Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says to nisha and kabir that what happened in last few days wasn’t good and now ur marriage decision think twice before u take any step, take ur time.inspector comes ,ramesh thanks him,dadaji goes to sourabh and says thanku for help sourabh,sourabh says plz don’t ashame me I did this for u all and dadaji I want forgiveness and ur love back,dadaji says see I don’t know how but it will take time so give me time to get over it,dadaji and dadi leave.kabir says sourabh we all are with u,jwala says yes u are a very imp part of cousin gang, kabir sees virendra is upset and walks to him and says I know u aren’t happy with what happened but plz forgive me,virendra says u don’t talk to me,nisha says uncle plz forgive me,virendra says till I find the real truth

I wont be fine,virendra leaves.
Kabir says to nisha finally,nisha asks what, kabir says we are alone,nisha says why what u want to say, kabir says nisha a weird thing has happen and I never thought this will happen and the thing is,nisha sees dolly and says kabir wait I will be back,nisha goes to dolly,dolly says congratulations see ur kabir is back,nisha says I am sorry di,dolly says sumit did mistakes and he shd be punished for that and why are u sorry I shd be sorry,nisha hugs dolly, dolly says enough of this now and I will be fine soon and get over it, nisha says dolly di u are not ok something is worrying u.
Bunty takes dollys medical reports,dolly says no nisha I am not hiding anything,nisha says u know u cant lie to me,u know dolly di plz don’t hide,try once may be I can help u,dolly says nisha don’t take my tension take this kabirs tension,kabir calls nisha down,dolly says go nisha.nisha abt to go down,bunty asks where is dolly di,nisha says just went to her room.
Vimla and virendra are upset abt dollys marriage life in danger, ramesh comes and says bhaiya plz understand we will do something,virendra says what will u do ,roopan says virendra bhaiya is right I know sumit did wrong but dollys life, laxmi says roopan di how can we leave our dolly with such man,roopan says yes now ur daughetrd life is ok why will u care abt others,virendra says roopan is right and don’t forget all this happening is bcoz of kabir,ramesh says why are u blaming kabir he saved our family, sumit was fraud, and abt nishas marriage they haven’t taken any decision yet,virendra says whatever but this is all ur daughter and kabirs fault.
All gangwals gather in mandir,dadi asks kabir and nisha to take blessings of god,kabir turns to nisha and says nisha Its u who saved my life and u are god to me , u always save me from all ills, always made me chose right path as a friend as a mother and as a wife and so I see my god in u,all leave except nisha and kabir, kabir says nisha I want to tell u one thing, aman says nisha someone is here for u plz come.
Nisha goes out and sees viraj, viraj turns to nisha and smiles and walks to her and says hello nisha,see I came here as a friend as a person who motivated u and help u chose right path, nisha says enough sir I know what path to chose, viraj says that’s not true ur with person who is gonna leave u alone, kabir gave u just pain n nothing else, nisha says I want to say nothing on that,viraj says ok don’t but here see this ur so called husbands London ticket, nisha says kabir n I are still married and this is just a ticket n doesn’t mean he will leave me,viraj says why don’t u understand,nisha says u understand kabir is my husband,viraj says u call it a marriage how can u trust that guy and if u don’t want I wont come to u , I will not see u for two weeks and then when kabir will leave u and u will be alone remember I will be waiting for u,here is the ticket.viraj leaves.

PRECAP:nisha says to kabir u are gonna go right and that is what u want to say right,and thanku for being with me and how shd I thanku for this,kabir says nisha u will come to meet me right.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. shreesha

    After so many days watched the epi it was awesome but at the end viraj made it again 🙁 hate it

  2. Liya

    [email protected] nd shree di

  3. (krishna)

    why virendra is upset with kabir wht did he do he did’nt steal any jwellery sumit did and he want’s summit back in dolly’s life . summit is a thief . how much dolly had to suffer bcoz of him .and viraj nisha will never luv u then y r u behind her .

  4. dont talk about viraj coz director is really confused to choose kabir or viraj as said in his latest interview he said that he want audience to watch 2 bros falling in love wid a girl and wen asked abt thereal hero he said nisha is de real hero and also dolly is pregnant so vote for ur hero whom u want to see at the end as the show is going off air in 7 months

    • richa

      ?????????? WERE R U DR ??? NW U MAKING ME NGRY ??????
      ?????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? SEARCHING 4 SIGNL ? ?? ?? ?? ?

