Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha on her way home,kabir calls her,nisha gives him cold look and ignores,kabir asks nisha gola,nisha says no,kabir says ur still upset,nisha says yes,kabir says nisha agreed we have fought but cant I pick u,don’t act come lets go,nisha says duffer,kabir says nisha I sincerely am sorry from bottom of my heart and starts doing situp,nisha slowly tears a page and kabir thinks his pant got torn,nisha shows him paper and both start laughing,nisha sits in car and both leave,kabir stops the car since tyre got punctured, kabir starts changing the tyre nisha gets him coffee from a stall,kabirs face has grease on it, nisha clicks his photo and says see look buri nazar wale tera munh kaala.nisha is looking at kabir,kabir asks where are u lost I am done lets go.kabir drops

nisha and says u go I will go check warehouse and here take back the card I am sorry I was too rude,u were right u didn’t force me all was my choice too and I have decided I will never behave rude with u in any condition and wont force u again,nisha starts laughing and gives him hanky and says clean the grease.
Cousins see nisha and kabir together,kabir says bye and leaves.nisha goes in,cousins follow her,nisha is blushing,dolly asks jwala to go ask nisha,jwala says nisha bro we are little confused when u left u were angry and now u are super happy,nisha says its bcoz I am in love jwala,dolly says really,nisha says yes yes n I saw kabir in my dreams I love love kabir a lot,sourabh says see I told u ,cousins give nisha grp hug,laxmi comes and asks what all is this,nisha says oh laxmi,come with me I will tell u,both go in,nisha says mom I am in love with kabir and I wont leave him never,laxmi hugs her,nisha says I know it took time for me to realize and I know I love every little thing of him and I love kabir and when I wake up I want to see kabir and keep troubling him whole life,laxmi says and what abt that fight,nisha says forget that the thing is u know we both are confused and never got time to fall in love,and it feels so good to say I love kabir,laxmi says mad girl,nisha says ok in that case u join me as well and says I love ramesh,laxmi laughs,nisha says mom I will never let this relation spoil,laxmi says when u find true love u are on stars,nisha says oh romantic laxmi,laxmi says forget all that tell me did u tell kabir,nisha says not yet but will surely,laxmi says nisha only lucky ones find true love and I am happy u found,and never leave kabir always be with him,and I know kabir he loves u too may be he hasn’t realized yet but will soon,dolly aman come and say laxmi aunty lets go and leave the love birds alone,nisha hugs laxmi,laxmi leaves with dolly and aman.
Nisha sits in front of mirror and combs her hair,she is nervous,she says kabir the thing is,nisha is practicing to tell her heart to kabir and says kabir I know we are in contract marriage but nisha closes her eye but I am lost and I feel like I am fallen for u and never thought love will come back to me and,viraj comes in to give nisha keys and listens her talking,nisha says u always supported me was with me u always told me but I never listened to u, I don’t want u to be away from me and I want to tell u the thing u have already seen in my eyes and and I want to tell the world everyone that I love u a lot and want to be with u,viraj thinks nisha is saying this for him and says to himself that’s it nisha and now I know the truth and now I will finish ur pain and I will go ask ur dad ur hand,viraj keeps keys and leaves,nisha says kabir I really love u and will never look back and want to be with u life long I love u kabir,kabir comes from behind and says I love u too and nisha realizes it’s a dream,nisha starts blushing.

PRECAP;viraj calls sumit and says I want that diary of contract. Leela says sumit we shdnt do any delay and exchange the jwellery,summit says mom I heard dolly saying kabirs bday I close and we will make it happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)copywright resv

    Oh thnx piddi dr 😀 atleast u agreed u r a piddi 😀 😉

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    Nd hw cm ur name gt big wats dis u writn dr nd if u gne nd m going bi ok nd u report nw latest nws

    • சுசி

      Report k I giving …….
      Reporter richa…..has got a new title
      Which is given by great susi…
      Is that …
      THE GREAT GIANT REPORTER RICHA…???????????????????????????????〽

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    Ask su wats piddi nd its opp of wat su cls me ie opp of giant

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    Ok dr nw 2 su hr haha so nw u piddi or pdi haha nd sm1 else writing in tamil its gonna b cönfusing

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    Oh really nw u take it u piddi susi microscopic creature ..

  6. dia

    Hii evry1…..lvng NiBir nd DoSa trck….niw thy mst shw kirti nd suky’s rspctv lv stories….btw whr r kirti, umesh, suku nd bunty?????

