Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha and kabir reach a hotel, cousins surprise them,kabir asks where is suku,nisha says he is home mom and dad were getting senti,sourabh says nisha people go house after marriage n u go guest house, kirti says don’t trouble them relax ur new house will be ready by tomorrow.dolly says I have decorated ur room, sourabh says dolly don’t,it was to be a surprise,aman comes and asks did u get keys,kabir says yes,aman takes it and goes to their room with dolly and kirti,umesh sourabh leave saying they have work ,dolly sees kabir and nisha and says we need to open them up,aman says I have a plan.
Dolly kirti go to kabir and says we need to talk to u, nisha says even I will come with u,dolly says no its between bil and sil,nisha asks what, kirti says bil brother

in law and sil sister in law,kabir says lets go come.kirti dolly and kabir go to their room,kabir says wow u guys have decorated it very nicely,aman comes with milk and spills it on kabir and says oh sorry,dolly says oh aman what did u do spoilt the sherwani go wash it kabir,kabir goes in bathroom and dolly kirti and aman go away with kabirs suitcase.
Dolly kirti aman go to nisha and says go to ur room now,nisha says something is fishy tell me,kirti says whatever enjoy ur honeymoon bye,dolly says nisha don’t get upset do u need tips, nisha says dolly di plz.nisha goes to her room, she sees kabir wrapped in shawl,and asks him why is he sitting like this,kabir says my clothes dolly di,nisha says u mad u duffer, kabir gets up wraped in towel and says hello don’t get mad at me this is ur cousins plan they spoilt my sherwani and ranaway with bag,nisha says ok sorry,the door bell rings,nisha opens the door ,waiter gives her flowers,nisha reads letter on it which says congratulations viraj,nisha gets angry.
The waiter comes down with flowers and throws them in dustbin in front of viraj. Nisha tired walks towards the bed,kabir looks at her and smiles,nisha gives him cold look,kabir hides his body with the shawl, nisha looks at it and starts laughing.
Dadaji is worried, dadaji and ramesh at the same time go to nishas room,dadaji asks ramesh didn’t u sleep,ramesh says I was abt to go,dadaji looks at nishas picture, and memorizes his fights with nisha,dadaji is in tears and says this is not good,ramesh asks what,dadaji says why these gals grow up so fast, and leaves the room wiping his tears.
Laxmi and dadi go to nishas room and sees ramesh there,laxmi asks what are u doing here,ramesh says nisha is used to this big house ,people around her how will she manage,dadi says every girl has to go through it,laxmi says don’t u remember my first day,dadi starts laughing and says laxmi on the irst day when u had hiccups ramesh had come to me asking medicine for hiccups,ramesh smiles and says ma babuji was here I think u shd be with him,dadi says all the men here,ramesh says what ur babuji is upset downstairs,ur here crying and umesh suku sourabh in the hall are upset.
Viraj in his house sees a shadow and says I knew miss nisha u will be here,kaira steps forward,viraj gets angry,kaira walks to viraj and says viraj what have u done to urself,plz don’t do this,and viraj im leaving today I was here for my luggage but looking at u I cant and viraj this anger will make u no good,viraj says what is wrong in me why did she choose that man,and I will find it for sure and once I find it nisha will be back in my life,kaira says viraj do find it,but control ur anger,viraj says there are no limits now kaira,and now if nisha isn’t mine she wont be anyone elses.

PRECAP:sabu tells gayatri abt viraj and kabirs relation,sham singh hears that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Hope evrythng is fyn in the show!!cum on don’t drag the story keep it short n good!!!
    The story shud b abt cousins soo better stick to d title!!

  2. Ria

    Super epi.I wan’t to tell Viraj one thing please stop calling nisha ‘Miss Nisha’she has now become ‘Nisha Kabir Sharma’

  3. ruchi

    nooo u sabu u also to gayatri bua ji ……… why always villians know everything first………. now two problems for nibir buaji and viraj…….. what will happen now 🙁

    • kanisha

      bcoz its about serial and if it doesn’t happen in this then the show will becme happy-happy and then exitment…. so all the secrets are revealed to villain first only……

  4. richa

    gud morning friends 🙂 ……. the episode was nice but the precap was not so nyce bcoz all villians are gathering up very less good left……….

    • susi

      Gud morning richa today episode was superb except the viraj scenes… Don’t call me miss nisha she is Mrs nisha kabir….

