Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says god knows from where I will get that camera he wishes in jaipur,jwala says I will tell,aman asks how,jwala says it’s a magic,and says snapdeal what we need to do is online shopping,jwala shows nisha cameras on the snapdeal app,nisha says wow its got so many options,aman asks are the products original,jwala says yes,nisha says lets order this one,dolly says good choice,nisha says but my card is blocked,jwala says cash on delivery,dolly says wow this is so cools,nisha says ok lets order,jwala says now no gift issues and lets concentrate on the main problem,nisha asks what main problem,jwala and aman say are proposal,nisha says ok ok I will go through these dvds.dolly says plz no needs I will help u practice and see how I prepare u even SRK will take tips.

asks aman to join her and says nisha now just observe us,dolly says to aman that for a minute imagine me as nisha and u kabir,dolly as nisha says kabir,aman gets nervous,dolly says oh god,jwala do something to make this romantic,jwala plays music,dolly says kabir look in my eyes and u will see just love in it and nothing else,aman,jwala and nisha start laughing,dolly says what is this no one is serious,sourabh comes and says nisha I want to talk to u,dolly says first u come here,and now sourabh is kabir,sourabh says what,dolly says just imagine ,sourabh says ok,dolly says now me that is nisha will propose u that is kabir,and nisha observe properly,dolly holds sourabhs hand and says kabir look into my eyes and u will see just one thing love love n love,,sourabh says I love u too,nisha finds it little weird,jwala says awesome dolly di,sumit comes from behind and says what all is going on,nisha says jiju,sumit stops her,sourabh leaves,sumit says dolly come with me ,dolly says but,sumit says just come with me,nisha says dolly di ,dolly says its fine and both leave.
Sumit closes the door and shouts what all is this,dolly says we were just helping nisha and it was just a act,sumit says shutup I saw all the rubbish that little beggar said I love u to u,dolly says sumit don’t bring sourabh in middle,sumit says oh u r so attached to him,dolly says why the hell are u talking like this,he is my childhood friend,sumit says but I am ur husband,dolly says that doesn’t mean u doubt on me,sumit says he says I love u and I talk rubbish, dolly says forget it its no use talking to u bcoz u never want to listen anything,dolly abt to leave,sumit holds her hand and pushes her on floor and says I haven’t finished yet,dolly says how dare u do this sumit,don’t think that I will keep quite and bear all this I am not that kind and one more if u again dare then,sumit says then what u will call ur sourabh,and dare u talk to him again,dolly says have u gone mad and talk to me when u are in senses,sumit holds dollys hand,dolly asks him to leave her as he is hurting her.
Leela sees kabir on phone and says oh this is kabir,now u see how I trouble u, u insulted my son now see,leela calls kabir and says u kabir right,kabir says yes but u,leela says I am sumits mom,and u know sumit praises u a lot and not just him everyone here,kabir says oh plz aunty ur embarrassing me,leela says to herself u soon have to be embarrassed infront oh everyone,kabir says aunty do come to my place,leela says sure sure,kabir says ok I shd leave I need to talk to nisha,leela says she is on terrace and kabir I need a favour,kabir says yes tell me,leela says dolly has asked me to get dupattas from terrace will u plz get it for her,kabir says sure aunty.
Kabir goes to terrace,and leela says now u see kabir what will leela do.sourabh gets a call and he says yes ur order is ready,nisha comes from behind,kabir is searching nisha on terrace, he tries to call her and says may be somewhere with cousins till then lets get the dupattas,kabir walks towards the dupattas and see they are all spoilt,nisha asks sourabh what is wrong with u, u n dolly di see don’t hide u know that u cant hide from me the way u were with dolly di wasn’t normal.
Leela comes upstairs and says kabir what did u do this,see vimla ji kabir spoilt all the dupattas,kabir why did u do this,see vimlaji,kabir tell me why did u spoil all this u spoilt all of dollys work,kabir is confused,leela says kabir u shdnt have done this.
Sourabh says nisha chill it was just an act,nisha says I don’t believe u are hiding something,sourabh says no trust me,sourabh says forget that,nisha and sourabh hear leelas voice and go upstairs,dolly also listening to leelas voice and says what my dupattas,everyone gather on terrace,ramesh asks kabir what all is this,kabir says I came to meet nisha here,nisha says but I wasn’t here,kabir says leela aunty told me u were here so I came and then she asked me to get dupattas and when I came here I saw all the dupattas were spoilt and kept in this tub,leela says oh did u mean these dupattas got spoilt by themselves,and kabir accept if u are at fault,kabir says but I am not,leela says plz kabir no one came here before u and I caught u red handed,kabir shouts aunty plz,leela says don’t dare u shout and point on me did u get that,and I know everything abt u kabir,I don’t stay here doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything I very well know it what are u doing with gangwals.
Nisha says oh plz aunty we all know how u behave,sumit says nisha plz don’t forget she is my mom,nisha says even she shd know kabir is my husband,leela says good very good,this was the only thing left,u people are insulting me no respect at all,nisha says aunty respect is earned and not begged and not by blaming someone,ramesh says nisha,nisha says no dad plz no one will dare talk to my husband in this tone and blame him and if she cant do good atleast not do the bad,and aunty by the way only u think kabir did this where as we all know kabir will never do such thing,dolly says nisha is right kabir would never do this,leela says dolly I was saying that may be it was spoilt before or kabir may have dropped it by mistake,dolly says even if it was by mistake,kabir would have come to me and I am very sure abt that,nisha says if kabir had done it he would have admitted it,sourabh says nisha is right,ramesh says forget all this we shd concentrate on the solution,dolly says no use uncle see all the dupattas are spoilt all the colors have mixed, I will call guptaji and cancel the order,dolly calls guptaji,kabir says no dolly ur order wont be cancelled I wont let ur hard work get spoilt,dolly says but how kabir i have to deliver it by tomorrow its just impossible,nisha says nothing is impossible dolly di,this duppattas we will work on it,nisha holds kabirs hand,jwala comes and holds kabirs hand as well,kabir smiles.aman,bunty n suku join them too,suku looks at dolly and nods,dolly joins them.

PRECAP: leela says to sumit I thought I will insult this kabir but it all turned on me,sumit says mom kabir will be insulted its impossible to get duppattas ready by morning,cousins are working on dupattas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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