Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says to kaira if nisha isn’t mine she will be no ones,kaira says take care viraj and whenever u need me plz tell and leaves.nisha says to kabir,see we went to save chandu and got married we don’t even no eachother,kabir says no worries just three months,nisha says all were right some mad would marry me and how true it is,kabir smiles and says our marriage has an expiry date and in few days will learn to bare eachother,like u know in hostels,so lets have fun for this three months,nisha says I hope, kabir says let me go to London and I will help u find ur mr right,nisha says no thanku,kabir u know im thinking abt my family,kabir says we will behave so bad with eachother and then family themselves will make us away,nisha slips and falls on kabir,both feel the

closeness and both get up and say this wont be happening lets have a pact like a contract,nisha and kabir start making their own rules.
The heading of contract kabir weds nisha,expiry date 3 months,nisha writes rule no 1 no coming close and flirting,kabir says done,nisha asks can u cook, kabir says no,nisha says what to do,kabir says we will try cooking part by part,nisha says ok and clothes washing ,we will wash our own clothes,kabir says one idea I will order food from ur house,nisha says ok to show ur bad,done,nisha says bed,kabir says plz I wont sleep down,nisha says ok we will keep partition in between,kabir says imp thing no one will wake me before 11. Nisha says and ,kabir says yes one more nisha and kabir wont fall for eachother,now sign,kabir says but what abt stamp,nisha says one idea,and sticks dadajis photo,kabir says good idea and both sign the pact.kabir says now nisha go change,nisha says fine im keeping this here.
In gangwal house,cousins and sourabh are on terrace,jwala says im calling nisha I cant resisit,kirti says no this isn’t the right time,suku says dolly di check me do I have fever,dolly says no,suku says shit I wish I had,nisha would come running when would know abt this,dolly says nisha always said she would never leave us and see now fraud,aman and rukhma come with coffee, kirti says this coffee tastes like nisha has made it,aman says u all are missing her I know but don’t disturb her now,and let her have her time to be with kabir know him,don’t get upset she would never forget u guys she will be coming tomorrow then u can talk to her,rukhma says wow when I will get married u will miss me,all laugh,dolly says ok let go to bed we have to go get nisha tomorrow.
Kabir wakes up and sees nishas top is slightly up,kabir tries calling her but nisha doesn’t wakeup,so kabir very hesitatingly lean towards nisha to pull it down,nisha wakes up and holds his hand and gets angry and says kabir how could u.dolly sourabh aman summit go to get nisha and kabir,laxmi calls dolly and asks where is nisha,dolly says she got married yesterday,laxmis says I know I wanted to talk to her.nisha starts hitting kabir with pillows ,kabir starts shouting nisha sorry plz stop stop,kabir summit aman reach the room and hear voices and think they are.dolly starts hearing the voices and says my god how exciting,sourabh says don’t,aman says dolly knoxk plz how to stop this,dolly knows the door.kabir and nisha hiiting eachother with pillow tear the pillows and the whole room is a mess.
Nisha listens dollys voice and opens the door,dolly steps in room and looking at the mess all get shocked,dolly looks at both,nisha says we both were fighting,dolly says see I told u guys they were fighting,nisha says what are u guys doing here,sourabh says me,dolly says laxmi chichi wants to talk to u,dolly looks at kabir and smiles,nisha calls laxmi,laxmi asks how are u,nisha says relax I will come home and then talk,dolly says ok we will wait out u two carry one,kabir laughs,aman says nisha come her I didn’t knew u had such hidden urge,nisha says e aman go and closes the door.
Kabir smiles and says now go get ready nisha this will happen now all the time go.gayatri says god if this kaira wouldn’t have opened her mouth the academy would be mine,sabu comes to meet gayatri and says I have a million dollar news for u,gayatri says tell me quick,sabu says I need money,gayatri says yes yes all want me to go poor,sabu says that guy told me that the picture is of his mother this means kabir and viraj are brothers.gayatri sats oh my my I was worried about this,sham singh listens to this and says before gayatri does something I have to tell viraj,gayatri sees sham singh and says oh god if sham singh tells viraj the whole property will be divided again.

