha n virat are about to meet but nisha changes her way. Amanpreet says nisha i think we have lost our way, nisha says ya even i think so, they search for the right way, and amanpreet meets a guard he shows her way n says I will send the other girl as well.nisha gets locked in a room. Umesh n cousins are waiting for amanpreet n nisha, they see amanpreet who comes running n asks where is nisha, amanpreet says oh i thought she must be out, it was very scary inside i hope she is

safe. Nisha bangs the door but no answer n so manages somehow n gets out of other door, on her way she hears noise of gun firing, she comes out of castle n see virat with his gun aiming at the targets. Nisha looking at virat realises a dog sitting besides her n then sees the dog approaching her.
Meanwhile guard report sham singh that a girl is missing, shamsingh says its time for dogs to let free go find her it is very hazardous. The dog barks on nisha, listening to the dog virat turns n asks the dog to sit , nisha in fright holds virats jacket.virat says are u scared, nisha says no i don’t get scared, virat says if u want to fight u must accept things, look into the dogs eyes n say im scared. The dog is scared as well n so attacks u, n so learn to face ur fright,. Nisha says wat if the dog bites, virat says go straight to dog n without losing eye contact go to bozo(dog), nisha takes forward slowly n sits near the dog. Meanwhile virat walks off, nisha turns around n sees virat missing n says bozo take me out of the palace plz.
Laxmi calls kirti n asks where is nisha, kirti says to laxmi she is on other side n will call as soon as nisha comes. Bozo shows nisha her way , nisha asks a guard to click a photo with bozo, but bozo barks n nisha falls off the corridor, the guard keeps clicking the pics of falling nisha, nisha falls directly into virats arm, virat says this isn’t a way to come down but to go straight up. Shamsingh comes n says sorry sir she lost her way, virat says its ok have a nice evening n leaves. Shamsingh gives nisha her letter n the guard gives her phone. Nisha says thanku n leaves.
Ramesh in his room, calls laxmi n tells her cell is ringing, since laxmi doesn’t answer, ramesh picks the call, n says laxmi isn’t here im her husband, the call says im doctor anjali, doctor Sharma has transferred the case to me , ramesh says ya laxmi spoke to me that she met a councillor, the councillor says u did a good job by cancelling the engagement , bcoz the accident has made a huge impact on her mantal stability, n she needs to get over it, ramesh gets shocked n says laxmi will call u later. Laxmi comes n says who was it ramesh, ramesh closes the door n says wat happened to nisha tell me right now.
Cousins worried abt nisha see her coming out, umesh says where were u, ritesh says we searched u a lot, dolly kirti says are u fine, amanpreet says atleast u could give a call, nisha ignores all this n lost in her thoughts goes in the car n sits down with a smile on her face, ritesh says did she see a ghost, summit says looks the ghost was very positive look at her smile.

Precap: nisha goes to her room with letter n sees ramesh in her room with torn scrapbook n all her certificate medals n trophies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr update.watng 2 c mre n mre NIRAJ.hope dr lv stry start sn.

  2. wer is suku ..??? y is he always missing ?? !!!!!

  3. anysways loved the part where nisha falls in virat’s hands … it was so awesome 🙂

  4. Guys plz clarify me that was nisha raped or just molested by some boys….coz laxmi used to said in one episode that nishu somehow managed to save herself physically bt had a huge impact on her mental status….plz clarify! !!!!!

  5. @shilpa Nsha ws molstd by sme smehw she escpd bt tht incidnt affctd hr mntal state.

    1. Ok thnks deae

      1. Dear*

  6. @anashrah ok thnks dear

  7. @ shilpa my pleasure.

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