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    Hm she mst hv thot d su m refrng is hr nd so she cmntd nd i hpe u nt føøling me

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    Thot of nyt: its almost 10:30 nd gud chldrn sleep early nd gt up early so nw u go nd sleep nd cmnt tmrw frnds ok:)

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    हम है मुसाफिर फिर आएगेँ यहा कभी ।

  10. Wwowwww wat an epi man ….
    Nishu love u solo much ….
    Hey kabira now its ur turn to realize….

    So sad this foolish viraj is thinking wrong …. Hahahaa
    Thank god tht nisha said abt her feeling to Lakshmi and cousins if not wen after this contract matter if she would have said then no one would have believed her ….
    But hope this should not become the opposite in the ending episode…

  11. Super lovely episode
    Omg i am so happy rgy now words can’t decribes finally nishu spill the bean about her love n feelings for kabir now is his turn to realize love for her still waiting for the day when they will say I LOVE YOU ??? to one another
    That stupid viraj much be dreaming what he think nisha is practices those words to tell him he is wrong all that is for kabir n only kabir so get out of them lifes

    Nepal earthquake: International aid effort increased

    Nepal earthquake death toll expected to rise sharply

    Race against death: Rescuers struggle to reach remote Nepal villages as death toll rises

    This is reporter DEVGA signing off…

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    Huh i c many reportrs giving me comp ha bt m d orig reportr ok nd MESSAGE TO @ megumi nd sevens thre r many nws buzzing around bt m not sure abt this lets see wat happens next

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    Oh i hv 1 more nws dat they had 50+ quake shocks within past two days in nepal nd bad wthr hurdling rescue efforts nd a lady found alive by ndrf ppl nd quakes continue 2 cm in nepal nd sm parts of north ind.
    Reportr ovr nd out 4 mre investigatn nd stay tuned 4 more nws nd pls pls keep on praying friends nd foer thats d least u cn do 4 them

  15. poornimaa

    Wht a episode yar.loved it 2 d core……love u nibir…….cme on kabir start realising ur love 4 nisha.waiting 4 tht episode 2 cme soon.
    Dedicating d “MENTAL MANATHIL” song 2 nibir and their fans………
    And s feeling so sad 4 viraj.hope u understand d truth fast tht nisha loves KABIR and nt u

  16. Hey reporter ms richa … If u feel I am taking ur place then I will resign my job. … 😉 … U continue ur work I don’t want any competition I just gave wat I knw …. …

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    Hey devu dr u took it seriously dr i ws jst kidding dr u dont need to resign from your job ok u doing gud deed nd job dr . sry if u felt bad dr sho sholly nd keep doing ur job dr ok nd 🙁 i thot u know me dr dat g joke hr wth u guys sply u nd su 🙁 nd i said same to susi u cn chk sat update pg dr nd u nd su only1 i fight dr 🙁

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    But hw ths is pssbl itne kam tym me use do logo se pyar hogaya.. still bth r prfct
    summit gone mad pata nhi aage or kya karega stupid crazy

  20. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)copywright resv

    @ sana m carrying this lang name bcz sme ppl copy our names nd type sme abusive nd nonscence cmnts here nd defame us so its difficult 2 copy different lang 4 them 🙂

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    Hey dvu dr dont feel sry yr nw u r making me feel guilty nd i thot dat u took it seriously md u cn joke wth me dr i dnt mind nw i knw u dnt took it seriously m back on to a fight wth u nd piddi nd by d way gud mrng nd hope u liked my dangerous thot posted abov dr nd keep praying 😉

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    Yr pls dont make me feel guilty dvu dr nd m on 2 d fight wth u nd piddi nd wr r u u piddi microscopic grl d giant is hr

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    NWS FLASH: 70+QUAKES IN NEPAL CONDITIONS WORSENING AS WTHR IS ALSO NT gudND FOOD ND WATR SCARCITY ND SM SHOKS ALSO FLT IN TIBET ND Death tol rising steaply nd this is only primary data nd rescue teams facing trouble 2 reach remote areas in nepal

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    Haha piddi alone agn 😉 :-q ok take dis u nd kani
    NWS: MORE THAN 10000 FEARED DEAD IN NEPAL ND WTHR gets bad aftr eq in bihar ind nd in nepl wthr is bad its raining hard hurdling d rescue op

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  49. kanisha

    Colors define feelings,
    Colors has meanings,
    All colors reside in you,
    You toned my soul’s hue!

    see max bro …… starting 4lines….

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  51. kanisha

    Finally we are engaged,
    Now let’s get married!
    Yes! colors has meanings!
    It descibed my feelings!


    last 4lines…. see max bro….

