Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi says see nisha I don’t want to spoil the happy mood so better tell wats the matter. Aman tells laxmi she is feeling a bit better, umesh thanks laxmi, aman says im safe bcoz u helped us, laxmi says u don’t like to thank me, umesh is my son n so need of this thanku, im just tensed abt wat if family gets to know u are here, nisha comes in with dadi, dadi enters the room n nisha closes the door, nisha says umesh bhaiya I couldn’t help but tell dadi, laxmi says mom amans health was very bad n so umesh brought her here, umesh says dadi plz don’t get upset I just wanted to take care of her, dadi goes to aman n asks her how is she now, aman says she is fine, dadi says see aman we have nothing against u n in this house umesh dadaji is one who is the decision

maker n in this state u being here isn’t good but aman wat abt ur family, umesh says they don’t care abt her, dadi says good umesh u took care of her but , laxmi says mom we are deciding to admit her in hospital dadi says that’s good.
All get ready for the party, dadaji asks where is nisha, suku texts nisha to come down, dadaji gives umesh a call, kirti says dadaji I send umesh for some college work, ramesh says dadaji all will be down they are getting ready, nisha comes down dadaji asks where is dadi n laxmi, roopan says wait I will call them, ritesh says are aunty I will go with suku n call them, u people enjoy. Amanpreet thanks dadi for understanding her n says sorry for spoiling the happy mood, dadi says no u aren’t at fault, n says may god bless u , infact im feeling bad I couldn’t stand by u in ur bad times, n says umesh before dadaji gets to know admit her in hosp. suku comes n says hurry dadaji needs u all down n don’t worry I spoke to the doc he is ready to admit aman.
Viraj sees a gun n says to sham singh its mind blowing, sham singh says would u like to try, viraj says when I see the gun my hand starts paining, sham singh says viraj u can shoot with it n says theses un are urs they bring spark in ur eyes give it a try again, viraj lifts the gun n aims at a glass, but fails, viraj looks at his gun.
The party at nishas house begin, ramesh offers sweets to everyone n the dancers , roopan says lets have food at laxmis place, laxmi says I have sprayed my room to avoid mosquitoes, dadi says we will have here only where to go up and down, rukhma says ramesh someone is waiting for u outside, nisha calls umesh n says all are going to have food we will use the dancers grp to take aman out of house, umesh says good idea.
Ramesh goes out n sees its amans uncle he says he knows umesh has brought aman here n without any confusion hand aman to him, dadaji listens to the confusion n asks mohan to check out wat is it, nisha sees amans uncle n texts umesh, amans uncle starts shouting, ramesh asks him to calm down, hearing the loud noise dadaji walks towards the entrance , suku starts distracting dadaji, nisha requests mohan to help them, ohan says seeing amans uncle I realized u kids have done something, suku couldn’t stop dadaji, jwala suku inform laxmi n dadi abt amans uncle. Mohan goes to dadaji n says its ramesh with his friend lets have food. Ramesh gets a message from nisha explaining abt the situation, ramesh says see mr singh I will call umesh n clear the situation, ramesh calls umesh n says see umesh aman is missing call her n find out where is she.

Dadaji gets to know abt amanpreet n asks what is she doing here n that to so late.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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