Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, umesh says I would like u all to answer one thing ,tell me one thing u all will miss after nisha goes and see this clips and pics it will help u remember, umesh plays clips of nisha and cousins time spent together,from picnics to dolly and umesh weddings, time spent with dadaji and dadaji,nisha asks vimla where is dadi,vimla says she got very emotional and so is sitting inside, gangwals go in tears looking at the clips,the clip ends saying we love u nisha.
Nisha looks at everybody,sourabh says nisha isn’t my best friend but bestest I will miss her a lot and most important her nose which always has anger on it,aman says nisha is very special to me,she is the reason why me and umesh are together,thanku nisha and I will miss u a lot and I love u,nisha says aman

I love u too,nisha looks at jwala and nods,jwala slowly leaves and start busting balloons, all slowly start laughing,everybody starts laughing and asks eachother they shd be crying why are they laughing, kabir asks nisha why is this happening,nisha laughing says bcoz I wanted no one to cry,suku asks laughing ok ok tell ,virendra laughing as well says now who will save umesh from my anger,kabir says no worries aman has taken this responsibility,all are laughing and laughing,jwala is crying and laughing as well and says now who will stay awake with me during exams,kirti says now who will help me taking decisions and hugs nisha and says nishu I will miss u a lot,all slowly stop laughing and start crying.
Dolly says nishu we all will miss u everydays and every minutes and now with whom will I share my secrets now and blows a flying kiss,roopan says nisha if I says that im happy ur going will u agree,nisha says no , u tell me can u have food without scolding me,roopan says don’t worry ur staying in neighbor hood will come and scold u everytime now,mohan says who will come requesting for extra pocket money for cousins, umesh says u were the reason we cousins were together nisha,umesh says laxmi chichi say something,laxmi says nisha is my child,my firend and also my mom,she always scolds me even my mom didn’t scold me but this gal always keeps saying laxmi relax me,kabir goes to laxmi and says nisha will never leave u she will always be ur daughter and hugs laxmi,nisha goes and hugs laxmi as well,nisha turns to ramesh and says u wont say anything,ramesh says one minute stay here.
Ramesh comes along with his syudents and roses in their hands, ramesh says these kids will tell what I have to say,the kids sing song- “mehlon ka raja mila ki rani beti raj karegi.”nisha starts crying and so does others,the kids finish the song and give nisha rose,nisha runs to ramesh and hugs him and says I will miss u a lot,ramesh says u wont bcoz I will always be with u just call me and I will be there for u, ur my happy family member and will not go as a sad one.
Nisha goes to every gangwal and hugs them, she looks around the house, she goes near dadaji and hugs him and starts crying,kabir and nisha take dadajis blessings,dadaji says I know ur wedding didn’t start on a good note but u are married to eachother now and u have to take care of eachother,marriage isn’t a joke n so learn to live with eachothers faults and stay happy. Nisha walks slowly out of house,ramesh says kabir,kabir says don’t worry,ramesh says u take care of urself kabir.nisha and kabir sit in car and leave.
The car passes by virajs car,viraj says happy wedded life nisha but remember my words I will never let u forget me its my promise.

PRECAP:kaira asks viraj why are u doing this to urself,viraj says what was it why did she reject me and chose that boy,let me find that reason and then nisha will be all mine.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Viraj why can’t u understand u r nisha past n kabir is nisha present n future so go get a life u rejected nisha love u insult her and that day in the jewel shop she was crying n begging to you to give her one more chance but u insult her so why cry now

  2. DOLLY

    Viraj plzzz I beg u leave nisha(your bhabhi) alone…pls.. why don’t you want to see her happy… Kabir makes her happy… NIBIR <3.. they r the BEST!!

  3. ruchi

    gud morning friends…….. viraj=villian its gonna be interesting seeing kiara helping viraj ……….. and ihope they both end up together……….kiara and viraj…………. they vl make a nyc couple……

  4. aalia

    viraj “ab khaye pachtat jab chidiya chug gayi khet”

    …….. jise jana tha vo chala gya vo tumhara past tha use bhool jao aur’ jiyo aur jeene do’ tumhare paas gaadi hai bangla hai paaisa hai kaira hai to jo h use samet lo………….. kyunki “kl ho naa ho” “jo hai usi mai khush rehna seekho” aur agar kisi ki khushi ka karan nhi ban sakte to gum ka bhi mat bano”………..


