Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,gayatri goes to viraj n says she has to talk something important, viraj says sure tell me, gayatri says todays announcement I didn’t like it I mean that girl nisha has no sense no manners, viraj says she has potential n so I gave her chance n not just her any girl who I see has potential laksh academy will support her.gayatri says oh my my I think u are taking lot of interest in her I mean u danced with her, viraj says I do lot of work n I don’t think I need to give u explanation I take interest in nisha bcoz she takes interest in my academy, n this is for u n priyanka as well if u don’t show interest u also will not be given that treatment. Gayatri says priyanka is ur sister, viraj says I know that n I love her but she is very unprofessional, gayatri says

oh this is how u gonna treat us, I really miss my viraj n starts crying, viraj says aunty plz don’t cry im doing all this to bring priyanka back on track n for that she has to go through all this, gayatri says fine n now I will leave n goes.
Shekhar listens all this n says now I will use gaytri to remove nisha out of the academy. Ritesh tells kirti that viraj singh rathore is ready to buy the flat n now all my problems are solved n now sign these papers, kirti says in her mind how cheap of u for not telling the truth, kirti signs the papers. Mohan asks kirti what is it why is she upset, nisha enters n says roopan aunty n mohan uncle without any questions just come with me n kirti u as well.
Ram asks ritesh is the party good have u checked everything, ritesh says dad he is sports person n celebrity so we are in profit, ritesh says dad one more thing he is nishas boss so keep in mind , ram says ya after the deal by evening flight we will be out of this country. Viraj comes n goes to ritesh n his parents, viraj asks ritesh for papers n check them n gives him money, ritesh signs the agreement papers,viraj says I heard u had an relation with miss nisha, ritesh says sir she is mad she is off u know, viraj says n what about miss kirti gangwal , ritesh says sir the marriage is cancelled we didn’t like the family, viraj says I can understand, viraj calls his driver n asks him to take back money n holds riteshs collar n says u have lot of guts to play with girls right n now u see what n calls gangwals, nisha walks with cousins n family.
Suku n umesh attack ritesh n says so tells us the truth, ritesh says im sorry, sunita says let me tell u we lied kirtis parents that kirti slept with ritesh but that’s not truth we did it to blackmail kirti n her parents, kirti walks to ritesh n slaps him n says I thought u are a good person but ur a liar u played with my emotions my families love thanks to aman who helped me n u don’t even deserve any thing just getout of here n my life, sunita says roopan listen to me its not, roopan says shutup we don’t trust u anymore, ram says go away from here.
Ritesh says to aman it was u right listen all this girl is no poonam she is amanpreet umeshs girlfriend even she is liar, ramesh says to ritesh u wont understand what is it see u people are dollys in laws relatives so we are quite leave now orelse we will have to call police.
Mohan thanks viraj, viraj points to aman n says she is one who helped u n ur kids I was just helping them so they deserve this thanku. Nisha says to ramesh one more problem dad. Viraj says I will take leave now, nisha says thanku sir, viraj says don’t thank me its u cousins who did it, nisha says sir u always help me if no thanku what should I do. Viraj says I would love to see u in the academy today for evening practice n that would be my thanku.
Shekhar says to gayatri I need ur help n the person we hate that is nisha will be out of the academy, gayatri says I hope u aren’t harming viraj, shekhar says u have two choices one will destroy u n other will destroy viraj the choice is urs n let me tell u nisha is far more better than priyanka so u know what is the choice now. Gayatri says if nisha becomes shooter I wont like it, shekhar says just do as I say n this academy will have only one shooter b that’s priyanka.gayatri says thank for support n leaves.shekhar says finally im close to my plan of ur destroyance n I hope u can bear thepain or may be an another paralysis attack n starts laughing.

Aman telling dadi about kirti n ritesh n dadaji hears about it n gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. sree

    ritesh … you deserve this slap and you have to be behind the bars but its your good luck that you r u niraj…

  2. SS

    finally ritesh aakhir kar exposed hua …………………..and you deserve this slap ritesh …………………….and thanks viraj to help nisha,cousins to save kirti………………

  3. SS

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyz all of you a very very happy new year ……………………. and a very happy new year to niraj….lol……………….

  4. sree

    May this newyear brings a lot of happiness in everyone’s life and creat a better bonding of love between niraj…

  5. SS

    Naya Saal Aap Ke Jeevan Me,
    Sare Dukho’onk Ko Mar De,
    Sare Sukho’onk Ko Janam De,
    Aur Aap Ko Unnat Kar De.

    Happy New Year………………….

  6. SS

    sree kya tumne big star entainment award dekha …………..agar dekha ho to …….ye batauo ki nishu vaaha aayi thi………………..

    • SS

      musheje bhi yehi lagta hai ………………………. and exited for today’s NAUC episode …………………

  7. SS

    haa pata hai par mai aabhi nahi dekh rahi huuuuuuuuuuu …………. agar tum dekh rahi ho to musheje batauo na ki nishu vahaa aayi hai ki nahi………………

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