Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sham singh calls viraj and starts running.but gayatri comes behind him in a car and stops sham singh,gayatri says here ur I was trying to stop u but anyways sit in car I need to talk to u,sham singh says I wont u have already troubled hokum a lot and not anymore,gayatri says so I was right u heard all,sham singh says yes and I will tell hokum abt it,gayatri says didn’t u think that when viraj will know that nisha has married his small brother he will break down,sham singh says still I will tell him bcoz if I don’t u will use this information against him,gayatri sees a car coming and pushes sham singh on it and tries to run away.
Nishas car passes by and she sees sham singh and sees gayatri as well,she stops the car and gets gayatri pout of the car,summit

calls police,gayatri says let me go,nisha says yes I will leave u when police will come,gayatri says sham singh is robber and he tried to attack me,nisha says do u think I will believe u,gayatri says u always have habbit in interfering into others life,sourabh says this is u who do hack peoples account and then spoil their lifes.police comes ,dolly calls everyone and says sham singh wants to say something,sham singh points at gayatri and says she tried to kill me,police go to gayatri and says u are under arrest ,gayatri says u cant take me until my lawyer comes.police say shpw ur attitude later now come with us,gayatri says I will suspend u.
Sourabh says ambulance will take time we will take him to hospital,nisha says yes,dolly says nisha u and sourabh go home other wise all will get upset at home,nisha says ok ,kabir says sourabh keep my card u will need it,sham singh says gayatri and chote hokum and he goes unconscious, nisha says sourabh rush fast,nisha runs to gayatri and says why did u do this,gayatri says pitty u look instead of roaming with ur husband see what u are doing and mark my words the person u are running from will come back to u,and u coward keep running ,nisha says u wont get way from this gayatri,gayatri says in just 5 mins I will be out from this and then u see,police take her away,kabir asks nisha what was she saying,nisha says theres something dadaji wants to tell,gayatri has done something fishy.
Gangwals are waiting for nisha and as usual laxmi is in tension,dadi says laxmi relax me,kirti says good bye to everyone she is going to delhi for project,ramesh says wait meet nisha and go,kirti says I wished but im very late will call her and leaves,laxmi says umesh call dolly,dolly comes and says no need im here,laxmi asks where is nisha and kabir,both enter,all are surpised to see them both wearing casual wear and not traditional,laxmi walks to nisha and says what are u wearing and dolly I told u,dolly says I told her but she didn’t listen,laxmi says nisha it is ur pagphera,nisha says plz ma don’t force me,dadi says laxmi do arti forget it,dadaji smiles and says I thought u will change after marriage but u,nisha says plz dadaji u all are behaving as if u are seeing me like this first time,laxmi says come nisha lets go change first, roopan says laxmi when u had to scold u didn’t,nisha says aunty plz don’t talk to mom in this tone,kabir walks to dadi and says what to do I like nisha this way so,dadi laughs and says no worries now.
Laxmi while doing arti,nisha asks what have u made for lunch, kabir says oh yes even im hungry,dadi asks them both to be quite and concentrate on arti.laxmi calls nisha and asks her to come to kitchen,nisha goes behind laxmi,all are looking at kabir and he is feeling awkward,kabir gets a call and he goes out,the call is from London school of dance,kabir gets shocked.laxmi is very angry n nisha,laxmi says nisha u are married now,nisha says relax laxmi,laxmi says how will u manage in ur inlaws house u cant even cook,and so from today I will teach u one receipe, umesh comes and says don’t worry I will teach her,laxmi says all cousins,ramesh comes and says I have a solution for dinner u come here and lunch I will send from rukhma,laxmi says what abt babuji,kabir comes and says don’t worry we will learn to manage.
Nisha gets call from sourabh and he says sham singh I stable now but not yet conscious and cuts the phone.viraj arrives at the hospitak and runs to sham singh and says open ur eyes dadaji look im here,nurse says plz don’t trouble the patient he needs rest,viraj says plz sister make sure nothing happens to him,he is everything to me,nurse says we are trying,viraj says don’t try I want results and don’t worry abt charges, nurse says the payment is done,viraj asks who gave,sourabh says kabir,viraj says to himself that kabir u have robbing all my close ones from me and I wont let that happen.

PRECAP:kabir says to dadaji that he has applied for job in delhi,dadaji says u don’t need to from tomorrow u will start looking after gangwal jwellers marketing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Ritz

    Thnx for the supe. Fast update and is Kabir’s track coming to an end plz I don’t him to go anywhere. He and nisha are made for each other. If u have to go to London take nisha along with u and leave her for viraj

  2. Susi

    Ooooo viraj he helping ur closed ones ….. But u think he is robbing…. When u realize u never think like this….. And nowadays u look so dull but kabir looking always cute and awesome…. I love u kabir ……

    • Ya susi this viraj always thinking negative….. And nisha has done many things for him but he ditched her many times and now he is trying take r nishu’s happiness….. But our CUTE KABIR … THOUGH HE KNWS VIRAJ IS BAD HE HELLPED A PERSON CLOSE TO VIRAJ WITHOUT MINDING HOW BAF VIRAJ IS AND DID NOT MIND ABT MONEY…. But still he thinks negatively that KABIR is taking his rights …. KABIR U R REALLY KIND AND HELLPING MINDED PERSON …… KABIR U ROCK …. SORRY KABISHA ROCK >3 …..

