Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says mohan tell me the truth, dadi says forget all that come lets have food. Umesh asks aman to call her uncle, her uncle asks where is she, aman says im at doctor sharmas clinic I had high fever so, her uncle says be there I will reach in few minutes, her uncle says to ramesh its ok but ask umesh to stay away from her.
Dadaji says ok it seems like u people want to hide somethings from me n mohan u also acting like this, mohan says dad actually ramesh is talking to amanpreets uncle, amanpreet is umeshs good friend, dadaji says why did he think so, ramesh says she was here but she left now, dadaji says why was she here, dadi says I called her, her father expired n she wasn’t well so I called her, dadaji says next time she wont be here without my permission

n we will discuss abt it for sure.

Gayatri sees viraj n says oh viraj u shd take care of urself, u are not ready by urself how will u teach the girls n run this academy, viraj says enough aunty if u think its waste of time to run this academy u can back off n leaves. Gayatri says shit I shdnt have said this.
Cousins discuss abt the situation, suku says dadaji has called us tomorrow morning, kirti says n umesh n aman are still here, ritesh says I have an idea, kirti says ots grt we will follow riteshs idea. Ritesh gives aman clothes n says see one dress u wear n other one I will wear, umesh says wat abt me, ritesh says see anyways u aren’t home according to dadaji, so u jump from balcony.
Viraj goes home, sham singh introduces viraj to his grand son, the kid starts coping viraj, viraj starts playing with the kid, the kid says ur so nice ur a hero, sham singh says ok kid its time to go, viraj says do come next time to play with me.
Gayatri orders pasta from restaurant n goes to virajs place n says viraj im so sorry I just misunderstood u plz forgive me see I got pasta for u I made it myself, viraj says pasta isn’t my favorite food, viraj says anyways I wont be teaching the girls my coach will be there in academy from tomorrow for the girls.
Suku sees ritesh n starts laughing,aman joins ritesh n both join the dance grp, cousins hide behind the wall n see , ramesh goes to dadaji n says how was the programe , dadaji says which one ur or the dancers. Umesh jums down, vimla comes, umesh says I was out due to kirtis work n takes bag from her hands, vimla while getting in sees amanpreet n gets shocked, dadaji sees vimla n says are vimla come in, vimla ignores aman n goes in.
Vimla goes to dadi says here dolly is so tensed n this umesh brought aman home, dadi says vimla umesh brought her here bcoz she was ill had high fever, vimla says but when we know that this relation wont be accepted than why take further steps, dadi says umesh knows that too but he isn’t small now u shd give time n explain him properly n don’t worry couples are made in heaven so wait for the right time don’t forget if we pressurize him it could be very bad.
All cousins gather in dadajis room, dadaji says I want to talk to u kids lets chat with some breakfast, so see kids now u guys have become big n not small that I scold u n u follow me, I have taken lot of hardship n pain to reach this position , nisha says dadaji we wont let u down , dadaji says I know but ur generation gets carried away so listen properly, I have nothing against love marriage as u see we have laxmi n ramesh, but only thing I dont like is the inter-cast marriage .

Umesh says nisha just imagine u fall for a guy u find he is the mr right n then u realize he isn’t jain but rajput, nisha has viraj flashes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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