Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with bunty telling nisha that dad has gone, nisha gets angry and emotional and says how could everyone do this why did no one tell her. Dadi says ramesh is gonna return dont worry so we didn’t tell u.nisha says im gonna call dadu don’t believe u all. Lakshmi says no use he has left his cell here and tells her about the letter, Lakshmi shows nisha the letter, nisha says to Lakshmi to relax bcoz Lakshmi gives nisha her grannies reports instead of letter.

Shanti and her men are searching for nisha n kabir. Kabir looks at the picture and says now its time to find u. Kabir sees ramesh and says wow father in law nice daughter out father in law in.kabir calls nisha to tell abt her dad,shanti sees kabir.kabir calls nisha and says guess what ur dad is here in front of me,nisha asks kabir to plz give phone to ramesh so that she can talk to him, kabir gives ramesh cell and nisha asks ramesh how is he,till then shantis men come n hit kabir,ramesh tries to save kabir but shanti removes her gun and take kabir away with him.

Nisha says im feeling a little better now. Lakshmi says ok have food now i will get it for u. Kirti asks nisha who is this guy. Nisha says he was with me during the whole trip.

The gangwal store goes on strike so that dadaji should join shop again. Dadaji comes and ask mohan and virendra what all is this.

shanti asks kabir about where is nisha, kabir tells nothing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. why is the update so less is that all??

  2. Thanx.everyday give ur update like today skip all nonsense except virajs

  3. Its incomplete!
    Give ful update plz

  4. Give ful update not incomple and skip viraj like todays epi!
    Kabir n nisha r d best

    1. yes,skip virajs give only nonsense

  5. I love it if kabir and nisha are together

  6. Niraj is best

  7. Kaira leave n tanaya full updates plz

  8. only teenagers love nisha and kabir,And their torture

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      soo true

  9. nisha and kabir chemistry just awful and overacting.i realy dont undrstand how u guys like kabir after seeing viraj all these episods.salute to kanisha mad fans.

    1. Such mein kabir is such irritating.and there is no comparison of viraj with kabir.

      1. U agree with u

      2. I agree with u

  10. Today episode super. Kabir and nisha is cute together

  11. well the question is will kabir tell about nisha and will the gangwal family know about nisha and kabir’s marriagefrom shantiiiii what will happen if the truth comes out will every one acceptthe marraige ???? lets see and hope for a good track coming………. .:)

  12. Guys see this article……….
    Viraj gets shocked to know about Kabir & Nisha

    The upcoming episode of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins will show that Viraj (Taahir Mithaiwala) feels alone and recalls Nisha’s (Aneri Vajani) love for him.

    Viraj regrets to hurt Nisha and decides to say sorry to her.

    Viraj also decides to tell Nisha that he loves him too but his happiness would go spoiled after knowing about Kabir (Mishkhat Verma) and Nisha’s alliance.

    Nisha and Kabir are forced by their families to stay together because they have got married.

    Nisha and Kabir do not believe marriage because he only filled sindoor in her maang to save themselves from bhabhi.

    Kabir is shocked to know Nisha loves Viraj.

    However, Viraj starts feeling jealous seeing Kabir and Nisha together and Nisha’s bond with Kabir.

    Furthermore, both Nisha and kabir find out that Viraj is Kabir’s elder brother while Kabir feels bad to know that Nisha loves Viraj.

    Let’s see how Nisha manages between her accidental marriage with Kabir and her true love viraj.

    1. dont kabir already know that nisha loves viraj as he wasn there at the time of the break up….

  13. i like kabir and nisha chemistry …..they r the best

  14. lol. hg, are you okay? Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is a teen drama & you are saying only teenagers love nisha and
    kabir??? LMAO

    1. shut up, u freak

  15. just love…nisha and kabir…

  16. yeah, I can see who’s freak -_-

    1. Hey,come on xara,ofcourse kanisha has more fans than nirajs.but i dont like them.

  17. hey purvi fm where did u gt d article

  18. Please share which link you got this article from purvi

    1. punjabi junktion

  19. I m not against viraj……bt sumtimes he jst luks lik an ALIEN…kabir definitely gives positive vibtation…….

  20. viraj is different from all chars in he defintly looks diffesent either alien or

  21. What happend 2 aman after every frame she holds her hands like a student ,sesiously the entire nauc chars except viraj until now are so weird.

  22. I love mishkat varma acting as kabir as his role his role is nice …………kibir rocks
    But sometimes miss niraj

  23. It has only been a while since I strted watching…….in fact only aftr kabir ws introduced….so maybe I lik him more coz I hv not watched episodes focusing on viraj…

  24. I jst think being a new chracter kabir is doing well n its a pleasure to watch him……..n I m not against viraj at all!!!!!

  25. Thay changed cast name in Wikipedia.
    Aneri Vajani as Nisha ramesh gangwal/Nisha kabir

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