Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly is working on her handloom work,roopan and vimla come there, dolly says see isn’t it good,vimla says but dolly did u speak to sumit,dolly says this wont just help me but also sumit,roopan says but atleast talk to him,dolly says plz don’t talk abt sumit,for the librarian job he messed it all,he doesn’t work himself and doesn’t allow me as well and what is bad in working I am helping him and by this we can shift as soon as possible,vimla says but he is ur husband,dolly says then why doesn’t he think abt me,leela comes from behind and says wow dolly u are so hopeless, what I thought but u ,dolly says plz u must be liking ur son doing all this but I don’t like my husband doing this,leela abt to shout,roopan says leelaji plz let kids solve amongst themselves

and dolly didn’t mean to hurt u we will go downstairs and talk,vimla and roopan leave and sumit comes,dolly leaves.
Sumit asks what happened mom,leela says this dolly will mess our plan and that sourabh is helping her,leela spoils all dollys work and says now I see how will she do her work,sumit says forget all this lets go down I need to show u something important.nisha and kabir in their house eating dinner,kabir is busy in his phone,nisha is trying to tell kabir abt her love,kabir sees nisha is struggling to do something and says are u fine nisha,nisha thinks shd I directly tell him,nisha imagines cousins encouraging her to tell the truth,nisha says guys plz go away,don’t trouble,kabir looks at nisha and asks are u drunk, I think u are,nisha says yes I it is but I never thought it will happen,kabir says oh u new u will go mad,nisha says u are mad,kabir says nisha what is it tell me,nisha says jwala was saying that she likes a guy and thinking how will she propose him and after exams that guy will go away so,kabir says oh she shd go n tell him directly that she loves her and say I love u.
Nisha says I but,kabir says also tell her not to take it seriously,nisha says how can u take it so lightly,kabir says are its crush today this tomorrow someone and if she is really serious she shd surprise him with a gift and on some special day like bday or something shd propose him and tell her heart out to him,and guarantee he wont say no,nisha says but,kabir says nisha its love and there is no but in it,nisha thinks kabirs bday is approaching and I will propose him on that day.
Cousins and sourabh with nisha,dolly says whats nisha why didn’t u tell him,aman says yes nisha u shd have told kabir,jwala says nisha did right when in doubt shut ur mouth,suku says jwala right now u shutup,nisha says guys I have decided to throw a surprise bday party and then prupose him,dolly says we are with u nisha go ahead.suku says yes lets plan,sourabh looks at nisha,nisha says I will surely tell him and hope he may stop.
Sumit and leela are working on the fake jwellery,sumit says I will hide the real ones and the fake with kabir,leela picks one and says I will take this one,sumit says we are getting late quick,leela says soon this jwellery will go away with me to delhi,leela also packs the contract book with jwellery.
Dadaji is talking on phone,sumit goes with jwellery bag and leela removes the hidden box,sumit see dadaji near the door he slowly tries to escape and while doing so the contract book falls down,sumit unaware of it leaves,viraj calls summit and asks him to get the contract book quick,sumit says I am little busy and will get u quickly, sourabh gets that diary,dadaji asks sourabh what is it,sourabh says oh its my diary was searching for it,sourabh says how is this diary here it shd be in nisha and kabirs house and not here,does that mean someone else also knows abt this.
Dolly gives nisha romantic movie cds,nisha says not this now I am thinking abt his gift,aman says give something he likes a lot, dolly says or something he must have lost,nisha remembers that kabir had lost camera and she will give it to him and says but where will I get such camera here.sumit tells leela that viraj wants that contract,leela says don’t give, sumit says but he is insisting, leela says ok give him but just after 3 days after we do exchange work,viraj calls sumit for diary,sumit says its an imp proof and so I will get u in three days, leela says good now quick,sumit says not now mom I heard dolly talking abt kabirs bday and now we will make it happy.

Precap;leela asks kabir to get dupattas from terrace dolly has asked for it,kabir goes on terrace and sees its all spoilt,leela comes with vimal and starts shouting kabir look what u did this why did u spoil all dupattas,kabir is confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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