Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir asks nisha what is it,nisha says notjing let me call chandus mom. Kabir says chandu no one will trouble u anymore,umesh calls nisha,nisha says see u later,chandu says u two are married now and will always be together, kabir says so nisha wont u take me home,nisha says chandu that marriage,kabir says yes it wasn’t marriage it was just to save u chandu, kabir says yes this never happened and will never meet again,but I will never forget this trip and u both,nisha says I came here to spend some time alone,kabir says but now u r going with healed heart,nisha says but I still feel bad when I think abt breakup and I want to tell u something,nisha gets chandus moms call,nisha says ok ur reaching here that’s good. Chandu mom comes,chandu rushes to her mom,chandus

mom thanks nisha and kabir and hugs nisha,nisha says aunty plz I can aunderstand ur pain,kabir says yes aunty she noes everything,nisha says shut up.kabir says chandu I will miss u a lot,chandus mom says now I have police protection and so don’t worry,chandu says to nisha keep smiling and don’t cry and don’t get angry and I promise I wont tell ur secret to anyone.chandu goes along with her mom.
Kabir takes his bag and gives nisha hers, nisha and kabir go to market, nisha says thanku to kabir,kabir says all this doesn’t suit u ur fighting nature is good, nisha says ok go to ajmer u may find a clue abt ur photo,kabir says thanku nisha, it was fun to be with u forget the marriage relation but I hope we remain friends,umesh calls nisha,nisha says will meet u soon, nisha and kabir shake hands. Kabir says ok u take care.

Nisha goes her way and kabir his way,while walking nisha memorizes the time she spent with kabir, kabir memorises the time he applied sindoor in nishas forehead n so runs to nisha pulls her hand and apllies red color on her face, nisha gets shocked, kabir gestures her that it is to hide sindoor,kabir runs away,umesh comes and says I wont leave that guy,nisha says forget him its holi let go,nisha sees virendra and he smiles at her.
Kiara arranges dinner for viraj, the door bell rings and kiara surprises viraj with roses and welcomes him,viraj smiles and says this is nice,kiara says thanku actually u never go out so I did this for u and so viraj will u have candle light dinner with me,kiara says I hope ur ok with it,viraj says relax its just that im not used to all this,kiara says no worry u will get used to it common lets have food. Kiara says I did all this by myself. Viraj says that good let me cut an apple,viraj hurts his finger,kiara says oh viraj u cant do anything and holds virajs hand,this reminds viraj of nisha, kiara asks viraj what happened where have u lost,viraj says nothing im fine and leaves.
Gayatri calls kiara, gayatri asks kiara is everything all right, kiara says im not sure viraj behaves weird at times, gayatri says I have no time better be quick,kiara says ok.
Gayatri asks someone to search store room, there she finds a bag and letter in it, she opens it , its vasundra(virajs mom) reports on reading it gayatri finds that its from 1992 and according to it viraj has a younger brother, gayatri says this cant be happening and she asks the man to keep the whole bag in her house.gayatri smiles and says now this is magical and will help me a lot and starts laughing.
Everybody at house is waiting for nisha but laxmi is getting tensed,kirti says dadi nisha will get very angry what to do,laxmi says im very tensed,nisha comes, laxmi asks nisha how was ur trip,nisha says what are u guys hiding I heard tell me the truth don’t hide, laxmi says are u mad im so happy to see u and what is this color,nisha asks kirti what is it, kirti smiles, bunty comes and hugs nisha and says nisha dad has left house and gone somewhere no one knows where he is.

Kirti says nisha relax don’t get tensed, nisha says I will find my dad.
Kabir sees ramesh and says oh this is my father in law this is amazing daughter gone father in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. From now, I’m Mrs. Kabir! Viraj who?

  2. ashmitha kulatunga

    oh yeah!!khabir n nisha shld remain together

  3. ashmitha kulatunga

    i luv todays episode

  4. Why viraj is thinking about nisha and nisha please move on and start loving kabir yaar you are now married to kabir

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah i totally agree with u

  5. Nisha n kabir look so good together
    Love you guys so much

  6. Today kabir and nisha looking so cute ……I like this episode and now viraj is thinking about nisha but I like kabir and nisha together…….