  5. nibir ke sadi ke bad se mene nauc dekhna chod dia he,because of smartly killing of true luv.go to hell with this show…………

  6. stuti

    gud mrng guys …..ya the episode was really very nice….kabir n nisha u guys rock….but the precap was not at all good . now again tht buaji will creat troubles in their lives.
    wish that this truth doesnt create any problem in nisha n kabirs life

  7. sdfghjkl

    east or west
    south or north
    right or left
    up or down
    front or back
    nibir is the best
    nibir rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. panna

    I love nibir and love the current track too but I just feel bad for viraj. I mean he helped nisha man

  9. panna

    Before you guys judge me just know that I was giving an honest opinion and I too am a nibir fan. It is just hard for me to see viraj in a really bad spot as he was a good human being

  10. kanisha

    yaa I agree vd u Richa, susi and panna ….. but this is also right that he changed in right time and also that kiara is very very gud for viraj… as kiara is her first love…

  11. kanisha

    sorry guys …. that I’ve written this again …. becoz I was boring so I wrote this again……. ….. ;-)….. 🙂 ….. ^_^…… /•_•\…… ¶~: …… :-P…. :-D….. :-O…. (*-*)….. {°=°}…… !-)…..

  12. Urvi

    I feel both nisha n kabir will fall in love with each other. . Soo excited to see them together

    • richa

      well it can be sooo bcoz in many tracs forced or contract marriages lead to lovee and unity… 😉

  13. kanisha

    i’m so happy bcoz every day i’m talking to a new friend…..yesterday aishu …..and today to u urvii.

  14. kanisha

    but the problem is when they don’t talk then we miss them. so i’m soooooo missing amyra… garima… aishu…

  15. kanisha

    earlier we also used to see that tarak……. but now no one likes bcoz now it seems sometimes boring and overacting…..

  16. When viraj entered in show I liked him as a prince bt then he became sooo boring n nw he has become vilian in nisha’S life

      • kanisha

        no yaar … no buddy lives together … my taauuji and Chachu live somewhere else….
        my problem is my big bro …. he likes holiwood movies whenever he comes from college … mujhse remote chheenlete hainn…

  17. kanisha

    in my fmly …. my papa n mamma….2gethor see that jamairaja so im unable to see nauc at any cost……waise mee toooo like jamairaja but not more than nauc… …..

    • richa

      koi nii abhi u study nd fb is a big addiction nd can spoil ur future studies sooo u use it apter u get in clg

  18. kanisha

    yaa i’m not in fb …. bcoz I don’t think so that my bog bro will give permission to me B4 12th…

      • kanisha

        oh so sweet of u bcoz now I’m feeling like to hug u … u seems my big sister type… but u know that my cousin sis. only advised me to join fb…

      • kanisha

        no yaar please don’t call her idiot … she is 6 years older than mee….and 1 year older than my bro..

  19. kanisha

    waise sometimes I also feel that I shud not be in fb now. …. in yesterday’s newspaper only I read that …..

  20. kanisha

    u know that in September 2014 I went to a trip with my school friends…. in Rajasthan. ……

  21. kanisha

    oho ..urvi Hollywoodian
    mine favorite is Kabir of yeh jawani hai dewaani and in serials , Kabir of nauc…

  22. kanisha

    no yaar not name … but its a coincidence that my both favorite actor’s name is Kabir (not in real)

  23. richa

    hey frndss is it also occuring to you that when u post a comment it says u r posting comments fast slow down

  24. kanisha

    guys 2morrow is Sunday and i don’t think so that I will be able to talk to u …. 2morrow….. but I’ll try ..

  25. kanisha

    but in my dongle their is no net and also that in lappy net charge zada hogaa …. u know that I am learning typing without seeing …….

  26. richa

    u know we started commenting at 4 1hr we nd 2 pages of our chat if sm1 read r comments vl get mad

    • shreesha

      😀 I read comments in intension tat I may get to know something more abt nauc but u ppl chat all personal lol sry I can’t help but end up by reading all ur msges no offence 🙁

  27. kanisha

    oh !!yaa and u know … that bcoz of this chatting I forgot to see the repeat tellycast of nauc. ..oh!no yaar … so sad.

  28. kanisha

    oh richa … we r unable to control ourselves of this chatting …. again&again checking for a new comment…

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