Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh says to sumit how dare u did this and why didn’t u think twice u tried cheating ur own family,u fooled dolly, u got kabir arrested and tried killing nisha, just for sake of money look at urself sumot how low u went,leela comes,ramesh says ur plan is over now u fooled and played with our emotions a lot n not anymore, sumit starts laughing and says who will believe u dearest uncle,u have no proof and I will tell u did this to save kabir and then no one will believe u,dadaji says I will trust my kids(dadaji comes from behind) and I am proud of my kids that they always stood to protect me n my reputation n trust.
(recap: dadaji and nisha in nishas house sourrounded by all gangwals):
Dadaji says I am proud of u kids and I like the way u guys fought for

ur family and nisha u stood for kabir may what come and even stood by ur sister and nisha I am prod of u and the way u made use of ur chance it was commendable and so I give u one more chance to fight for kabir but do whatever take atmost care, nisha says dadaji u don’t worry,dadaji says remember one more thing this time we have to catch him red handed, nisha says dadaji u support us right,dadaji says a one hundred %, and dadaji wishes luck and leaves.
Ramesh says see guys sumit did this for money and so he will try to sell the jewelry again, sourabh says right and so we have to find whom sumit will sell them to,suku says but sumit jjiju wont open his mouth,nisha says but his mom will,laxmi says that is not possible at all leelaji wont tell anything,dadi says oh I have a full proof plan and aman do u have the holly times thandai powder,aman says wow dadi good option ofcourse I do,dadi shares a plan with everyone.

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(back to the scene where dadaji leela sumit ramesh and suku are standing):
Leela says gangwalji u know I respect u a lot, I don’t know from where this jewelry came,it’s a misunderstanding,dadaji says be quite , nisha and sourabh come with police, sumit says but I had changed my plan and location,sourabh says check ur pocket in market I had slowly put a phone in ur pocket and tracing the number we reached u,sumit tries to escape but dadaji puts stick in middle and he falls,leela starts crying and says plz save me and forgive me,dadaji ask police to take them away,police arrest leela and sumit.
In police station,ramesh dadaji laxmi and nisha are present along with leela and sumit,viraj enters and slaps sumit,sumit says no virajji don’t trsut them I didn’t fool u, viraj says shutup I feel like hiting u to death, viraj looks at gangwals and says inspector I would like to file a case sumit fooled me n tried to use my property for fraud purpose,inspector says we know that,viraj says I will see that my lawyers fight to give him most critical punishment, virendra vimla and dolly enter,virendra says ramesh how dare u do this to sumit and what proof u have,dadaji says virendra ask me for proof I am the proof here,I caught sumit selling jewelry,leela says this is lie ramesh is doing this to save kabir and nishas life,virendra says babuji why will sumit and leelaji do this, dadaji says be wuite its my order.
Inspector asks dadaji what charges to file against leela, vimla says babuji why are u doing this,dadaji says no charges against her seeing her son punished she will learn her lessons, leela says I will see everyone u trapped my son,leela calls her lawyer and asks for bail and walks off, sumit is put in jail,he looks aadi says nisha in anger and dolly too,dadaji says virendra all u saw was true sumit is culprit,and now lets go.
Nisha ramesh laxmi are still in police station,nisha asks where Is kabir sir,inspector says some formalities and we will relies him, ramesh says nisha u go home rest I will bring kabir,nisha gets up and waits for kabir to come,ramesh says nisha plz listen cmon,nisha says no papa plz,ramesh says nisha plz,nisha walks with ramesh and laxmi.
Kabir calls nisha from behind, nisha turns around and runs to kabir,kabir runs towards her too,both look at eachother and nisha hugs kabir,laxmi and ramesh smile,kabir says u are a savior u saved me and I knew u will come for me,nisha says n I know u will know it,kabir says why are we getting emotional,nisha says no not at all,nisha says now it’s a new start with new hope,kabir hugs her again,kabir says nisha I want to say something,kabir says nisha I and see laxmi and ramesh,ramesh says leave something for later,all walk home.
Kabir and nisha reach gangwal house, dadi and dadaji are happy to see them,kabir and nisha take their blessings, kabir says dadaji plz forgive me,dadaji says don’t let me down by doing so u are not at fault but still was punished it was my fault and so I am sorry and nisha I think ur dadi is right I am an old man now,dadi says oh not at all,nisha hugs dadaji and says dadaji don’t cry u don’t look good,dadi says all is fine now be happy.
Dadaji says but I haven’t forgiven nisha and kabir for one fault,abt ur marriage and u will be punished for that.

PRECAP; viraj says to nisha u still believe in that fake marraihe and trust ur so called husband how can u miss nisha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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    Finally! Some good news! But I think Leela will come back into the show with Sumit later on in the show

  2. Nice episode finally that summit is out now is viraj turn he need to go too he a obstacle in nisha n kabir life’s
    Waitin for kabir n nisha to confess they love for each other
    Hope nisha give that viraj a good reply so that he can go away from the her life

  3. (krishna)

    today’s episode rocked nibir sooperb but wht is this ramesh why u stopped themtalking kabir was going to tell her what he feels for her 🙁

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