PRECAP:gayatri chases sham singh and pushes him in front of a car,the car dashes him and sham singh falls down all injured.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Susi

    Today episode really really superb…… I am so happy ……. 🙂 🙂 hip scene was superb and their childess fight….. Kabir reaction when aman dolly sourabh enters the room ……was so cute…. Nibir rocksss 🙂 🙂

  2. mh

    Guys have u observed one thing tanaya sat ko jaldi update karte h baaki days se

    I guess vo kisi aur epi ko bhi update karte h jiska same timing h isliye vo 12 wala epi dekhte h

  3. Susi

    Richa do u see the kabir reaction when dolly aman sourabh entered the rooms it was so cute scene na and also singham stamp….. 🙂 😛

  4. Susi

    Me too yrr … Only Tamil and English …. After seeing many Hindi films and serials I am eager to learn Hindi now thodi thodi malumey….. Am I spell it crt

  5. Hey guys awesome episode…..waiting for my boards to get over once it is over I,my laptop,data n Nisha aur uske cousins!!!!!
    cant wait to watch it…..
    l still didn’t watch their marriage also guys…,
    Hw was it??!
    I’m jus reading!!

  6. ritz

    parso kabir topless aur kal nish ki top thoda upar wow…awesome epi….may the couple enjoy a lot and live together for the rest of their reel life…

  7. kanisha

    oh !!wowww loved the episode … love u nibir/kanisha…. and by the way… this gattu(gayatri) is so so mad …. and i’m telling u that she will hurrily become poor n poor…..

    • Susi

      Wht happen kanisha r u learning Tamil???? I am learning Hindi hahaha …… Wht r medical miracle???? U typed in Tamil 🙂 🙂 😀

  8. kanisha

    hi richa and susi…. yaa … as u learning Hindi …. so i’m also learning some Tamil from u…. haha….just enjoying……

    • Susi

      Ya if I talk some Hindi words my frnd will laugh so I thinked and just laughing yrr don’t take its wrong sry 🙂 🙂

  9. richa

    wt happen ……. okk if u r busy then see ya later around 4 (IST) okk i vl b there ……. 🙂

  10. kanisha

    hey ….Richa..hi-bye means that I got so little time …. in btwn work I thought to wright comment

  11. kanisha

    in my previous comment I wrote:-” I don’t want but I have to ” means that I did not want to leave (commenting) but majboori….

      • stuti

        But Aneri Vjani(nisha) said tht NAUC is not going off air n in the upcomming tracks nisha and kabir will be going for honeymoon

  12. kanisha

    hello friends …. u know I’m feeling like crying…. :-(( … bcoz I’m unable to talk to u all properly…

  13. kanisha

    now I think again I have to go … so plzzz I want to talk to u all …. so 2morrow at 12:00 pm plzzzzz.

    • nika

      Long time no see guys missed you i was busy. I will tmrw wt 12 even nauc reach more than 500(for start). Hi susi epadi eruka ennaku tamil akshram theriyadu ana tamil pesuvan mt. Mujhe pata hai and english. Hi kanisha and richa

  14. Mohini

    Awesome episode….!!!! Love u Nisha n Kabir…..I m waiting.. for u to realise that u love each other…!!!!

  15. kanisha

    now. i’m at home… silly na?? by the way I’ve given my 10th boards …. now I’ll come inn 11th..

  16. nika

    Actually i can’t differentiate much between punjabu and Hindi i get confused can clarify it sweet

  17. kanisha

    yaar now I want something romantic btwn nibir… they r just bhving like children …. isn’t it..??

  18. kanisha

    no yaar not bio …. when I was a child I used to think that I will choose bio but no yaar … not at all…. by the way ..whats ur stream.?

  19. kanisha

    me too see jamai raja ….. but not kumkum bhagya…. i like jamai raja same as nauc…..especially sid

  20. kanisha

    yaa i’m still here only but yaar they both…. sweet n Richa. … waise Richa is our sister …isn’t it?

  21. kanisha

    OMG …. what s ur battery …means ….my mobile’s battery is low … and see here I’m enjoying ……

  22. nika

    Yadi nibir fans badega toh niraj nahi aa saka ga sirf yahan zayada nibir fans hai par baki me niraj is still leading

    • kanisha

      I think they both have feeling for each other… now they just like each other… but plz now love each other…nibirr..

  23. kanisha

    and in9 cousins I’m like jwala…. but my bro is some what like saurabh,though sauravh is not a cousin….

  24. richa

    hyy yippee v crossed 500 srry 4 being late as there was no electricity yrr andd lots of network problem yr m trying 2 post comments since long but itss giving errors so sorry frnds bt m trying 2 post

  25. kusum

    So decide some time that we can chat but not before 4:00. Plz join me also in ur gang i mean to say like u, nika , richa

  26. kanisha

    hello ….. hi ….. oh my my u know ki abhi abhi yahaan itni itni tez raining huaa hai na ki don’t ask……

  27. kani

    guys sad news for me ….. mai kisi bhi din se comment karna band kar sakti hoon … I don’t want to stop but I….. but i’m sure from 12aprilll….. again I’ll continue….. plz do remember me …and jab mai vaapas aaungi on 12or13(April ) ko toh u all shud be there plzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLZPLZPLZ. ….

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