Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly joins cousins,sumit says dolly I am with u as well,dolly leaves his hand,sourabh sees dollys hand is injured,vimla says u guys work I will bring something to eat,kabir says pakodas,vimla says sure,all leave.leela says see this sumit all went wrong,sumit says don’t worry mom kabir will be insulted n u will see it by tomorrow morning,rukhma comes and says ramesh uncle ur students are here,ramesh says cancel the class,kabir says no papa u go I am here will manage,ramesh says good to see u back,cousins start working,nisha is lost in kabir,kabir asks her to concentrate, cousins take break and have pakodas, its late night,kabir says see dolly we are half done and by tomorrow we will finish it u don’t worry,roopan comes and calls jwala,jwala says I am working mom,roopan

says and ur homework and dolly aman we need u down for help,kabir says dolly go I will work,suku gets a call,suku says guys my friend has met with an accident,kabir says suku u go n take sourabh with u,suku and sourabh leave,nisha says kabir I hope u didn’t feel bad abt leela aunty,kabir says I did its so funny till yesterday I wanted to be bad and today when I was I didn’t like it,kabir smiles and says see look bunty is sleeping,nisha goes to bunty and says go sleep,bunty says no no I will work,kabir says u go take rest and come back,bunty while going out by mistake the door gets locked,bunty calls ramesh for help.
Ramesh asks what happened bunty,bunty says door is locked and its not opening from inside and outside and keys are missing,dolly says god the duppatas,rameshs says I will check keys and for help,dolly bunty and aman go up and try opening the door,jwala comes and asks what is it,dolly says door is locked and jammed,kabir says don’t worry we will manage here,nisha says yes dolly di,nisha and kabir start working,nisha trips and kabir catches her,kabir asks her to work carefully,nisha is thirsty she goes near tap,kabir helps her with it.dolly and others are worried out,ramesh says I couldn’t find anyone,dolly asks what now,ramesh says we have to wait till morning,dolly says my order,ramesh says nisha and kabir must be hungry as well.
Nisha asks what is tomorrows plan,kabir asks what,nisha says don’t act, oh its 12 happy bday kabir,nisha says we have no cake so here are biscuits,nisha arranges them lights a match stick and ask kabir to wish something,kabir says I don’t believe in all this but u wish on my behalf,nisha wishes god plz keep me n kabir always together,nisha wishes kabir,both have biscuits,kabir is lost thinking something,nisha asks kabir why is he so senti,kabir says nothing have biscuits,nisha says tell me what are u hiding,and kabir by sharing pain u will feel better,kabir says nisha forget It have fun,nisha says u share ur problem and u will feel good,kabir says no bday of mine brought me happy news,on my 5th bday me n mom were thrown out of house by landlord in dubai,on 12th bday mom met with accident I had no money and then I did my first job in restaurant and on 16th bday I was thrown out of school bcoz a sheikhs kid blamed me that I hit him n on last bday my girlfriend ditched me and her new boyfriend and his friend hit me and so and today I am missing,nisha says mom.kabir says no my dad,I never saw him but I miss him if he was there I would never have experienced the hardships,mom never had time for me bcoz she was working all day,and so when I learnt abt photo I came to find him but found no one,so lets not discuss it I don’t like it,nisha says ur this bday will be the best,kabir snatches nishas biscuit and trying to get it,nisha and kabir fall down.
Next morning, dolly says sourabh u must be upset abt the order,sourabh says no but abt nisha and kabir,ramesh comes with help to open door,nisha wakes up and see kabir beside her,she kisses kabir on forehead and kabir wakes up and acts as if he didn’t see it,nisha says happy bday kabir,nisha says to herself kabir today I will propse u and I don’t know how u will react to it but I love u.

PRECAP:viraj goes to ramesh and says I am here with a marriage proposal for nisha,nisha and kabir aren’t in love its just a three months contract marriage,kabir is fooling u all.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  23. Nishaa and Kabir make a lovely cute pair and don’t ever think of separating them. Nishaa is deeply in love and don’t disappoint her. If Kabir was in Viraj’s place he would definitely not go and complain to her father about the contract marriage. Viraj is a spoil sport and very possessive and is good at carrying tales. No gentlemanly qualities. He , sumeet , his mother and Rupan chichi need to be really taught a lesson. Don’t show too much of ugly Aman.
    Use this forum only to write about this serial. You can do your personal chatting in fb. It is very boring for us. This is only happening in NAUC.

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