Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha takes guns with her, sourabh says ur going be careful with these guns n as u go to sir get these papers signed, nisha says ok. Priyanka opens bullets box n sees sweet, viraj comes in, priyanka says bro look at these ur new assistant has kept sweets instead of bullets, viraj says take ur position, I want to see ur aims n positions, viraj observes their positions n says u three aren’t in the right position , u three are lucky ur getting another chance make use of it. Nisha comes in, viraj asks her bullets, nisha hands him the sweet box, viraj looks at her , nisha says sorry sir, viraj says go get the bullets, nisha says sir these papers need to be signed, viraj says as always ur phone isn’t working, nisha gets call from laxmi, nisha says mom I will

call u later no I haven’t had my food later, nisha by mistake throws ink on viraj, nisha says sorry sir I, viraj says stop it nisha ur losing focus. Viraj calls Mr singh n says cancel todays meetings, girls start practicing n miss nisha follow me. Umesh goes to amans place n give her medicines, aman denise, umesh says plz take care of urself, aman says do u care abt it, umesh says see im trying my best, see mom dad are upset bcoz of dolly n dadaji, aman says I think its better I go to jalandar, umesh says see I know ur tensed, umesh says plz don’t give up trust me, aman says I see we have no future together, amans uncle comes n scolds them, he pulls umesh. Nisha n viraj are in café, viraj says miss nisha did u eat anything else other than my head, nisha says no, viraj orders food, viraj says miss nisha plz relax, chill trying to be correct all the time ur messing things, viraj says ur mom called, nisha says ya she called bcoz she was worried, viraj says sweet ur mom loves u a lot, when u have ur food do message her n tell u had ur food. Nisha says sir ur eating sandwiches, viraj says why cant I, even I get hungry n share food with all my face like u, nisha says wat, viraj wipes sauce on nishas face, n says im normal, I m not an alien. Viraj says promise me now u wont be scared of me n hands over a note reading viraj is normal n not an alien. Viraj says now never get tensed n when u do just meditate, nisha starts doing meditation, viraj says why do u always get scared, don’t worry we are friends now n shakes hand with nisha, nisha says ok n gets a call saying umesh is being hit by some guys, nisha tells viraj n leaves. Amans cousins start hiting umesh, nisha goes there n stops them n says dare u touch my cousin n removes pepper spray n says one step ahead n this will be in ur eyes , one of them holds nishas hand, viraj comes n holds that guys hand, n says nisha make sure all the girls in office have pepper spray n u guys learn to respect girls. Nisha says yes sir lets hit them viraj says relax nisha we shdnt waste our strength in this lets leave. Nisha says uncle plz don’t force aman, amans uncle says oh who cares I just care abt the house ur dad has named ur house on mine where will u live now, aman says shut up uncle u have no right to take decisions of my life to hell with ur money n hell with the house, viraj says that’s right I wish each girl is brave as ur miss aman n don’t u worry lakshay academy is always there for girls who help themselves n u people can leave now. Umesh n aman thank viraj, aman says I was ur fan n today u helped me like an elder brother, viraj smiles n says so listen to ur elder brother stop crying, umesh hugs viraj n says thanku, viraj says u guys are embarrassing me, miss nisha lets go we are getting late.

PRECAP: Nisha looks at viraj(looks like nisha is falling in love with viraj).

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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