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    Dnt wry kani no fight nw ok Nd dvu pls tl su abt it ok bd u r ryt these days mis use of names is at heights nd final bi c u tc frnds

  53. kanisha

    As my mother,you cared me,
    When I was ill.
    As my father,you protected me,
    When I was in danger.
    As my sister,you encouraged me,
    To race against my defeat.

    just loved it…. :-).

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    Kani dr pls post d ful poem at 1ce as i dnt hv pack nd bal is also abt 2 die nd dvu dr did u read my mail i snt u in mrng?

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    I cn tl 4m these few lines d poem is gonna b awsm as always nd u a gr8 poet max bro

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    Arz kia h ki studnt khta h tchr se1 ques p on an essey on gai- gai humari mata h aage kuch nahi aata h to tchr khta h bail(bull) humara baap h numbr dena paap h . HOZ IT FRNDS B-)

  57. kanisha

    Colors define feelings,
    Colors has meanings,
    All colors reside in you,
    You toned my soul’s hue!
    Your arrival creates a glow
    As golden as yellow!
    Yellow starts our relationship.
    As a stable friendship!
    Your cheeks turned pink
    My eyes are provoked to wink!
    But I controlled my sensation.
    To save our relation.
    Your speech spreads orange
    Words reach me fast as flame!
    Your voice expresses brave,
    Now I am your slave!
    Your eyes shined as blue,
    Slowy our relation grew!
    Your vision is a precious star!
    From me, still very far!
    Your skin is dusky and brown,
    Ruling me as my soul’s crown!
    This color states your endurance
    You are full of earth’s fragrance!
    Your hairs sprays black,
    Placed an irreversible attack!
    Loose hair waved with elegance,
    An example for your excellence!
    Your smile splashed green!
    Come near me, my queen!
    Is this a positive signal?
    For us to mingle!!
    You were dressed in red!
    Now our limits are dead!!
    I can’t be far from you!
    Love ignited me to kiss you!!
    White paints your soul!
    It describes you in whole!
    My queen of simplicity,
    You are the statue of purity!!
    Finally we are engaged,
    Now let’s get married!
    Yes! colors has meanings!
    It descibed my feelings!


    it is not written by me …

    by max bhai

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    Today I am bored…
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    Nd I call near by house kidsss nd started playing with my kidzzz…like hide nd seek
    Running..dancing …singing ….nd we organised fashion showww….
    So now I m so so so so soooooo happyyyyyy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i think I want share wit u guysss…so shared….nd I m so happy

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  66. Some peoples comes in your life as a blessing and some comes as a lesson but life’s still go on
    Thought of the day☺

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    Oh my my r lvly su is hr back cmnting wow nd complaining 2 nd hy rani nd gud thot

    • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

      Hello reporter madam read my befr comment I didn’t give any complain to anybody….dr…becozzz now I m so happy:-) 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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      Ya dr but that time u guysss no one her so I said dr but now u came na dr…cutty

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    Kirti they shwd wnt 2 deli 4 1 week 4 sm wrk bt nthng abt priyanka nd umesh etc nd Gn kani dr

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    Bt in d shw 1 week hasnt finished yet i thnk so nd i thnk dad ji is alive nd viraj did a drama 4 nishas sympathy

  72. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    So wat v vl c all spoilrs i meam me nd hope kab admit his feelings soon 4 nisha nd his mthr make an entry nd b a modrn sasumaa 4 nisha nd a gud 1

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    SU DR??¿¿ Ok 4 ur gk r pm is mr narender modi nd v liv in 1 bful country i.e. INDIA which is a secular country

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    Ok bi nd horible nd faltu thot of nyt in advans:sleep early nd grow tall nd hlthy nd sleep 4 12 hrs a day u wont evr gt dark circles 😉

    • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

      Like that nt dr because India has more religious country ….as we r secular ciziten but we r nt following all rules nd regulation …

  76. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Ok wat u think kab mum b like i mean hr prsonality optimistic or liberal prsn?

    • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

      And more information about secular countries k byee…I think I confused of my height….my original height is 5.5 r more but nt less than that..dr..ur the first one who called small…..but most of frndzzz as giant….as I call u…:-D 😀 😀

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    Nd m 5.4 nd half nd jst half ft sml thn u nd yet i used 2 stand no 3 in prayr line in clas :-@

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    Ok bi dr c u tomo nd ya v r secular citizens nd so v make ind secular itself 😉

  79. liya

    M f9 and u [email protected]

  80. pragna

    but guys i was little disapointed because my collg top marks is 963/1000.if i get 10marks more then i was collg first.but i missed it

  81. pragna

    i think its a counting mistake yaar.i will keep re-valuation of my paper.ithink then i will get more marks

    • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

      Hey devga dr r u seeing the show dr…today I can’t able to c the show dr

  82. Hey kabir don’t tel simply … Tel from ur heart u fool … Tel it fully from ur heart. ….
    And nishu PLZ tell as soon as possible as tht summit can do anything before kabir’s birthday….

