Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir puts sindoor in nishas forehead and nisha gets shocked,shanty keeps her search on,and she comes to nisha and kabir,nisha and kabir run and join the dancing couples,shanty tries to get them but fails, kabir dashes into shanties men but they don’t recognize him.
Viraj sees that kiara has arranged his home very well,kiara comes with virajs favourite soup and says viraj I have arranged everything and have spoke to dadaji as well and he will join from tomorrow and im sorry if im too interruptive, viraj says not at all infact im very happy to see u but u didn’t have to do all this,kiara says its fine I know u very well and forget all this and have soup,kiara says viraj I should leave now,viraj says I will leave u,kiara says actually,viraj says common

say it,kiara says I don’t wanna spoil ur mood, viraj says u made my day we are friends plz share,kiara says after the press thing I have no house and im staying with a friend and I don’t wanna stay with her but have no option and so have to leave early,viraj says kiara u can stay here,u stay at my room and I will stay down here plz agree to what I say and I don’t want any excuse and u aren’t any disturbance ur my firend and u will stay here as one, kiara says thanku so much viraj,viraj says now I shall have my soup.
Kiara goes to virajs room,and calls someone and says im trying and doing as u said and we are on track viraj has asked me to stay with me. Shanty is searching for nisha and kabir, while hiding kabir loses his photo but finds it,and says I have to find it. Viraj shows a photo to kiara and says this is the last pic with my mom,kiara says where is ur mom,viraj says after mom left dadaji destroyed all the things related to my mom this is the only thing I have,kiara says if ur mom was here not just mom but if ur whole family was here like someone who would trust u and u would trust someone.
Kabir pulls shantis men and starts dancing with them to distract them,nisha is walking to the table where chandu is unaware that shanti is behind her,kabir calls her seeing this,nisha runs to chandu removes her out and starts running,kabir fights with shanties men,shanty finds nisha and nisha puts a burning log on shanties face and runs away.
Kiara calls back the person and says now transfer money to my account,from other side gayatri starts laughing and says not yet darling u will get money when u will marry viraj and give the 30 % to me and be quick orelse u know that ur bank rupt,kiara says plz aunty don’t do this if u don’t pay me I will tell viraj truth,gayatri says poor girl u know u cant tell remember u have no money and have lot of loans so do what I say. Viraj ebters and says kiara are u fine,kiara says yes im but viraj I need to leave alone for some time.
Kabir nisha and chandu sit into shanties jeep and run away, chandu gets very happy,nisha smiles and looks into mirror and sees sindoor, that reminds nisha about her dad and moms anniversary celebrations and how her dad put sindoor into her moms forehead and dadis words that sindoor is womens special as a protection to her men,and her mom who said that the one who applies sindoor to forehead he is the true man who loves u, ur soulmate. Nisha looks at kabir and then the sindoor.

gayatri finds a old sonography report and finds that viraj has a younger brother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks tanaya

  2. Wow lot of things happenening in one episode AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. I said it earlier that kabir is virajs brother!
    Btw gayatri shld get lost spoiling d awsome epi!
    Nisha n kabir rocks

    1. how did you cm to know and where should I search for spoilers

  4. Luv u Nisha n Kabir

  5. Renuka sulania

    I hope nisha loves kabir

    1. Oh even if she doesn’t she will eventually.

  6. ashmitha kulatunga

    finally!!!they got married

  7. Love u nisha d viraj

  8. I just made a guess panna!
    Btw u can read spoilers here on this site

  9. I like u nisha and kabir soooooooo muchhhhhhhh….

  10. gayatri bhua the evil detective jise sb pta lg jata h hamesha aur sb ki life m musibat ka kaam krti h

  11. D plot is getting very messy. Scriptwriters shld work bettr on d script.

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