Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says to gayatri the fight will be neck to neck,nisha says all the best,gayatri leaves with weird expressions of attitude,viraj says to kirti u shd rest,kirti says im here to dance,nisha says sir she will manage and I guess we should get ready now,viraj says ok lets go.
Virendra says so mohan all ready,mohan says yes here are popcorns and now no one will leave the television,roopan whispers to mohan shall I go,mohan says all are here u stay as well,dadi says vimla did u inform the neighbours abt the show,vimla says yes I did and anyways everyone in our house talk very loud they already know whats going on.
Laxmi says to ramesh im proud of u I knew u wont let nisha do anything at the cost of her self respect,ramesh says really, and is dollys dad

is inside,laxmi nods yes,ramesh says people have always tried to put nisha down but this time she wont lose and play hard.

The competition begins, team desi rockers perform on chikni chameli, virendra says oh these guys are dancing so bad,dadi says our kids are the best they are gonna win and look at ur dadaji he is so tensed.mohan says this desi rocker will surely come second bet on it,virendra says ok lets bet ,aman says oh plz stop it lets concentrate on the show.
The next performance is priyankas,viraj calls sham singh and ask to mail the footage soon,gayatri says I have to get the footage before viraj does. Gayatri to priyanka u look stunning and ur the winner trust me ,nisha and cousins wish priyanka luck priyanka leaves. Nisha asks kirti is she ok,kirti says im ok.
Dream team i.e priyankas team perform of dance basanti.dadi says to aman don’t get so scared calm down,virendra says oh u guys stop now or how will I know which song it is,dadi says see the dance. Its time for lakshya academies performance, umesh says ok I will be back I need to go to washroom,aman says oh know don’t get up or the good luck will get spoilt, all laugh.
Viraj is waiting for artis mail,nisha asks kirti can u lead,kirti says I don’t think I can my leg I paining so plz u lead with viraj sir anyways we all trust u more after last performance plz, nisha goes to vira and says sir its our turn,viraj says one minute,the organizers ask viraj and his team to keep cell phones at the side and collect it after the performance,gayatri slowly takes virajs cell and see the footage.
Team lakshya on stage,at gangwal house all get excited,viraj begins with a poem which is as my eyes are waiting to see u,ur close but cant see u,viraj looks at nisha and thinks miss nisha I wish I can meet my love who is here,nisha thinks I wish I could tell u that im arti and I don’t wanna hurt u.
Lakshya team begin their performance on song ram chahe leela,with nisha and viraj in the lead,gayatri finds from the footage nisha was at virajs door,in performance viraj and nisha get blind folded and shoot the bulls eye and continue with the dancing,the audience give great response to lakshyas performance,gayatri finds out viraj doesn’t know nisha is arti and thinks why did nisha hide this from viraj and reads all the mails between arti and viraj and decides to delete the footage mail so that viraj never know who arti is.
Performance finishes and aman excited hugs umesh and soon realizes all are looking,viraj reach the cell desk,gayatri says oh nice act, viraj says any thing else,gayatri says nothing and leaves.judges decide amaong themselves, and the team to win the competition 2015 is team LAKSHYA. Al at gangwal house get very excited and so do all at the competiton,judges call team lakshya on stage,nisha looks at viraj and thinks after u know the truth I know u will hate me but still I will tell u the truth where as viraj is thinking abt arti and says where are u arti its all bcoz of u I love u.
Judges give them the winning trophy,gayatri says viraj I will end ur happiness soon tomorrow u will see the worst day.

Nisha says to sourabh after sir knows the truth he will hate me atlest he will feel good reading the printouts,sourabh says don’t worry the printouts are ready and account deleted, gaytri listens to this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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