Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha and kabir gets down on highway,nisha says my GPS says theres a guest house here,kabir says then ask ur GPS is it the guest house where chandu is,nisha says stop talking rubbish, kabir says there are many guest house here,nisha says I know that we have to find out by ourselves,nisha and kabir walk to a guest house and find chandus hairband near the gate,nisha says I have and idea and removes nishas lehnga and says don’t turn and after sometime says now turn,nisha turns and find kabir dressed in it,kabir walks in and goes to shanties men and says I have forgotten my way plz show me,shanties men start fighting who will leave her,kabir as a lady says plz stop fighting and we will go together,kabir keeps them busy and nisha goes inside the lodge. Shanty is sleepinh

but chandu is awake,nisha starts searching chandu.chandu sees nisha at the door, nisha gets in room and sees shanty is asleep but holding chandus hand,nisha tries to find someway and finds a rope, nisha ties shanties legs. Kabir as a girl starts dancing with shanties men.nisha and chandu about to run,shanty wakesup but is tied,nisha holds chandus hand and runs,nisha calls kabir and kabir starts running with them,they hide behind a car and sees some group of people,kabir and nisha join them,shanty and her men start following them.nisha and kabir get into a samuhik vivaha group and see tha shanty and her men are behind them and so they decide to hide chandu and join the group,kabir hides chandu under a table and asks her not to come out,nisha says why are u hiding her,kabir says all are couples here and so we need to hide chandu and so we have to do so. Shanty starts searching for kabir and nisha and chandu,to hide kabir and chandu get dressed into wedding outfits. While dressing nisha gets a call from dadi,nisha says is everything is fine in house,dadi says yes we are just missing ,nisha asks where is dad he isn’t receiving phone,dadi says nisha last night I dreamt abt u,nisha says oh dadi u always dream abt me,dadi says I was missing u so much that I made khir,nisha says dadi I will call u later bye. An announcement calls all the couples,shanty gets into the women’s section,but doesn’t find anyone,the samuhik vivaha starts,nisha and kabir dressed as bride and groom joins other couples,kabr checks if chandu is fine,chandu nods yes,kabir asks chandu to stay at her place, kabir and nisha sit in mandap, kabir says nisha plz don’t get scared for now just act as bride and groom and when we get a chance we will runaway with chandu. Kabir and nisha exchange garlands, kabir sees shanty coming near and says nisha act normal. Shanty says to organizers I want see all these couples faces,organizers deny. Shanty about to see beneath the table where chandu is but shanty calls them. Shanty says I have to see there faces and starts seeing faces forcefully, the pandit says now the groom should apply sindoor in brides forehead,shanty sees kabir and says this guy isn’t applying sindoor its fishy,kabir sees shanty approaching and so puts sindoor in nishas forehead,nisha gets shocked.

PRECAP: Shanti finds kabir and nisha but they bith run and join the dancing couples.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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