  7. Really!!! Nisha and Kabir look awesome together.. dont bring Niraj together again plsssssssssssssss

  8. Me tooo … kabir nisha rocks 🙂

  9. Yes agree with all of you….Kabir makes a better match with Nisha.

  10. this time Nisha should ditch Viraj, he doesn’t deserve her love. Nibir Rockssss ♥

  11. yippieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! viraj is thinking abt nisha now… its such a great thing… 😀 😀 😀 i dnt agree vth u guys… only NIRAJ rocks da show…

    1. Yes

      glad someone to find someone like me still wants niraj back

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Nice was really good

  13. I’m also agree with nishu.

    1. tq yar 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. nisha nd kabir rocks

  15. I love nisha and kabir together …….. Perfect match …….. Kabir is funny too

  16. I like nisha and kabir…both r luking awesome.

  17. hw u guys compare curie cutie viraj vth kabir…
    do see the below link u all vll get my point… 😛 😉 :-*

  18. ughhhh ugly viraj :/

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah viraj looks soo old with nisha

  19. there r a lot of reasons y nisha shld chose kabir over viraj…d biggest of em all…he dint believe nisha who had always done gud for him n had cared for him….n he agreed wid his buaji who had always wanted to destroy him….how insane can a person b to do that..he doesn’t deserve her luv!!…cuming over to nisha n kabir….their camaraderie is super good…both of them luk damn awesome together,r energetic,their silly arguments n nok jhoks..n the way he pacifies nisha..(hugs!!! aawww!!)…n yeah fights always lead to love u c!!! 🙂 plzz…nibir rock to d core!!dnt want viraj back!!!
    P.S. kabir luks a million times better than viraj!! -_-

  20. kabeer is matching with nisha ,nisha ka hero kabir hai…kabeer mathy nishade hero..

  21. Sorry guys I don’t agree with you.I like nisha and viraj together.kabir is such a chipku and overacting ka dukhan.Viraj is best for nisha and we can understand it by falling trip during the entry of kabir

  22. Guys see this article to know the popularity of niraj…. Viraj to return back on public demand

    It was recently heard that Viraj’s character on Nisha Aur Uske Cousins had been eliminated from the show as the makers felt that Viraj and Nisha’s pair lacked chemistry.

    As a result, Kabir was introduced in the storyline and a new love track between Nisha (Aneri Vajani) and Kabir (Mishkat Varma) was to start off.

    However, the latest news is that Viraj will once again get introduced in the show as the makers feel that they misjudged Viraj’s popularity.

    Fans of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins wanted Viraj to come back on the show as Viraj and Nisha’s pairing had gained immense popularity.

    Therefore, Viraj’s London track will now come to an end and Taher Mithaiwala, who plays the role of Viraj, will soon make a re-entry on the show.

    1. such an amazing news yaar…… love to see them together again… 🙂

  23. Plz discuss some thing abt the todays episode. I could not see it plz..

  24. Yar sbdy update na

  25. Nisha and kabir looks cute together. Today episode was nice

  26. This entire kabir track is disgusting kabir is stranger who in the name of bringing a smile in girls face irritating her flirting with her calling her by names and suddenly he puts sindoor also what is this if i would have been nishas place I will just take this stranger to police and how can family expect nisha to live with stranger agar woh kabir gunda nikla toh and these so called kabir fans coming and writing about kabir and nisha they even dont know the story just some mishkat fans to support him writing and cvs made blunder mistake by introducing these track after some 50 promos aired on tv the trps fell down heavily and we r out of top 10 in online ratings also when viraj introduced the trps was raised from 2.0 to 2.4 and now 2.3 to 2.1 so to save show end this kabir track and bring Viraj and nisha track and cousins also

    1. well said mythu… (Y) (Y) (Y)

    2. Mythu kabirand nisha’s track is just awesome its way better than viraj and nisha’s

  27. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn’t you see the same photo with KABIR and viraj?then how could kabir be a gunda?
    Kabir and Nisha are made for each other.Nisha will love Kabir one day and ditch viraj.

  28. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn’t you see the same photo with KABIR and viraj?then how could kabir be a gunda?
    Kabir and Nisha are made for each other.Nisha will love Kabir one day and ditch viraj that is for sure.

    1. Anjali hope so that nisha will fall in love with kabir and ditch viraj

  29. Kabir and nishaare made for each other
    they are such a lovely pair

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