  3. mans

    hii guyz….what do u think the reaction of viraj after he gets to know that nisha is his bhabhi???

  4. Wow happy for such a fast update…. And ya I really ENJOYED TODAYS EPI …. NIBIR U JUST ROCK …..

  5. mans

    i wanted viraj to be just a mentor for nisha…. but i was unhappy wen he became nisha’s lover… but nw m double happy tat kabir is nisha’s husband….wow!! i wanna want more double dhamaka twists in this show….!!! three cheers for nauc!!!

    • Ya three cheers …. For NIBIR ….. … coz of KABIR I AM WATCHING THIS SHOW ….. first seeing this male lead viraj …. I HATED NAUC IN BEGINNING….. AND NOW AFTER KABIR’ S ENTRY …. I AM FULLY STUCK TO NAUC…..
      NIBIR RoOCcKzZZzzzzZzz

  6. Wah wat a speed….. Anyway thanks Tanya!

    Hi guys nice 2 c lots of tamilians….
    Hw r u guys????
    kool episode Mr n Mrs rock….:)
    Mr Viraj Singh Rathore if u lov Nisha u shud allow her 2 b hapy…if u think her hapines is ur priority……
    but u always trouble….stop disturbing her n better put this tym in ur academy..;)

    Wish good twists cum n d show….
    Nisha n Kabir soon understand tat u guys can’t leave without eachother.
    Coz u guys are soulmates!!!

  7. Rihanna

    It appears the kirti character is leaving the show.. am glad she does that than sitting in this show which apparently has nothing meaningful left… why don’t you just telecast nisha kabir romance forever and start making some song-dance sequences also.. and move to some early morning slot like 3am when nobody watches 😀

    • So sorry rihanna wat ever u say will not b accepted… Coz v find KABIR AND NISHA PAIR MORE SUPERB …. as he cares for her though he don’t knw her properly … First wen they met he don’t knw anything abt nishu her prob but he managed to make her happy till now…. And can’t u c in such a short time….. KABIR got A HUGE NUMBER OF FANS ….. NOT LIKE THT viraj fool who is losing his fans hahahaha….. And ya IF THEY SHOW NIBIR ROMANCES TILL THE END V WILL WATCH …. COZ THIS IS BETTER THAN THT IDIOTIC viraj’s anger for nisha always…. ……. And v r pleased by KABIR’S ENTRY AND V WIL WATCH NIBIR ROMANCES….. HOW MANY EVER TIME THEY SHOW…..

      • nk

        Glad 2 know ths show hav u ppl atleast.what left in nauc expect silly chars with silly fans.i 2 sorry 4 being rude.enjoy ur crap 4ever and try not 2 insult viraj or other actor.stay blssd nibirians .may ths crap entertain u people lifelong

      • nk

        Glad 2 know ths show has u ppl atleast.what left in nauc expect silly chars with silly fans.i 2 sorry 4 being rude.enjoy ur crap 4ever and try not 2 insult viraj or other actor.stay blssd nibirians .may ths crap entertain u people lifelong

      • aalia

        hey nk yess itss nt only abt viraj v shud respect all the actors as they r bound to do wat the production team nd directors etc…. want them to do nd all of them work soo hard so they r not silly bt the production teams orders are (srry if i was rude) I DONT MEAN TO HURT ANY ONES VEIWS

  8. papia

    hey guys.Will someone welcome me?i have commented 2 times guess no one noticed.i love this site.always follow it and read all the WU.i am a die hard fan of NIBIR

  9. papia

    haa….I love NAUC.and always try to be socialized with the world.i love making international frndzz 😀

    • kani

      yaa richa i’m still reading comments … but can comment only 2 or3 or 4 times ….and gudmorning…..:-)

    • Susi

      Not like that papia u just start talking with us …… We will become good frndsss with u yrrr

    • richa

      not that papia itzz morning nd v r a bit busy but vil see u later in evening if possible for u nd i promise v will talk a lot nd be good frnds like all r here so dont get dishartned v all r here 2 talk nd itzz just v r a bit busy at thiss time 🙂

  10. richa

    hey are there any more international ppl outside india plz introduce yourselves here in nauc comment channel

  11. richa

    hey nika srry me 2 got engaged in sme wrk see ya later nd 🙂 v crossed 100 yippee nd so earlyy YIPPEEEEEEEEE

    • Susi

      Wht u think about viraj yrr??? Kabir is helping their closed ones but he thinks that he is robbing ????

  12. Papia a very warm welcome…. To nauc page …. But don’t feel like that no one notices u…… Its just others wer bsy talking ….. U r new and u will become noticed if u comment here regularly…..

