Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj is told by sourabh that nisha didn’t marry by her wish,viraj says sourabh all will be right I promise and thanku so much, u really helped me a lot by clearing things,sourabh leaves,viraj says I now know u love me nisha and I will remove u out of this fake marriage.
Nisha serves instant noodles,roopan says wow but the ritual says that sweet shd be served in this case nisha u could serve biscuits,kabir says it’s the time to be mr wrong and says ur so right roopan aunty I mean nisha couldnt u learn things what all is this,and pulls nisha and whispers im just acting and says oh look u have insulted me and everybody, first halwa and now noodles,nisha says oh then why didn’t u work,dadaji says stop,see nisha ur so lucky to have him he cares for ur family

and their respect,summit says to dolly look see how ,dolly says plz be quite I don’t know what are u thinking but now stop not here.dadi says kabir nisha don’t fight bcoz of us,don’t worry we are happy with this noodles and take care,dadaji says we shd leave now,all hug nisha and say bye,dadaji says next time I will surely have halwa and keep this money ur first wedding shagun,all leave.
Nisha and kabir relax,kabir says next time surely I will be more bad,nisha says yes im thinking what bad u shd do in shop,kabir says yes think.viraj asks some people to drop things at an address and says nisha im coming don’t u worry now and I know u love me.kabir says though for three months nisha I will take care of u I wont let viraj or roopan aunty trouble u,nisha says really relax I don’t need that,kabir says im ur friend n I will take care of u.
Ramesh and laxmi having tea,laxmi is missing nisha,ramesh says its fine,remember on wedding day u and ma were telling me n now see look at urself,laxmi says what to do I cant stop missing here how will she be managing,don’t u know abt nisha and kabir,ramesh asks what nisha and kabir,laxmi is thinking abt separate beds ,ramesh asks what is it laxmi,laxmi says both don’t even know eachother how will they live together,ramesh says didn’t u see kabir always stands by nisha and supports her,I agree nisha and kabirs wedding was in rush but they will manage,dolly comes and asks for coffee,laxmi sees dollys upset face and asks her what is wrong,dolly starts crying and says summit has no job now and I don’t know what to do but plz don’t tell anyone,summit is standing behind and listening,ramesh says don’t worry we wont tell but tell what are summits plans now,summit calls dolly,ramesh says summit come in sit lets have tea,laxmi says I will get coffee wait,dolly wipes her tears and says uncle I will come later and summit and dolly leave.
Kabir sees beds joined and looks at nisha and says oh naughty girl,nisha looks at him and says stop it why do u always joke,kabir says chill,nisha says mom and dadi asked abt separate beds and so this,kabir says really,nisha says this always happens here its not easy like three months contract,kabir says plz im in no mood to listen abt marriage.kabir and nisha start fighting abt changing clothes,kabir says today u change out I will change here,nisha gets angry and says whatever and leaves,kabir says ya go and today I will sleep alone comfortably in this room,and kabir sees a lizard.(it is the plastic lizard thrown by jwala).
Seeing lizard kabir shouts,and hides behind nisha,nisha says relax and says look and ppicks it up,kabir says nisha what are u doing ,nisha says its fake and starts laughing,kabir starts laughing as well,and looks at nisha her shirt zip is half open from behind,he walks to nisha,makes all her hair to a side and slowly closes the zip,nisha feels awkward and looks at kabir the door bell rings,kabir says I will check who it is.kabir opens the door,the men come in wth furniture,nisha and kabir try to stop them saying its not mine stop,viraj says its my furniture,kabir says take it out of here,viraj says keep it down,kabir says what rubbish is this,viraj says did u forget this house is mine,kabir says this house is mine for 11 months I have agreement,viraj says not anymore it was ur old agreement and according to bond it says only the kitchen living and one bedroom is urs and other all is mine,and I guess u did too rush in signing the contract ,kabir remembers the signing and checks the contract again.

PRECAP;viraj says to nisha u wont have any problem,nisha says that will be good for u and me,and one more thing ur the landlord and not the owner of people living on it so keep in mind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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    • Thank u krishi and I checked it its wonderful…. Only these must happen…. Till end viraj should accept nibir marriage…

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