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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Basundra says her hatred has just increased as time went. She throws away the newspaper. Nisha is singing an old song while working in kitchen. Basundra’s anger calms down as she hears it. She goes outside and she smiles seeing Nisha. She also starts singing. She tells Nisha she sings so beautifully, for a moment she felt she’s in Jaipur. Nisha says, you’re in Jaipur only. Basundra asks her how come she’s singing such an old song. Nisha says her father taught her. Basundra says it was her favorite song, she used to sing it for hours. She wanted to become a singer, but.. Nisha asks what happened. She says nothing and she should leave now. Nisha says she has to eat something first.

Dolly comes in the hall. Dadaji asks her if she wants to resume working with Saurav.

Dolly says no. Family had to suffer a lot already because of her and she has become a burden on them now. She doesn’t want to bother them now. Ramesh says what are you saying? Children are never burden. Dadi says they are thinking about her. Dolly says that is what she doesn’t want. It’s her life and she wants to think about it on her own. It’s true that she wants to work. Mohan says, then work at store. Dadaji tells him to let her finish. Dolly says she wants to become independent, she wants to find work on her own, outside house, and she doesn’t need anyone’s help in that. Dadaji says he believes whatever Kabir said make a lot of sense. Dolly needs family’s support, not their help. She will get lost if she doesn’t get their support. She wants to work outside home, so she should work in handroom business, but with Saurav. Virender gets shocked. Dolly looks at Saurav, he smiles at her. Virender objects, but Dadaji tells him to wait. He says as time goes, it will get harder for Dolly to do physical work. That’s why she will work with Saurav, but under Roopam’s observation. He tells Saurav not to think they forgave him, but they also know he’s good from heart. He asks whether he agrees to this. He says yes. Dadaji then asks Dolly. She too says yes. Virender is furious and leaves. Mohan is also upset. Ramesh asks him what happened to him. Mohan tells Dadaji, you know Roopam.. you took decision for her. Dadaji says she is always excited for others lives, so he thought why not give her favourite work to her. Mohan tells Dadaji he’s genius. Dadaji says don’t forget he’s his father. Mohan says he will go and give good news to Roopam. Kabir and Saurav hug. All leave. Ramesh tells Kabir he’s proud of him. Kabir says, still all work is not done. He has to tell something very important to someone. He can’t delay it anymore. Ramesh smiles.

Basundra tastes sandwich made by Nisha and she loves it. She says if her son was there, he would eat it all. Nisha says, you’re missing your son a lot, right? Basundra says yes, he’s in some problem, but not telling. He keeps lying, but not a problem. I am his mother, I will catch him. Basundra then says she forgot to give her number, they must stay in touch. She sees her broken necklace. Nisha says she will get it fixed, she works in jewelry shop only. Basundra asks which one? Before Nisha replies, Suku comes in and tells Basundra that her taxi is here. Basundra gives her card to Nisha and says she’s sure Nisha is a good daughter and wife. She hugs her and gives her blessings. She thanks Suku for calling taxi. Suku says sorry for what happened today. Basundra says forget about it. Meeting Nisha was best thing today. She will be happy if she can find a girl like Nisha for her son. Suku tells her not to praise her so much, else she will show him attitude whole day. Suku takes her bag. Nisha says she will find better girl, but then says no one can be better than her. Basundra laughs and says you’re sweetest thing. Nisha remembers something from sweet and tells her to wait there. Basundra gets a call. She can’t hear clearly, so she goes on a side. Just then Kabir enters. He is listening music, so he can’t hear anything. Nisha comes outside searching for Basundra. She gives sweets to her. Basundra loves it and thanks her again. Her Jaipur had troubled her, don’t know what would happen if she wasn’t there. Nisha says, if her Jaipur troubled her, then same Jaipur will make her happy too. Basundra says, time will tell. She didn’t have much expectations anyway, she just wants to find her son. Nisha says she will surely find him. And if he’s really in Jaipur, then she will help her. Basundra says once she finds him, she will scold him a lot. Meanwhile, Kabir is making something in kitchen for Nisha. Nisha tells Basundra, she will call her once her necklace is fixed. Basundra says, you can call before that as well. Nisha says sure. Basundra leaves finally. Kabir calls Nisha. Nisha wonders when he came. She goes inside.

Kabir is standing holding a broken cup. Nisha asks how he can break her favourite cup. He says it was a mistake, he will get her new one. She says ok with sad face. Kabir thinks in his mind to tell her. She’s leaving. He stops her and says he wants to say something. He tries to confess, but struggles. Nisha asks him whether cup fell on his head or what. Why is he so confused? She tells him to say it clearly. He says ok and tries to confess again.. but Nisha’s phone rings. She doesn’t pick up and asks him to finish, but then his phone rings. He also disconnects. Nisha again gets call from Saurav. This time she picks up. Kabir says in his mind, why he’s calling again and again. After call, Nisha tells Kabir she found out what he wants to say. Kabir asks who told her. She says Saurav.. he told her about Dolly. She thanks Kabir and says Saurav was praising him a lot, that he convinced everyone nicely. He whispers, it’s not hard to convince them, it’s hard to confess to her. She says what? He says, I was just saying that I understand your family better than you. She thanks him and forwards her hand, but Kabir goes for hug. Kabir then forwards his hand, and she goes for hug now! They laugh and neither shake hands nor hug. Nisha says she will go to Dolly to set her and Roopam’s equation. Kabir says but he wanted to say something. She says to talk once she’s back or he can tell if anything urgent. He says later. She leaves. Kabir then tells himself that he’s crazy, donkey, idiot. He gets call from his mom. He doesn’t pick up and asks why his mom didn’t tell him that he has a brother. He puts phone away and decides once Nisha comes back, he will tell her that he loves her without any fear.


Update Credit to: Niki

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