Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha on her way home,kabir calls her,nisha gives him cold look and ignores,kabir asks nisha gola,nisha says no,kabir says ur still upset,nisha says yes,kabir says nisha agreed we have fought but cant I pick u,don’t act come lets go,nisha says duffer,kabir says nisha I sincerely am sorry from bottom of my heart and starts doing situp,nisha slowly tears a page and kabir thinks his pant got torn,nisha shows him paper and both start laughing,nisha sits in car and both leave,kabir stops the car since tyre got punctured, kabir starts changing the tyre nisha gets him coffee from a stall,kabirs face has grease on it, nisha clicks his photo and says see look buri nazar wale tera munh kaala.nisha is looking at kabir,kabir asks where are u lost I am done lets go.kabir drops

nisha and says u go I will go check warehouse and here take back the card I am sorry I was too rude,u were right u didn’t force me all was my choice too and I have decided I will never behave rude with u in any condition and wont force u again,nisha starts laughing and gives him hanky and says clean the grease.
Cousins see nisha and kabir together,kabir says bye and leaves.nisha goes in,cousins follow her,nisha is blushing,dolly asks jwala to go ask nisha,jwala says nisha bro we are little confused when u left u were angry and now u are super happy,nisha says its bcoz I am in love jwala,dolly says really,nisha says yes yes n I saw kabir in my dreams I love love kabir a lot,sourabh says see I told u ,cousins give nisha grp hug,laxmi comes and asks what all is this,nisha says oh laxmi,come with me I will tell u,both go in,nisha says mom I am in love with kabir and I wont leave him never,laxmi hugs her,nisha says I know it took time for me to realize and I know I love every little thing of him and I love kabir and when I wake up I want to see kabir and keep troubling him whole life,laxmi says and what abt that fight,nisha says forget that the thing is u know we both are confused and never got time to fall in love,and it feels so good to say I love kabir,laxmi says mad girl,nisha says ok in that case u join me as well and says I love ramesh,laxmi laughs,nisha says mom I will never let this relation spoil,laxmi says when u find true love u are on stars,nisha says oh romantic laxmi,laxmi says forget all that tell me did u tell kabir,nisha says not yet but will surely,laxmi says nisha only lucky ones find true love and I am happy u found,and never leave kabir always be with him,and I know kabir he loves u too may be he hasn’t realized yet but will soon,dolly aman come and say laxmi aunty lets go and leave the love birds alone,nisha hugs laxmi,laxmi leaves with dolly and aman.
Nisha sits in front of mirror and combs her hair,she is nervous,she says kabir the thing is,nisha is practicing to tell her heart to kabir and says kabir I know we are in contract marriage but nisha closes her eye but I am lost and I feel like I am fallen for u and never thought love will come back to me and,viraj comes in to give nisha keys and listens her talking,nisha says u always supported me was with me u always told me but I never listened to u, I don’t want u to be away from me and I want to tell u the thing u have already seen in my eyes and and I want to tell the world everyone that I love u a lot and want to be with u,viraj thinks nisha is saying this for him and says to himself that’s it nisha and now I know the truth and now I will finish ur pain and I will go ask ur dad ur hand,viraj keeps keys and leaves,nisha says kabir I really love u and will never look back and want to be with u life long I love u kabir,kabir comes from behind and says I love u too and nisha realizes it’s a dream,nisha starts blushing.

PRECAP;viraj calls sumit and says I want that diary of contract. Leela says sumit we shdnt do any delay and exchange the jwellery,summit says mom I heard dolly saying kabirs bday I close and we will make it happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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