Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha and kabir reading the deal papers get shocked as it says only living and bedroom is theres,kabir says this is fraud,viraj says now a days people fraud with themselves anyways read ahead it says the owner can use it as he wishes,kabir says sorry nisha,nisha says no its not ur fault,viraj says don’t worry u wont have any problem,nisha says that will be better anyways u are the land owner and not the people living in it and leaves,kabir says n one more this says only ur protion can be used as per ur wish so be in ur limits.
Kabir n nisha in the room,kabir asks do u still miss him,nisha says no infact I pity him,kabir says its my stupidity,nisha says kabir its ok relax,he is here to trouble us,n im not worried abt that but abt the family ,shall we shift,kabir

says even I think so but money,viraj wont give deposit back,nisha says ya how abt asking dad,kabir says no I wont let u feel ashamed,we will manage,I will work hard,nisha says no see viraj is here to separate us so we just wont let that happen,kabir says n that to just for 3 months,nisha says forget all this and concentrate on ur interview,kabir says wow ur so intelligent all result of marrying me,nisha says I will slap u,kabir says atleast u will touch me,nisha says kabirrrrr.
Next morning kabir n nisha sleeping n kabir gets a call,he freaks out and says no this is not possible,nisha wakes up and asks why is he shouting,kabir says nisha my interview is today what shd I do now,viraj is listening all this,nisha says will look after singham we will think something,u go interview I will manage dadaji,kabir says thanku nisha I just hope I get selected then we can have money and shift,nisha says ok ok go get ready now.kabir says ok u prepare tea,nisha says why me,kabir says plz I have to practice and im not vela like u,nisha says I have to clean home get ready,kabir says fine get ready,and make tea,nisha hits him with pillow,kabir says ok lets make it together, u keep water for boiling till then I will freshen up.
Nisha walks to kitchen,viraj stops her,nisha says this passage is mine plz leave,viraj says miss nisha everything is fair in love n war,kabir sees this,nisha says I have left u behind and moved on,viraj says no u haven’t,kabir comes and hugs her and says oh morning darling I so love u and big bro do u need money or something or ,viraj leaves.nisha and kabir making tea,but no sugar,nisha asks where is sugar,kabir says yesterday u and I on floor and sugar on us,kabir says anyway I will get it,nisha says no u practice I will get it.
Sumit says to dolly why did u tell them and what abt this job thing,dolly says someone has to do job, how will u manage,sumit says oh u do all u want to do never listen to me ,mom n dad asking abt good news but u,dolly says u have no job how can u think abt kids,sumit says then tell dadaji to appoint me as well,dolly says not again I don’t want to talk abt it,sumit says u have to and pulls her,dolly says ur hurting me and leaves.
Kabir is practicing, the music is disturbing viraj who is talking to doctor on phone,viraj gets angry and shouts stop it,but kabir doesn’t so viraj switches off the music,viraj says this is house n I don’t want any noise,kabir says don’t u see ur too much interfering, viraj says u are interfering and if u want to hear music here (throws head phones at kabir.)kabir says dude plz calm down n says u plz go.kabir starts practicing again,viraj says what nonsense is this,kabir says if ur so disturbed go to ur big house,viraj says this house is also mine and im here for a reason and I will make it to it,kabir says oh it looks ur very busy fine I will lower the music,nisha says one minute what are u doing viraj,this house is mine and this part is mine so plz don’t come here,viraj says im sorry but the music was too loud and so, shd I help u, im not liking it ur working and look at ur husband,nisha says no thanks and my husband is practicing so plz don’t disturb us,nishas basket falls down,kabir comes to help her,viraj starts helping as well,nisha says plz leave me n husband alone,viraj gets up and sees oil dropping on floor,he remembers kabirs words that they will leave so he doesn’t tell them.
Nisha goes to make breakfast and kabir starts practicing again,nisha goes to kabir to talk and sees oil, and kabir dancing near it,she realizes that kabir may step on it and fall.

PRECAP:sumit says to roopan see now ramesh uncles share has increased ,but don’t u worry I will help u in throwing kabir out of shop,all u have to do is make sure that everyone things that im the responsible one then I will take incharge of shop and the big share of the income will be urs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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