  5. ??bhoot??

    what advice liya everyone was asking about you yesterday you know today is kajol’s bday

  6. [email protected]

  7. richa

    i lykd the part in which kabir turned to nishu in the mandir nd said sheis his god but hated pre as nisu slightly nodded no to kabir nd viraj was looking nyc……. bt samosa wale uncle spoiled the mood nd roopan is alone enough in the family as a slight negativ personality sooo samosa uncle b ur old self……

  8. (krishna)

    hey liya pls be careful dear i saw a lot of disturbence in sns page ………………….. 🙂

  9. Liya

    Hai…Yeah pradishma.m really missing her nd m waiting 4 her…3 day overed na.v can scold her when she cum.

  10. Liya

    WOW i was there at karnataka last [email protected]…yeah krish my bestiee riya is there 4 me.

  11. (krishna)


  12. (krishna)

    soon we will be able to see a romantic nibir scene …………………………………………………………………………

  13. Liya its good tht u took my advice seriously…. But I am not saying don’t comment I am saying just don’t reply to cheapest comments….. Then there will b no difference between u and them … OK dear

  14. Liya

    Oh k devu akka.when i stopped commenting no lover, fan or advicer there.i ll comment at ni8.

  15. Liya

    Guys,now m watching 51 luv they r showing the luv story with actress as our nauc’s kirti.

  16. Good night nauc I mean nibirians ….
    Who ever have fb account PLZ do check this page ” Kabir &Nisha / nibir Tom and Jerry couple ” there are posts about virajians how they r abusing nibirians ….
    my frnd said about it …

  17. Now im starting my quiz competition…..
    Aye mr minor ennapakure……
    2)Aathadi aathadi…..
    3)Choooomantar ko ….
    Guess which films….this are easy

  18. Liya

    Watching theekali.u know a show abt misuse of web by teenager on mtv.thats malayalam version nd u nika akka?

  19. Max

    As the moon sparkling so bright!
    As the radiance of light!
    There is no limit for my dreams!
    Our love will cross all extremes!
    Now I am with you,
    In your arms and soothing you!
    Today my sky is filled with moon!
    But it will get waned soon!!
    Now you are here!
    Will you disappear is what I fear?
    I felt this night should extend,
    But my queen told it should end!!
    You told, “There is a day,”
    “And we have to face the fate’s play!!”
    I am just a man of stupidity,
    But you are woman of practicality!!
    You are born to love!
    My only woman to love!!
    GN Guyz. sweet dreamz

  20. Max

    thankz priya nd devga for loving my poem.
    devga dis poem is dedicated to all lovers so not 4 one person

  21. sevens

    @ MAX keep posting new poem like dis
    nd all ur frnd nd well wisher r der for u who will support nd motivate

  22. Nice episode but too much interrupt in kabir n nisha talking it like he was going to confess this love hope in tomorrow episode he tell nisha he love her so that they can go on in they lifes


    future story kabir is going to airport and both nibir gets emotional when kabir will left for airport nisha will start crying laxmi will see this and will tell nisha that kabir loves you nisha will be shocked to learn how kabir propose her in hospital and nisha gets up and on the other hand viraj will wait for nisha outside her house he will see nisha is coming towards him crying and viraj again will misunderstand this but nisha will take her scooty and go for airport and find kabir and will propose him there will be light romantic and emotional moment which will shetter viraj

  24. richa

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  25. richa

    suuuu these butterflies nd dont post bee again

  26. richa

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    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ??????
    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ????
    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ??
    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ?

  27. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ εїз richa εїз Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ εїз

    ❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ok nauc c u 2nyt

  28. jerry

    naanengetta chetta moodhevikala..
    vannal,vaichu pogillae,ivade irunnu konjittu pinnae vakllavendeyum kooda meyaan irangum.pinne chagum..

    idhillum e malayalachi liya..thoo endoru piravi yaano..
    aaraeym,dear,numma,komma nu vachu…pandaradangaan..aazhnjaadi nadakkunaa oru vrithiketta chee

    • how dare u ???…..u r such a cheap person in the world………u dont know the value of frndships………..we come here….read updates….and chat with our frnds…….who hell r u insulting my frnds…….using indecent lang…….
      get lost…..i respect this site….

