Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode begins with, gyatri seeing ramesh says oh when did u come u should have told me I would have given u the music cds,ramesh says enough plz don’t say anything and these bitter things suit u,gayatri says the truth is always bitter,ramesh says plz stop for me there is nothing more imp than my daughter,gayatri says ur daughter is a fool what does she think that she can shoot and also dance, and she can never defeat me and I heard she is backing off and I think its very good idea,ramesh says u should concentrate on ur daughter and I will take care of nisha,gayatri says oh u got angry and u look very handsome when u get angry anyways we are getting late lets go priyanka.
Ramesh says to sourabh what is this my daughter has to deal with so many people,sourabh says no worries

uncle nisha knows how to handle them and I wanted u too see this and know that nishas fight isn’t just for lakshya academy but against all people like gayatri.suku and other cousins waiting for sourabhs call,suku gets message from sourabh that plan worked.
Nisha before entering to virajs house thinks I guess this is may be last time I will be seeing sir bcoz he will be very upset when he will know the truth and he will be right in his position and I don’t blame him for that, arti was just a friend and never thought sir will fall in love with her and so I have to tell him the truth.ramesh stops nisha and says nisha today I have learned what is ur point aand view about this competition, I heard gayatri talking about u and then found out u are working really hard for it and u have to win todays competition for lakshya academy and for all its employee,nisha says what are u saying dad, ramesh says if u even think for 1% that the truth may abort this opportunity live one more day with this lie the decision is urs now im waiting downstairs.
Nisha thinksdad suku and sourabh are right this fight isn’t mine only but every person associated with lakshya academy so itsbetter I hide the truth for one more day,nisha stumbles,hearing this noise viraj walks towards door,but nisha hides and is unaware that virajs love letter to arti has fallen near the door.
Nisha goes downstairs to ramesh and says dad u were right I have decided I will tell the truth after the competition and for now focus on competition, ramesh says come I will leave u to the venue,nisha says no u go I will take an aut,ramesh says ok all the best,nisha says thanku and leaves.sham singh goes to viraj with pakods and shows him the card, viraj asks him where did u get it,sham singh says at the door,viraj says this means arti was here and leaves in hurry,gayatri asks sham singh what happened,sham singh says don’t know he said arti and rushed in hurry,gayatri says ok u go I will see viraj is fine.
Viraj goes in search of arti ,nisha stops an auto and sits in and goes,viraj thinks arti is in nishas auto and follows the auto,nisha calls suku and ask them to reach venue on time,suku says we have reached,kirti says to nisha thanku,nisha says don’t worry today is our day and we have to rock the competiton,viraj misses nishas auto and then decides to go for competition.
dolly informs all that cousins have reached the venue,umesh says see I told u all will be fine,leela says oh we delhi people don’t wait for things to get right instead do them right,and dolly pack ur ;uggage the car will be here soon,dolly says now,leela says then when u have to correct a lot of things in delhi also,and its high time all must have forgotten ur face,dolly says plz can we go tomorrow my cousins have worked really worked hard,vimla says yes plz go tomorrow and wait for today,leela says its unbelievable how can u guys talk like this,dadi says oh don’t get upset leela I agree dolly was here for her dad but now it was her brothers wedding,leela says sorry but u guys are too modern and so all this intercast marriage and all but even I have some standards and olly when im saying summits dad is unwell how can u think about competiton,dolly says sorry but I know he isn’t unwell he had called me today and said he is out on a business tour and so missed the wedding and he is doing very well and im sorry I didn’t want to say but,leela says these kids have no manners,dadi says enough of it leela ur crossing ur limits,leela says oh the whole community is questioning this wedding,dadi says aman is a member of this family and the people who don’t accept it cant leave and this house is dollys as well and its upto her whether stay or leave,leela says I cant handle this insult anymore.
Nisha reaches the venue and goes in,viraj reaches as well and shocked to see the auto and asks the driver who was sitting,the driver says a lady,viraj says this surely means arti was here.viraj calls and says I want to see the cctv footage of today evening and be quick,viraj then calls sham singha and says cctv footage will be home soon mail me those bcoz I think arti was here today I haven’t seen her yet but would like to know who is she,gayatri hears this and says so I was right there is some connection between arti and nisha and I have to get the cctv footage before viraj and then the game is on.
Gayatri to viraj,viraj its good to hear lakshya team has backed off,nisha says ur at fault we are here to win,gayatri says oh with injured members ,viraj says we will manage just wish priyanka best of luck on behalf of lakshya academy.

Nisha says sir its time for our performance,viraj says one minute im waiting for a mail,the organizers ask to submits the cells before performance.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi Tanya,
    Firstly I must say that I really appreciate you spending your time to write these very detailed updates. Thanks a lot! I understand that you have better things to do but many of us really like to read the updates as soon as possible as even we have busy lives and have rest at some points where we go on her phones check for updates and stud like that. What I don’t get is why Nisha Aur Uske Cousins has a late written updte compared to all the other serials? We would all really appreciate it if you update a little faster like the other serials. But we are really thankful for your hard work just please try to be a little faster. Sorry

  2. I meant tanaya

  3. Stuff like that

  4. I disagree, I am happy with the updates getting posted. sometimes I miss the show entirely and this is all I have to go by. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Another good program with a good story line. However, there’s always someone spoiling everything, and in this case, its a family member. Its kind of like Saraswatichandra, where Kumud’s mami was spoiling relations to make sure her son was getting everything.
    Rupan finds its difficult to understand that Umesh’s happiness in marrying Aman lies with everyone. so why is she lying about the wedding attire situation?

  6. Only bullshit and crap. All the serials are the same. There is no different between this serial and the other serials on star plus. Boringggg

  7. nice episode.waiting eagerly for next epi.

  8. gud mrng sis.

  9. gud mrng sis…

  10. gud mrng sis

  11. have a nice day sis

  12. Nice episode……thanks fr ur updates tanaya.

  13. divya chapla

    thanks a lot tanaya for the written update….. being a busy person cannot watch the episode but when i read i can imagine the scenes happening. Thanks once again. 😉

  14. I cmpletely dsagre with lela…u r so swt tanya

  15. gud evng sis…

  16. wow yaar…what an episode…their dance was just superb…and nirajs part was outstanding.loved it.

  17. Superb NIRAJ dance.i just hate dis bua.

  18. I think now that oh my my will tell truth to viraj and make him hate nisha.after that entry of kabir…and viraj will be jealous seeing his arti with someone else…what do u guyz think?

  19. mujhe aaj ke episode bahut acha lagta superb

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