Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha asks Ramesh what happened. He says nothing..he will get the necklace fixed. He leaves. Nisha comes inside and gets happy seeing two new cups. Her and Kabir argue to make coffee. Kabir gives up in end. Nisha goes to make coffee. Meanwhile, Kabir decides to propose her while drinking coffee. He puts both their phones on silence, so no one disturbs them. He also goes to switch off the doorbell. There he sees Nisha’s sister coming. He requests her to leave saying he wants to spend time with Nisha. He forgets to close the door.

Nisha comes back. Kabir is all set to propose her, but Vasundra comes there and Kabir backs off. She asks him if this is his London. Kabir fails in lying and then tries to talk sweet, but she slaps him. Kabir then hugs her and says sorry for lying. She

too hugs him back and both cry. Nisha smiles. Vasundra asks Kabir why he went to jail and why Virender filed an FIR. Also how he knows Gangwals. Kabir ignores her questions and asks about the truth that she hid. She says they can talk about it later. She then asks Kabir what he’s doing in Nisha’s house and how he knows her. Nisha was going to touch her feet, but Kabir stops her and acts as if she was searching for her pen. He signs her not to say anything and Nisha joins-in in his lie. They say Kabir is Nisha’s husband friend and he didn’t have any address so gave his in police station. Nisha tries to run away saying she will bring snacks. Vasundra stops her and asks her to sit there. She asks her about her husband. Nisha says he’s in Ajmer as his business is there. Kabir asks Nisha to get water for Vasundra. She leaves. Kabir also acts of an emergency and goes to bathroom.

From there he calls Nisha, and requests her not to say anything to his mum as he forgot to tell her about their wedding. Nisha says ok. She says in her mind, 3 months are over anyway so they don’t need to tell the truth. She comes outside and looks for Kabir. Vasundra asks her if she got call from her husband. She blushes and says yes. Kabir comes out and says Vasundra that he will drop her to the hotel. Vasundra thanks Nisha for helping her again and hopes Kabir gets a wife like him. They leave. Kabir quietly says sorry to Nisha while leaving.

Vasundra wants to buy a saaree as a gift for Nisha. She says yellow color would be good. Kabir says her favorite color is pink angrily. She asks him why he’s angry with her. Kabir says she never told him the truth about his brother and asks who he is. Vasundra says in her mind that she can’t tell him the truth..what if they also take him away from her. She ends up saying his brother is dead and if she hid anything, then it was for his good. Kabir gets emotional. Now Vasundra again asks about why he went to jail and what’s his connection with Gangwal. Kabir says it was a misunderstanding and why she is asking questions as if she has connection with them. She asks why he’s being rude. He says he just found out news about his brother, so hopefully she can understand. And who knows what more she has hid from him. He starts walking. She asks he won’t go inside. He says he got some work and leaves.

Vasundra buys saaree and while paying, a letter falls down from her purse. It’s rejection and going away letter from Ramesh that he took her just as a friend and he’s taking this step for their both good. She gets emotional and somewhat angry too.

Precap: Vasundra catches Kabir eating something from same spoon as Nisha. She says he never ate anyone’s jootha (eaten already) food like that before and asks him to tell the truth.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  22. PART 1
    “No Nisha you can’t! You can’t! This can’t happen!” Nisha shouted at her reflection in the mirror, despair taking over her. “You had promised yourself. You can’t fall for him Nisha, you can’t” she now murmured in half a whisper as she sunk to the bathroom floor, tears streaming down her face. Thousands of emotions overcame her as she sat on the cold floor, her face hidden in her hands; anger, despair, sadness but more than those, love. Yes, Nisha was in love with her husband. She had done every possible thing to stay away from him but in the end she still fell madly in love for him. She was angry at herself for having broken the promise she had made but also at him. Why did he have to be so caring and nice that she couldn’t help but love him? He had somehow become an important part of her life and she couldn’t imagine for a minute being away from him. Her heart ached to confess her feelings to him and stop him from going but she refused to let her love for him coming in the way of his dreams. After all, hadn’t he reminded her a thousand times over the past two months how much going to the London school dance was important to him? She couldn’t afford him leaving his dreams incomplete because of her. That is why she decided to keep her feelings to herself and enjoy the last month with him as much as possible, creating memories she could cherish for the rest of her life.
    “Nisha! Kahan ho yaar?” came Kabir’s voice some minutes later, cutting her from her trance. She wiped her tears hastily, and forcing a smile on her face went to see what her dearest hubby was up to.
    Entering her room, she was surprised to see her sangeet tape playing on their small tv. Kabir was already comfortably settled on the bed and upon seeing her, patted the spot beside him, gesturing for her to sit down. She obeyed and waited as he gave an explanation. “Umesh gave me the movie this morning while we were at the shop. I thought of surprising you.” He said with a smile.
    “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I also made us coffee.” He added while handing her a cup of steaming hot coffee. She sipped her coffee, a smile forming on her lips.
    “Not bad, hubby.”
    “Thanks Wifey.” He replied, with his goofy grin. “Now, watch the TV. Look, Kirti’s dance.”
    As her cousin’s dance was over, Nisha’s heart beat in anticipation as she didn’t need to watch the screen to know what was coming next. She didn’t even bother hiding her smile as she was watched their first dance together. But little did she know that besides her even her husband was taken back down to memory lane when he first felt something for her.
    PS: Pls ignore any mistakes I might have done.

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