  5. krithika

    Viraj abtho hamari nisha KO miss nisha kehke bulana band Karo kyunki vo ab Mrs Kabir ban chuki thi.Agar tuje Mrs kabir kehke bulane ka ouch problem hai tho bhabhi bhi bula sakte ho.SPL offer only for u

    • Heheehe yar kanisha kitne achi bath bola thumne…. Sahi kaha muje bhi vo Miss. Nisha bulane se acha nahi lagtha…. Mr. Viraj stop calling her like that and start calling her Mrs. Kabir …… Wow it will b nice to hear
      And wat is this precap .. Hate it he is trying to take r Mr. & Mrs. Kabir’s happiness I can’t tolerate it……

    • panna

      I will tell you what happens. They both realise they are made for each other just as kabir is about to leave he runs back holds nisha and i am guessing you will be able to guess what happens next. Viraj sees all these and gives up the pursuit for nisha. And then pribably nisha goes with kabir to Dubai. Happy?

  6. Mehak

    After 3 months when kabir wil leave nisha wil realise his love n wil nt let kabir go!
    Btw unki thinking bahut match karti hai!
    Viraj is nyc but he goes wel with kaira nt nishu!nishu n kabir superb hai yar!
    Anyone agreeing with me?

  7. panna

    Oh man enough with the wedding please start with what happens after the wedding track . Dying to find out.

  8. stuti

    episode was great but i dint like the precap….yar viraj tum kiyu nahi samajhte ki nisha ki shaddi ho gai hai u r her past n moreover if u really love her so plzz let her live a happy life with kabir .tumhare pas to kaira hai jo tumhari acchi dost hai usi se hi khush raho plz dont try to creat problems in nishas lifen one more thing now she is not Miss Nisha Gangwal now she is Mrs Nisha Kabir Singh so dont forget that
    wish u a happy married life NIBIR

  9. stuti

    Hey guys it would be very interesting to see nisha in the royal family … she manages to stay in the royal background ,to accept their royal culture n rituals n most excited to see wht will be her reaction when she will get to know that she has become a part of the royal faimly

  10. samia haque muna

    don’t let go nisha so easily viraj and nisha looks great together not nisha and kabir

    • Ria

      Rithesh was cheating Kirti for property.Jab woh dono ek raat ek sath bithaya,rithesh ne Kirti ko bathaya ki unke beech kuch hua aur isliye shaadi ke pehale Kirti ke naam ke flat uske naam kara diya.Jab Cousins ko yeh baath patha chala toh unhone Viraj ke saath milkar Rithesh ki asliyath sab ke saamne laya.Kirti ne apni engagement todda.

  11. KHANAK

    Thank you so much RIA for your help , but one more doubt Ritesh belonged to a rich family then y did he do so?

    • then……………..our nibir……..will kill u………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………hate u Mr and other niraj fans i am very very sorry to u all this Mr will spoiler the name of niraj….

  12. Susi

    I am eagerly waiting for upcoming episode of nauc……. Nibir rocksssss 🙂 🙂 Hi guys …..

  13. Hey this page is nauc fans page ( nibir fans ) ….. And it was good by all of them commenting and fighting in a decent language for nibir and niraj but who is this john spoiled the comments…. Tel him not to comment rubbish and if he want to comment only comment abt nauc not abt others as if he knw who other commentators are…..

  14. And sweet aishu susi u guys don’t reply to such rubbish comments…… …. V r only here to comment for our NIBIR SAKE….

  15. Dwani

    Hi guyz,i am new here and a nibir fan…really hope our nibir falls for eachother soon…and i am so happy to see so many malayalis here.i am not malayali but now i am in kerala.

  16. kusum

    Hye guys did u see friday’s spoiler of nauc it is given as kabir will get to know that nisha still loves viraj it i think so kabir will only unite viraj and nisha but i don’t want that to happen

    • ashmitha kulatunga

      i dnt believe this spoilers!!whatever it is nibir shld remain together till the end

    • richa

      i also want nibir…….. it says that kabir heals nishas broken heart as a friend may be they both start liking each other ……. and viraj get support from kiara and start liking her again…….

  17. Susi

    One irritating person disturbed in between our comments when nibir fans entered he ran away so I said it to sweet ….. Thats y I said ….. ..

  18. kanisha

    me too don’t want Kabir uniting Nisha with viraj…. but from starting when kabir came in this show, I was thinking this only that Kabir will unite them but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz me n all nibir fans don’t want niraj (not matching to each other and also a boring) jodi …. plz director,producers,writers don’t unit minamma(Nisha) and thangaballi(viraj)…..plzzz…

  19. kanisha

    i’m missing amyra so much … she was the 1st one to whom I made friendship but now yaar …..

  20. kanisha

    I’m so stupit yaar that I’ve written 10th …. now i’m just deciding what to choose in 11th….

  21. kanisha

    by the way I’ve decided earlier only that I will choose maths bcoz i love maths subject… its my favorite subject…..

  22. kanisha

    oh hi Chachi(aishu) (Dede) ….u know my cousin big sister was also telling me to choose commerce but i’m taking maths … but she is happy….bcoz it depends on my choice…isn’t it.

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