      • jerry

        shut up you nasty dog… see ur language… u cheap or me..blo*dy b*t*h..its public site and u dirty dog saying me to get lost..will get slipper beat..behave like girls..blo*dy..talking with every unkonown and now replying with foul language..did ur parents brought u up like this..wat wll they feel wen u address some unknown as dear .mair and all..

        moodittu podi maire

      • jerry

        azhinjaadi nadakunne ningalaanadi moodhevi cheap in world,adhu thettennu parayunna njan alle.manasilayodi maire…ini nee friends , idhanodi friendship,ningalu kandittu polum illa,appozhthekkum..cheee..oru computer um,net um undengi..endhum aagam aladi..

        ningalakonda nalla penguttikalude peru cheethayavunne…yes,just because of u nasty pigs, nice girls too get bad names..mariyadhakku nee nannavu alladhe enna get lost nu paranjall..pinnae…chee , thoo

      • pradishma

        How dare u jerry to say like that to riya there’s Nothing wrong on chatting on social sites

      • pradishma

        And what do u mean behave like girls @jerry and u have no right to go on parents they r frnds they can talk in however way they want and its 21 century grow up

    • jerry

      potta naaye,,u dont know which language at all,then y the f**k or u in india..india has many languages in different part,,,u f**k addicted of english..better than blabbering know something useful dog..ask liya what language is this

      • jerry

        endhadi chette realise his mistake..u learn how to be ,its 21st century so u ll run naked on na..there is limit to talk.and they using such nasty words in malayalam..if u dont know malayalam shut and u grow

  29. jerry

    always a torture, wenever we come to read, we see these bunch of thendigal kozhayunnadhu..thoo cheetha chettagal..
    adhu maathram alla,, ee serial characters nu vendi vakkalathu, umma ella mannangattayum..
    idhu verudhae serial a,alladha serikkum alla,pakshe ivalugal kaanikunnadhu kandaal , aiyo endho swandham veetil aayadhu pola oru reaction..ppa pattikalae…

    ivida maathre ullu ee prashnam,vera sitelu,vera telecast nu illa..endhu vargangala

  30. Solver

    What u want stupid jerry?v have heard that kerala is known as god’s own country eventhough it is a state.m confused thinking is this what keralians teach their children?

    • jerry

      hey solver,parents teach good things only,,not just in kerala..whole world,..but its peole like u who contaminate culture like dis..chee nasty

  31. Tom

    youh are right solver… I pity on this blo*dy’s parents… if they get to know about his filthy deeds they would rather prefer dying

    • jerry

      u b*t*h shut up…when parents who gave birth to u filthy are alive,why mine…haha..degrade to human u are

    • jerry

      wat to do,some learn only when we use language like them..before all this read comment section two days before what that damn liya said in malayalam..being a malayalee,i cant digest she talking vulgar..that topo in public forum when u people not understand wat she saying..dont just shout,find the reason y someone gets angry ok.

      will u be quiet wen someone address u in bad slang,liya addressed so and u people without knowing meaning of her word,supportng her..f possbl;e read wat she commented,then ….ok

  32. Solver

    Jerry.go nd show ur act on CN or anyother caarton channel.who r u to advice the girls whom u havent seen or know?

  33. Tom

    LOL are you sure you are born to your parents?? I dont think so… you look like you are born to a shit eater blo*dy swine

    • jerry

      haha,ninakku malayalam ariyaam ennu arayum,adhukonda chettae ninne thanichu reply cheidhdhu..poi padikkadi..

      for others,i know riya know malayalam,so only in previous comment itself i replied her in malayalam,not that i dont know english…

  34. Solver

    Ask to liya,liya is a malayaali..liya..liya..liya.who is liya.y r u using her name?dont u know what lang u r using?then y r u hiding it frm others?i think u dont know the spelling of ur lang so u r telling 2 ask others.haha