  83. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Hey tanaya r u angry with us 4 our silly cmnts that u didnt keep cmnt box in todays update page?

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  85. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Ok gud sumit mthr is stupid nd vl mess up nd they vl b cought soon nd kab spotless nd nisu 2 suport him nyc na frnds

  86. Annie

    I hope everything goes well in nisha’ s love confession…. just dont want that idiot viraj to interfare

  87. sevens

    Thank u tanaya for fast update
    but there is no comment box in today’s update
    i hate summit nd his mom leela….yuk
    excited abt kabir b’day bash

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  89. ♪சுசி(susi)♪

    Thanks tanaya fr fast updates ….but y there is no comment box….I hate that idiot sumit nd hr leela……u stupid get out from dolly nd gangwal family life nd too meri pyaar nibir lifeee…go to hell…????????????????

    GUD NIGHT frndzzzzz sweet dreamszzzzz…my drsss..have a colorful nd lovely dreamszzzz…bi guysss

  90. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Nyt thot: evry heart has pain sm shw it nd sm hide it in a smile:) 😉 nd frnds thot of d day i.e. Tmrw:der r different ways of evry1 expresing thmslves which may not suit u ok 😛

  91. Goood night frnds …. And like richa I am also going to start my comment or end my comment for a day with a wish or a thought ….

  92. Here is my last comment..
    Thought :

    Sleeping is NOT TAKING REST for today’s HARDWORK……
    It means GAINING ENERGY for tomorrow’s SMART WORK…..

    so go get ur energy …. Byeeeee

  93. Annie

    I think tanaya got irritated with our comnts regrding d late updates… so she has not given comnt box today just to irritate us… 😉 😛

  94. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Thot of d day:kindness comes from the bottom of the heart
    Gud mrng frndssSS hv a nyc day

  95. WeCOme ThE NeW DAy wITh SmiLE
    EMbrAce THe jOY and HAppiNEss

    my dear frnds

    Ya v don’t also require comment box. …

  97. ♪சுசி(susi)♪

    Hey frnd now nauc retelacast @ 8.00am also….now I m watching the show ….???

      • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

        U gave a thot na see below ur the comment dr…..its k again I wishing u very gud nd happy morning dr

  98. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Ya sure su dr bt i dont hv watts app copatable mob yet wen i hv i vl giv u my no nd join wapp ok dr

  99. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Haan bt u cn bcm my fb frnd 4 timebeing as my phn is compatible wth dat nd pragu is also der

    • ♪சுசி(susi)♪

      I don’t have fb a/c dr my bro told to nt use fb becozz he told that its nt safe

  100. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Dont mail ur no now it vl gt lost der dr ok i vl ask u wen i join it ok dr and m nt sure wen i gt new mob

  101. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Ya its nt safe bt a bit secure if u use it cautiously nd dnt post ur own pic or prsnl thngs nd keep tight security nd keep known frnds

  102. I hope a future of nisha nd kabir…..he should not go to London nd on the other side sumeet nd his mom will be caught one or the another day…

  103. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    कृप्या हिन्दी मै वारतालाप करेँ।

  104. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Oh i hd only sm cpywrits resv nd m nt reporting d nepal mattr nw or nws mattr so no need of cpyryt;-D

  105. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    Mere tanu samjhavan ki
    Na tere bina lagda ji
    Mere tanu samjhawan ki
    Na tere bina lagda ji
    Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
    Main karoon intezar tera
    Tu dil tui hon jaan meri….???????????????

  106. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Y ur name gne lng ln tamil dr wat is dis u writtn? Nd r u hr m facing ntwrk prb

  107. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Nd its nt tui its tu dr nd samjhawan is fy9 nd u cn chk d lyrics on google dr nd nt mere its .मैँ (main) dr means i nd u typd me = mere dr

  108. SS

    hii rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  109. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Nd su its TU DIL TON Yu Jaa ni sakdi (nt sure dr u chk last line) nd sm1 elsf who knw pls crct

  110. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    How r u mn nd I fyn richu dr I read all ur next time sure I ll nt make any mistake pakka

    • ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

      Sry I read all ur comment nd [email protected]

  111. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)


  112. pragna

    i saw the trailor and songs of that movie.but barun look and acting is not good in that movie yaar @susi

  113. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    Had ur lunch [email protected]

  114. pragna

    i was taking eamcet coaching dr.if eamcet results are good then i will go to btech otherwise bsc @ mn

  115. pragna

    yeah dr.if i have time i will google for arnav only.because he favorite.i like him so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccchhhhhhhh

    • ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

      I don’t know dr she told that she will come today but…she didn’t came dr

  116. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    I told u dr dat day su dr it means bi dr nd chk ur 9th pol sc.NCERT book if u hv it it also says india is a secular cuntry ok nd

  117. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Nd dnt go on dict su dr secular cuntry also means a cuntry which accepts all religions nd nt like pak etc nly 1 main relign (my dr pak frnds dnt mind my eg ok)

  118. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    A song fr nibir….

