Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha to viraj, sir I want to talk to u,viraj says I know I can understand u are very nervous about todays performance, but don’t u worry all will be good and im late,dadaji comes and says oh u leaving so early,viraj says I have a meeting before the performance so I have to leave,dadaji says ok,nisha says sir,ramesh says nisha stop wait,nisha says dad but,ramesh says I know what u are upto I know viraj is in love with arti and so u wont be there with him anymore and not even the competition,nisha says dad plz understand im cheating him so plz understand I have to tell him the truth and he will reject arti as he rejected me so plz dad I can bear the rejection but not this lie anymore and viraj sir needs to know the truth and so trust me and let me go or it will

just eat me from inside so let me go please,ramesh says ok go tell viraj the truth if it gives u peace go ,nisha says thanku dad,laxmi comes and says whats wrong where are u going,sourabh says are u,nisha says mom im going to meet viraj sir and tell him about arti,sourabh says he will get very angry,nisha says he will but he needs to know the truth,sourabh says what about the competition,nisha says I cant wait anymore,suku says what is this nisha we all have worked hard for this competition and u cant let it go this way,nisha says try an understand I cant handle it anymore dad plz tell him I cant do this,suku says mom plz tell her,laxmi says u both are right ,ramesh says suku nisha has the right to be in peace so plz let her do it as theres nothing more important than honesty,nisha says to suku u guys practice I will be back soon,ramesh says nisha I will drop u.

Kirti is in pain,jwala and dolly help her,dolly says how will u do it,kirti says its paining but I want to dance,aman says here is ur solution apply this paste to ur leg and see the magic,vimla comes and says take this tiffin,kirti says oh this is oily,vimla says dare u do this eat properly and umesh take me and laxmi with u plz,umesh says we will see it on tv theres a live telecast,kirti says is it wow,vimla says ok lets go umesh,aman says kirti don’t worry u will be fine,kirti asks where is nisha sourabh and suku,jwala says I saw them down and tells about nisha and viraj,dolly kirti says what at viraj sirs palce.
Viraj gets ready and asks sham singh how am I looking,sham singh says u look very handsome when u smile and here is ur tie chose whichever u want, viraj choses his tie and looks at his phone and says arti I cant wait anymore,and dadaji I think everything will be finr now and just hope theres no more problem,the door bell rings.ramesh and nisha on bike proceed to virajs place.viraj has some guests wishing him best of luck for the competition, viraj says u came so far just to wish me thanku so much,guests say sir we had the best time in lakshya academy it was lik our home and this is nothing in front of that and this competition will help bring glory to lakshya academy and thanku sir for that,viraj says don’t thank me thank miss nisha it was her idea.
Sourabh to cousins that’s it guys when viraj sir will know abt the truth he will get angry and nisha will be upset and the we all know what will happen,dolly says just we have to somehow convince ramesh uncle and ask him to tell nisha to stop until competition,suku says dolly has a point and I know one person who can convince dad he wont deny at all,sourabh u leave for the academy go,sourabh says whosuku says guys tell me one person who will be the happiest when we lose,cousins says aunty gayatri,suku says that right now listen to the plan.kirti says will irt work,sourabh says lets give it a try,suku says grt u go and we will meet u there.
Ramesh and nisha reach virajs place,ramesh says nisha I will wiat for u at the academy reception,nisha says ok and leaves and meets the guest and they wish nisha luck and says thanku nisha u are helpinh us and lakshya academy thanku and wish u luck.sourabh goes to academy and says nishas dad will come make him comfortable,sourabh sees gayatri and priyanka and pretends as if he didn’t see them and acts as if on phn and says nisha plz don’t back off plz nisha,gaytri says what is it sourabh u look tensed sourabh says nisha is backing off and im here to pick some off my stuuf gayatri says that’s sad u go get ur things.
Ramesh enters gayatri unaware of it says to priyanka did u see nisha is backing off,priyanka says she must have realized she cant beat me,gayatri says u are right but I will miss her sad face u know she has no talent in her I have been trying to teach her lesson from long time but Iher family or cousins save her and don’t u worry u will win and I could do anything for it and what are u doing where are u looking priyanka,gayatri turns and finds ramesh behind her.
Viraj is in very good mood and is ironing his cloths,sham singh says what are u doing let me do it,viraj says im fine let me do it plz,dadaji says its my duty till u have ur wife so let me,viraj says im hungry and feel like having pakodas,sham singh says I will get the ingredients from market bcoz u very rarely ask for something.
Nisha enters viraj house and on every step she is thinking how will viraj sir react am I doing the right thing what will happen when I tell him the truth.

Nisha stumbles and the letter viraj wrote to arti falls,nisha hides,sham singh pics it up and gives it viraj,on seeing it viraj says arti was here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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