    • jerry

      aiyo,great expert,and y d hell u are here without knowing who s commenting..haha

  35. Tom

    if you want to talk to a particular person then say to him/her & solve the problem dont use filthy language

    • jerry

      regarding u ,its u who started like i will eat u up, then i replied,,,it was not me who started messaging u..also u said me blo*dy first, so then u said my parents should die, and u said i was born to some filthy..its u who used and i just replied better if u dont want get bad words,u dont use it right

  36. Solver

    I ll translate what liya told..acc he began 2 blame those who chatting on nauc.she told if u want u can chatt othervise u dönt need 2 chatt or v can be frnds.then u guys can read his reply in his lang malayalam.i think so.ask ur frnds to translate his words or use internet.m sure he havent used any gud word.

  37. Solver

    I ll translate what liya told..acc he began 2 blame those who chatting on nauc.she told if u want u can chatt othervise u dönt need 2 chatt or v can be frnds.then u guys can read his reply in his lang malayalam.i think so.ask ur frnds to translate his words or use internet.m sure he havent used any gud word..

  38. Roshanara

    Jerry must hv ran away fraum sm freaking mental asylum….ignore him he needs serious treatments

    • jerry

      u r havng standard mindset na,so just first try who used abusive language first and reply,i think i have no prob with u..u are talking with tom , carry on..seems u r friends,but dont talk ill of my mental stability without knowing y i am it

  39. Tom

    yaar sorry yesterday I was disgusted so said something etc to you… actually after that my net pack finished this is my cousin’s mobile

  40. Roshanara

    ent viḍḍhittaṁ niṅṅaḷkk enteṅkiluṁ sanskāraṁ entu illa? oru peātu saiṟṟ āḷukaḷe durupayēāgaṁ. oru jīvitaṁ labhikkuṁ pēākuka

  41. Solver

    Anybody has the number of CN operators??v have c inform them na that jerry is running on nauc site.

  42. Tom

    I saw you abusing riya thats why I said to you ok?? 1 more thing Idint say your parents should die… I said if they see your deeds they may prefer to die other than seeing all this.. if you dint understand then please use a dictionary

  43. Solver

    I cant stay away bcoz m the prob solver of nauc site.dunno who is liya but i have read her comments nd u insulted my frnds riya,pradishma,tom nd roshanara.thank god atleast now u used a gud word!

  44. Solver

    Haha tom.u r making troubles 4 u.if the CNoperators cum to catch jerry,they ll catch u too.

  45. Liya

    Gr8…Thnx 4 the news dolly.yeah v want nibir is better that viraj quit the show.

      • jerry

        hi liya,if this is real id,then just i wanna say that ,all my messages were only because i thought u r abusing me,but now i think its the fake id that used unwanted words, because didnt know there were two id in name liya.
        and its not defenitely the one with arshi image abused me.
        I used ur name but i not meant u,i just scolded liya who abused me.
        The one wth arshi image in profile pic, I didnt scolded u liya.
        i scolded the other one(as u said ,it might me the fake).
        Real one,dont take me wrong

  46. Solver

    Ok tom…m solver.full name problem solver.completed degree of problem solving frm solvy academy.currently i does job in nauc site…any doubts?? Ask to richa nd krish..the same intro i gave them.

  47. Roshanara

    [email protected]
    I wanna get enrolled in ur academy too

  48. Liya

    Jerry sahothara.ippol theri vilikkaruthu.njan madutthu.can u plz tell me when,where fake liya used to abuse ur name or whatever it is.this is my kind request.please

  49. Solver

    Kyy,i havent solved ur prob yet.u can cum 2 nauc site nd inform me.i ll handle it.m always on duty.hehe

  50. kyy well wisher

    Hehe you cant handle kyy problem lol bcoz it had gone too far/ in real lyk too ….lol ….

  51. kyy well wisher

    Lol lol u knw its vry diff ….when problem come to real life too bside online

  52. Solver

    Oh!kyy well wisher,v can try atleast.there is always a way 4 every prob..1st theory of my 1st year degree in solvy academy,solveland.hehe

  53. Keka Zaman

    why kabir is main hero?????viraj and nisa are the best couple than kabir and nisa……

  54. Solver

    Everyone back!m also a human like u kyy.i have no extra power.i handles the current problems which is like sth happened hr few min ago.

