Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji gives leela divorce papers ,leela says sumit is a kid plz forgive him, dolly tell ur family members, dadaji says these are divorce papers and dolly has signed them.nisha tells sourabh that dolly likes him too, sourabh says wow and what else she said, nisha says she wants to stand on her feet before taking this step, sourabh says I support her decision and what did dadaji and virendra uncle said, nisha says dadaji was cool but virendra uncle was bit upset u come home then we will talk.
Leela says u people are doing big mistake how will dolly live in this society , u shd be thankful that I accepted dolly, who is such useless and manarless girl, virendra says enough of it leelaji no single word for dolly I wont accept it, leela says virendraji u were against

the divorce, virendra says yes I was but I have realized that staying with sumit is the biggest unishment I would give it to my daughter, leela says I agree sumit is at fault but what have I done, vasu comes and says I will tell that, nemi uncle leelaji stole accounts paper for me, leela says vasuji before pointing at me look at urself, u tried to broke ur own sons relatinships, dadaji says leelaji u may plz leave we don’t wish to listen to u, leela leaves.vasu says nemi uncle I am sorry for all that I have done plz forgive me, I am going to viraj, I thought I will live with both my sons but now both are upset and kabir I am sorry, kabir doesn’t look at her, nisha says kabir mom is saying sorry plz, kabir hugs vasu, vasu says lakshmiji I know u will take care of my son and since viraj is alone I have to go to him, and nisha u take care of urself and kabir, nisha hugs vasu, vasu says I will keep in touch with u and when all will be fine I will call u and kabir near me for now I shall leave, vasu takes leave.
Dolly is in her room, sourabh goes to her, dolly says u here , sourabh says nisha told me everything and I love u dolly,I really like u, dolly says sourabh I too, I mean I need time , sourabh says don’t worry take as much as time u want, dolly says don’t take me wrong but I need to be independent before taking any step, sourabh says I stand by ur decision dolly , dolly says thanku sourabh and hugs him, and says I love u too sourabh.
Suku gathers everyone and says after an awesome dinner lets play dumbsharaj, dolly says yes teams are decided elders vs youngers, suku says dadaji and dadi are neutral and so first will be roopan aunty, roopan starts acting, laksmi recognizes the word its sorry, laxmi and roopan hug eachother, roopan says laxmi I am really sorry, and ramesh I am sorry , plz forgive me, laxmi says no roopan didi plz, virendra says enough of emotional drama, suku says ok ok now its kabir jijus turn, kabir picks his chit and kabir starts acting, and cousins start guessing, elders start countdown, but youngers don’t guess it and kabir says it was I love u, nisha says kabir u couldn’t say this much, kabir says no I couldnt,kabir and nisha look at eachother and start memorizing each day from their first meet.
Kabir says nisha I love u, nisha says it was so simple I love u, all start clapping, dolly says see u said I love u to eachother, nisha says kabir was that straight from ur heart, kabir says if it reached ur heart it was and hugs nisha, kabir gets down on his knees and says nisha gangwal I love u a lot, nisha says I love u too and want to be with u on every step of our life, I love u kabir,kabir kisses nishas hand and her forehead, gangwals clap for them, ramesh starts crying, dadaji says see look at this ramesh, ramesh tu to rehne de, ramesh sings song jindgi hain ek safar and all start dancing and having fun and memorizing happy moments spent with eachother.

PRECAP: NISHA AUR USKE COUSINS end on a happy note with whole family together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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