    Bann ke titli dil uda uda hai
    Kahin doooorr
    Bann ke titli dil uda uda hai
    Kahin doooor
    Chal ke khushboo se
    Kuda juda kuda hai
    Kahin dooorr
    Haadse ye kaise
    Un sune se jaise choome adheron ko

    Bann me titli dil uda uda hai
    Kahin doooor

    Sirf keh jaaun ya
    Aaasmaan pe likh doo
    Teri tarrifon mein
    Chashme baddoor


    Bhoori boori aankhein Teri
    Kankhiyen se tez tere
    Kitne chhode
    Dhaani dhaan baatein Teri
    Udte -phirte panchhiyon ke rukh bhi

    Adhoori this Zara so
    Main poori ho rahi noon
    Teri saadagi mein hoke choorr

    Bann ke titli dil uda uda hai
    Kahin doooor
    Chal ke khushboi se juda juda juda hai
    Kahin doooor

    Kabir :
    Sirf keh jaaun ya
    Aaasmaan pe likh doo
    Teri tarrifon mein
    Chashme baddoor

    Sry nd forgive me if there mistake in the
    Song frndzzzz?????????

    Nibir rockzzzzz??

  119. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    Sry richu without saying bii I gone dr…I had some work sry richu(cutie)

  120. Susi aka check ur mail…….
    And bye eee everyone…. Sorry goto study …. Enjoy here without me …. 😉

  121. ♪சன்ஜு(susi)♪

    Now u check ur mail [email protected]

  122. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Kani u vr supposd to take out tym 4 chatting 2day wer wr u dr bookworm swty

  123. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    2 Su dr गुमनाम है कोई ……मै अब तुम्हे कुछ नही कहूगी dr nd sm1 pls translate dis 4 hr sply d sng

  124. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    .सुविचार: एक हाथ से लो और दूसलरे हाथ से लो ok

  125. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    .सुविचार: एक हाथ से लो और दूसरे हाथ से लो ok

  126. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    U all jst keep finding each othr ok nd i go agn nd su dr i lft msg 4 u dr

  127. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Oh me agn opnr of nw pg hahaha m d boss oj jokes apart finally m gng ok bi अलविदा देवियो और सज्जनो।

  128. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Aadmi musaafir h aata h jata h aate jate rste p yaaden chod jata h
    dedicatd 2 all who didnt find ny1 hr 2 talk with ND KEEP PRAYING FRNDSS 4 THOSE PPL DER IN PAIN

  129. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    ….GUMNAAM HAI KOI……. Badnaam h koi…….. M snging dis wth a candl in my hand nd in darkns wth scary makeup hahaha

  130. liya

    Guys,tell me if u dont like me then i ll never come hr to disturb u.
    Yours respectfully

  131. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Ok . Mre sng : har ghadi badal rhi h roop zindagi…. Chaaon h kahi kahi h dhoop zimdagi hr pl yahan jee bhr jiyo jo h sma kl ho na ho……

  132. liya

    What to say di.whenever i comes no one ll be hr.nauc update pg have changed a by day everyone is permanently leaving from hr.bye.

  133. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Liya kutty these days if u chk cmnts no1 gts ny1 to talk dr nd dr its jst mattr of wrng timing dr nd hope fake liya nhi ho aap kyunki humari liya kutty itni jaldi aisa ni khti

  134. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    M NT FAKE ND U FAKO LIYA DNT DISTRb cmnts ok nd u really distrb r cmnts hr

  135. liya

    What to say,guys tell me,no chechi,fake:(….all these r my comments but no1 is….<this isnt mine.

  136. liya

    Oh richa di,i never thought to call u fake.i told that comment is fake and richa di,i cant hate u.y r u misunderstanding me?nji…

  137. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Nd ys fake richa ws hr today nd cms hr smetimes so beware nd i finally leave dis page nw ok bi

  138. रिचा REPORTR (ORIGinal)

    Mans my frnd stop cmntng symbls aftr my cmnts as i dont undstand symbl lang nd i take those symbls as abuse ok frnd

  139. pragna</