Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jwala enters and sees kabir and nisha down on eachother,kabir and nisha get up,jwala asks what abt halwa,kabir says its ready see n nisha u go arrange things and get ready,jwala says jiju u go to I will attend them.jwala welcomes all the gangwals,vimla and dadi say wow kids have arranged house very well,dadaji gets emotional ,virendra asks where is halwa,vimla says yes nishu get it ur uncle hasn’t eaten anything since morning,roopan says god plz someone give me water,kabir comes and says here it is,dolly says kabir I will serve,umesh says wow kabir u have arranged house very well,suku says yes we will come here to chill now,laxmi says suku don’t and kabir here is gift for u,umesh says kabir lets go taste halwa,laxmi asks where is nisha,kabir says she is in room.

goes to room and sees separate beds,nisha goes and hugs laxmi,laxmi says did u make halwa,nisha says u are here for me or halwa anyways I have made very tasty halwa,laxmi says here are bedsheets for u n keep ur house clean and not like ur room,nisha says plz mom,laxmi says are u ok with kabir I mean separate beds,nisha says oh this it was so to make cleaning easy lets join it now come,laxmi says nisha I know ur marriage was in rush but believe me kabir is good guy,nisha says ma relax,laxmi says nisha are u ok plz tell me don’t hide anything,yesterday night all was good right,all is ok right,nisha says mom chill its fine,dadi hears this and comes and says nisha laxmi is right in her place,sit listen to me,ur married now and ur past shdnt get over ur present, u always have fought for ur life and this is one more but this time u have kabir with u and his love will always be with u life long,nisha remembers three months deal.dadi says ur dadaji is worried since morning for ur halwa,jwala comes and says all are waiting for u come soon and slowly throws something and thinks I wish this idea works.
Umesh and kabir in kitchen,umesh looks at halwa and says where is halwa,kabir says this is halwa,umesh says this,kabir says we used ur receipe see,umesh sees the book and shows kabir he has messed it,umesh says don’t worry,kabir says right atleast taste it,umesh says its very bad.the halwa is served all look at it with weird expressions,nisha comes and says yee eat it I made it,and says im sure u will like it I used umesh bahiyas book,umesh says don’t give me credit its ur hard work,all pick up bowls,and try to taste it,nisha says suku u wont get extra,suku says ya ya I will ask someone for extra,vimla and roopan say u can have ours,nisha says how cute cmon taste now and praise me,ramesh dares and tastes it,all look at ramesh,ramesh says its good very good,mohan says we could see that,ramesh says yes mohan bhaiya u eat it too,mohan says ok ok and tastes it and says wow its just wow,virendra bhaiya have a spoon,virendra says mohan I have acidity,ramesh says lets go out and finish it come all,all get up,nisha says sit down quick,and says what is this dadaji says come here nisha,and gives her one spoon,nisha says what is this kabir,kabir says ask ur brother.
Nisha is in tears,laxmi says its ok nisha don’t get upset,dadaji says nisha come here who asked u too cook halwa,nisha says everyone,dadaji says nishaI know u cant cook its ok but learn to cook and I know u will do cook something good and the good thing Is u tried,u know ur mom and ur aunties even they learnt slowly and now go cook what u can and I will eat it.
in hospital viraj near sham singh says all left me,first parents and now nisha,I tried to tell her but she didn’t stop,im very ashamed for my behavior towards nisha I shdnt have done that, n I will go away but I need to know the answer,sourabh comes and says sir I need to talk to u,viraj says feel free,sourabh says sir the thing is nisha is my friend u know whatever happened nisha is bearing the pain,actually nisha and kabir had married to save a girl and they wanted to hide it but dadaji saw their pic and asked them to marry,nisha still wasn’t ready but then she heard abt ur wedding and then said yes,viraj says I knew something was wrong.

PRECAP:Roopan says wow instant noodles nice but where is sweet,kabir says to himself god this roopan aunty is never happy but this is the right time to be mr wrong.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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