  55. Solver

    Ok what is ur age so that i can arrange everything 4 ur admission..[email protected]

  56. Solver

    Hmm academy is located at solve land.3 years course.fees…ll be informed at the day of ur admission.

  57. silent reader

    what all was happening here today that tom and jerry and why liya you are the one in problem always

  58. Liya

    Haha so u reads sns comments too.dunno y it happens [email protected] reader.

  59. silent reader

    you know this used to be a peaceful place before but now it is all spoiled because of all these commenters

  60. Liya

    It was to me [email protected] reader

  61. silent reader

    i read many updates comments and thats why i am telling this why is it always liya

  62. Liya

    Hmm silent reader.i didnt do that.i would have answered where when fake liya talked with him,if i would have done that.i never thought that u….kk.thnx.

  63. jerry

    no silent reader,ts not liya’s fault..she is nice i think.someone usng fake id of her to make her name spoilt.but now with profile pic , got to know real liya is of arshi id and she is not that fake one who is senseless..

    silent reader,i am sure real liya is justa wonderful friend for all and someone is jealous of her.
    sorry liya ,its bcoz of me.truly not meant u

  64. Liya

    Thanx a lot jerry…finally u proved me as innocent but i have a doubt where when she talked with u.plz talk in malayalam so that i can believe that u r real…luk silent u got that?

  65. maanu

    But your language spoil the image of [email protected]

    • jerry

      hmmm, but not me started ,it was also a malayalee who abused,as i always said…better know who abused and can comment bcoz i dont mind abusing f people talk bad to also same happened,when i abused ,people got provoked,same happen to me..if bcoz of ths malayalee name spoil(haha), i dont mind bcoz such fake sud be given their medicne

  66. Pathanga

    Wow…gd krish… Reach ur aim… Hard work s utter necessary….ok dr…all d best dr..

  67. silent reader

    but why is it so every one is after you and your name @liya and may be you commented under the name jerry to mislead us as the difference between our comment timing and jerrys comment is enough for you to type that comment under the name jerry and what a co-incidence your jerry came to save you just on time as i blamed you liya sorry but i cant ignore these facts liya…… it may be not you but the

    • (krishna)

      here u pathu ……………….they are invisible sweets specially made 4 u ………………

  68. Liya

    What u want silent commenter?now u r after me.y r u doing so..?u want me to go frm this site ah.then tell it directly.

    • silent reader

      no that is not the case but you should improve yourself and your habbits @liya

  69. Pathanga

    Oooo…..yummy dr…. Take sum frm my syd too…………. And blessings too dr…. Hope al ur dreams cum true…. Be a good citizen….

  70. Dear jerry..
    Im sorry …i was very angry went u insulted my bestie liya…
    She is my first bestie is my life….
    Now i read previous comment…thats why im saying sorry…
    Mr…jerry if u abusing someone please be in a decent manner
    A frnd Sweet

    • jerry

      its ok,its all bcuz of the fake id liya,only after her indcation i came to know of fake id..thats y.take care friend.

  71. (krishna)

    meenakshi evide istam pole malayali frnd undu ………………………….. 🙂

  72. (krishna)

    @richa i want biology science bcoz my dream is to becomea wildlife biologist …… 🙂 thanku dear

  73. (krishna)

    riya all the best 4 u ……………………………….will pray 4 u always 🙂

  74. εїз ƸӜƷ richa εїз ƸӜƷ

    ok by dr mumma calling gtg c u latr smtym dr nd tc nd eat well hihi ???????

    • εїз ƸӜƷ richa εїз ƸӜƷ

      v? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
      have dem all nd cake nd choko 2 nd b happy nd bi

  75. Shera

    Hai mona.nenakku enne ariyam…m richa di’s kutty.ene lulu ennu vilikkalu ellavarkum thiriyum..i ll call sth that u ll suggest ok.

  76. Thanks for giving me ice creams did but I already have stomach pain so if east it it will increase. That’s why I told I am not well

  77. Shera

    V can keep a variety name…my relatives calls me sandra kutty.make sth frm this…tell me any of ur petname.i ll make frm that.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.