  13. Hey susi I liked tht part wen KABIR SAYS ” MUJE NISHU AISE HI ACHI LAGTHI HEY ” …. and I loved it coz he was looking so cute …. Both NIBIR IN YESTERDAYS EPI WER AWESOME LOOKING….

  14. papia

    maine ek jaga padha ki AUR PYAAR HO GAYA mein main lead ke liye aneri aur miskat ne sath sath audition diya tha.aur wo dono KAAFI acche dost hai in real life 😉

  15. stuti

    okk now dont say sorry guys its okk i dint feel bad n we all r frnds n frnds ke bich mein no sorry no thank u
    ya sounds filmy but its true

  16. Susi

    C we were from different places and different languages but we made frnds ….. Here ….. How sweet …… !!!! 🙂 🙂

  17. nika

    How much ever kavir tries to be bad but he can’t be. Yesterday while majing contract he told he eill be mean with her family member but he can’t he is sooooo good

  18. kani

    hey Richa… me too missing u all but now possible only after 12 April…baiiiiiiii…..everyone ….. and also to new entry.. mans n Papia… bye…

  19. kani

    u know guys that u have crossed more than kyy … vry vry happy …. oh !no…. bye bye bye…….

  20. richa

    seriouslyy YIP{EEEEEEEEEEEEE} COOL yr kani tu naa thodi der baat kr le kuchh nii hota …… aur bta haal chaal

    • kusum

      What is there in the video in my comp it is not getting open. So plz tell me what is there in the video

  21. shaka

    It showing that nisha accept his affairs with viraj but sry nika I don’t like this video yrr

  22. nika

    A romantic dance between abhigya and tanu tries intrept but rabul stops her indirectly by dancing

  23. shaka

    K guys now I shud leave…I have some work I meet u at 4 O’Clock yrr byee..frndsss 🙁 🙂

  24. nika

    U remind me of one school girl who always tells “yrr” she is actually a good friend of mine

  25. kasha

    hii guys… dis is mans… i hav changed my name to KASHA a dedicated fan of kabir and nisha….

  26. nika

    In sbb news of nauc
    Nisha and kabir go to their new house where nisha’s grahapravesh happens with a mug and the house is also so big

  27. kani

    i saw in SBS whatever nika said and also saw that after grahpravesh the first entry happens of viraj in nibir’s new home…..
    baiii……(also saw data’s daughter,khushi)…..OK byeeeeeee….

  28. richa

    i remember there were many ppl who used to comment here first but i also dont see any of them now …

  29. richa

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  30. richa

    guyss plzz vote on which show is going the right way ??? in the poll section of this site nd comment tooo………………………………

  31. I voted for nauc in which show is going right way …. ….. And guess wat frndz….. I am happy that NAUC IS LEADING …… YAHOOOOOOO ….

  32. Anyone PLZ tel me wat happened in today’s epi coz I was not able to c ….. And from tomo onwards no chance of watching TV ……… Only studies studies studies…

  33. Hi lucky ya a very warm welcome ….
    Here I am sure u will get good and super cool frnds …. But only the timing differs…..
    Lucky can u PLZ post shortly wat hapend in today’s epi

  34. Oh plzzzzz I am very eager to knw wat hapend today PLZ someone help me …. Tel me shortly wat happened. ……
    I am dieying to knw wat hapnd

  35. kasha

    yesterday t was posted early … i thought it wud continue the same… but unfortunately noooooo…. tanaya pls pls pls update fast….

  36. richa

    yess tanaya nly posts fast on sat nd mondys ……. if the update iss not available yet u hv got to wait till 12 as nauc is usuallt updated around 12 night…….

  37. Ya richa v must wait ….. Till 12 …. Usually by or after 12 its updated …. Today may b I can’t b awake I will c early morning ….. But u am very eager to read it now….. But its not yet updated

  38. Ya richa v must wait ….. Till 12 …. Usually by or after 12 its updated …. Today may b I can’t b awake I will c early morning ….. But u am very eager to read it now….. But its not yet updated ….
    Oh my this network is disturbing my comments too much … I am not able to comment fast coz no proper network

  39. richa

    mee 2 bad netwrk yaa m also going 2 see the update in the morning as i also cant b awake…… itzz too boring nd irritating 2 wait till late nyt

    • Ya nothing to do right til 12 …. And wat tym morning u will cum to read updat Richa …. I will mostly cum by 6:30 as soon as I get up as I am very eager to read

  40. My god today also its 500 wonderful …. Wow can’t control my happiness…. Guys one day v must reach 1000 ….. Let’s try …..

  41. nika

    Sure angel but me good night i am aready yawning devga and richa are still.
    Goodnight everyone see u tomrrow

    • Hi angel I have seen u in yhm … Page ….. …. OK welcome to the WORLD OF NIBIR FANS….. U WIL ENJOY COMMENTING HERE …. FOR NOW BYE GOOD NIGHT

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